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   Chapter 65 Returning to Hell

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The demon realm was one HELL of a place. Literally. But demons here call it home. This was the only place where they can claim as rightfully theirs. Not in heaven. Not in the human world.

It almost looked like an inverted planet... almost like the earth's reflection. Only this time, it had no greens or blues that colored the atmosphere, the water or the land. It had a constant color of black, gray and red. Black for its clouds and land, gray for the sky — if it was even called one — and red for its water — if the liquid was even called one too.

The place was almost comparable to the planet Mars with rough, uneven surfaces. Caves and caves could be seen everywhere. Craters, geysers, and bald mountains were also present. Floating islands and boulders can be found if one looks up over the horizon. And instead of a river of water seen underground, it was a river of fire that make it all up. The eerie, infernal sound too completes the whole idea that it was truly Hell in its raw form.

The emptiness of their realm makes it beneficial for the demons, for with their powers they can do everything. They can make a mountain turn into a castle. They can make the blood rivers turn into a sea of women grovelling at their feet. They can make the boulders into something as they wish. Basically, they can form a paradise and a kingdom of their own here. But only high-class demons can do that. The low-class ones were limited to serving the demons above them.

They share a common societal order as human's have. They have ranks and a hierarchical pyramid. But the clear-cut difference among the humans with them was that they don't have a hunger for human food — they hunger for human soul and the negative emotions that the human's create. It's what makes them powerful.

The presence of humans basically makes their life less insipid, a worthwhile entertainment in their mundane long life..




A huge break from the black sky appeared suddenly. From it, entered the demon that Hell had been waiting for so long. His immediate presence in the sky left the lower-class demons scampering for safety.

It has been awhile since the Demon of Death was seen in this realm.

Along with Cirrus, Heron too hovered about a stone's throw away from him. His own bat-like wings outstretched in magnificence. His twisted rhinoceros-like horns grew in his forehead, long wavy dark violet hair apparent, and green eyes with a whirl of red popped out in his pupils.

He was of course the head of the infernal armies. With a legion of demons awaiting his command, he can always bring forth a war against Khronus as commanded by Cirrus himself, but his Master being distastefully humble as he was, forbade him to do that. He actually wanted to break Khronus' neck with his own bare hands. Well — it was not like he needed help with that aspect though.

In the south part of the realm, there an ominous castle stood, sheltered by a mountain surrounded by angry orange flames. Cirrus purposefully teleported there, disregarding the barrier that its owner had erected.

"Surprise, " Cirrus whispered mockingly as he appeared in front of his very old friend. This made Khronus blink twice.

The black wings on his back emitted a thick white smoke, most likely because of the burn from the barrier. However, it was only but a scratch for him.

Khronus was sitting in a gilded throne housed inside a baldachin which was directly under a dome. The canopy was perfectly sculpted with Baroque tastes, largely made of bronze and metal. Even the entire castle had the same architecture. All of this, he had created using his still-fragile power. He was wearing the same outfit he had when he first showed himself to Aurora.

"Samael... I didn't expect that you would pay me a visit in this joyous occasion, " Khronus stated with ease, as if he wasn't seeing the anger in Cirrus' eyes.

"Joyous?" Cirrus hissed.

"I am waiting for a human woman. Lovely is she. She would be here by now with my precious gift, " he answered to which Death himself snapped.

Weird now that Khronus didn't even feel the key's power that Cirrus had been keeping inside his body.

"How blind you are. You don't even know who you are dealing with, " he stated, watching the ancient demon sit in his throne looking fatigued and tired.

This wasn't the demon that Cirrus knew many years before and he knew exactly why. With Khronus' power not in full, he was considered as weak as a low-class demon, one that couldn't even break through the divine barrier. This was most likely the reason why he had ordered Aurora to bring it to him.

Cirrus was almost tempted to give the key, so that he could have a good sport of battle with him. But no, the quicker he exterminates him, the better.

For Aurora.

"What are you trying to say old friend?" Khronus raised a brow.

Cirrus' lips curved into a smirk. "I will share you a piece of secret, " he stated idly, walking up the altar that the ancient demon was in.

When Cirrus arrived at the top, just a step away from the throne, he confessed, "I have the key you have been waiting for."

Khronus' eyes widened in all red as he instantly felt the power inside Cirrus.

"What the—" He stood up, but Death was quick to pin him against the headboard of the throne, his hands gripping his neck tightly.

"How!? I never noticed your presence near her!" A strangled breath struggled to fill Khronus.

. He then stood up, drew her in holding her slim waist and captured her lips with his hungrily. This — they did amidst the chaos around them.

Caring nothing of the destruction. Caring nothing of the threat. Caring only the growing yearning inside them, and yes, lust it was.

With just a blink of an eye, the two of them were gone.




A violent forward slash here and there. A sharp slice of skin in Khronus' chest. A severe blow to Cirrus' head with the sword's hilt. Tiny bones cracking in every continuous collision. Blood and more blood splashing in the air and mixing with the black soil of the underworld. Cirrus' black cassock was torn into half down to the waist. Khronus' trench coat turned into rags, and his turtleneck shirt shred into pieces. Craters after craters decorated the Amaranthx mountain. Well, at least the remaining half of it, for the other half was already defaced. These summarized only but a little of the entirety of the events that happened during the last four hours.

It was a macabre sight, yet lower-class demons enjoyed the view. What an honor it was for them to witness a spectacle rarely seen in hell.

Higher class demons tend to be more civilized than the lower class ones; avoiding conflict as much as possible with their own ranks. Avoiding a confrontation — most especially — with the Demon of Death. Everybody knows they would be registering their funeral if they attempt to even anger him.

At the turn of the last hour, a bright orange light dominated the sky for a moment. It was from the fire that Cirrus summoned to barbecue his opponent. But no, Khronus was quick to deflect it, using a neon barrier that looks like a circular talisman. He then attacked using the weighty claymore, summoning a rain of acid before lunching himself forward.

Acid? Seriously? Surely Khronus can do better than that.

Cirrus however was one step ahead of him. He appeared in his back faster than lightning. With the divine electrical sphere ready in his left hand, he rammed it in Khronus' back making the latter wail in pain.

There it was again. The pain that made him want to kill himself just to end it fast.

His body convulsed uncontrollably. Unable to hold himself, he plummeted speedily down land, creating a large crater in an instant, coupled with a very loud booming sound.

Cirrus joined him inside the crater. He was panting slightly, fatigue running down on him too. A diagonal cut wound was stinging his face, a broken bone in his right tibia altered his walking, but these didn't bother him. This is not to say that he was all invincible with the physical injuries that he had acquired from Khronus. He was just that much determined to exterminate this demon for one reason alone.

Peace. His and Aurora's.

One of the few things Cirrus takes great pleasure of when killing a demon is to clip its wings. And this is exactly what he did to Khronus. He saw him crawling slowly like a diseased turtle. The sight of it didn't even prick his heart. Mercy was not necessary when he knows Aurora's life is at stake. Khronus wouldn't even hesitate ending his life if it was him crawling like that.

A demon such as him is not needed in the two worlds. The demon realm and most especially, the human realm. Who knows what he will do if he has his powers again.

With one hand, Cirrus tore his magnificent wings apart. The Ancient growled. Unbearable pain quickly flooded inside him. It reached a level higher however, when Death lodged the blade of the scythe in his chest near his heart, together with the divine electricity that quickly enveloped his body.

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