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   Chapter 64 A Painstaking Goodbye

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Ten seconds.










Cirrus could hear the loud tolling of the huge bell from the Archbishop Palace even though he was miles away from the Town of Sereves. He was sitting in a sofa this time, observing with glued eyes on the unconscious Aurora for whatever tiny changes that would develop in her. His hand was pressed to his left temple; sitting with his legs crossed on top the other. He knew any moment from now, something would happen, but that something he never expected to be another uncontrolled jump.


He cursed, immediately standing up when he saw in front of his eyes Aurora's sudden disappearance.

Dammit! What better way was there for her to escape under his protection.

Speedily marching outside the room, he shouted to his butler then, "Heron! Call the governess now!"

After under three minutes, Heron returned with the already breathless Mrs. Sellie. Running from the second floor dining room to his chamber in the third floor was never an easy task, but she had to knowing it was an emergency.

Cirrus was pacing his bedroom when they arrived.

"Woman! Break the enchantment now!" he quickly commanded to which she dutifully did so without question. Just by looking at the guardian priest's panic-stricken eyes, she knew exactly that it was the demon mark's doing.

By the time the enchantment was broken, Cirrus was quick to feel Aurora's presence.

Shit. Why does it have to be in Selene's room?!

In a split of a second, Cirrus transported from his chamber to the hexagonal room. In there, he found Aurora hovering midair above the bed. Her hair floating in slow motion, as does her hands and legs. On top her lifted chin, a solid object was lingering. It had a soft glow of yellow and it looked literally like a key in the shape of a spear. His heart jumped in frantic beats as here in his front was his salvation.

The demon mark was the key... and the solid key was the embodiment of Khronus' power that wields time and space. With such an immense power, what kind of demon wouldn't want it right? Even Cirrus wanted it — for the reasons that it was the only way for him to return back to the underworld.

Disregarding its glowing presence, he neared Aurora then and pulled her down the bed gently, putting a hand on her waist. The key continued to hover in the air waiting to be claimed. He noticed that her neck was clean now. No demon mark

hy did he have to ask her to deliver it in the first place? Why did he have to send stupid low-class demons and make them think that they can have the key for their own?

Clever old demon indeed. It seems that he was carefully weaving these things quite meticulously. Unluckily for Khronus though, Cirrus had other plans.




After ordering Heron to call for Marcus, Cirrus teleported her back to her room. She laid her in bed and caressed her face with his hand afterwards.

When Marcus arrived via Heron's teleportation, he was astonished by the sight of the exorcist priest. Of course. This was his first time seeing him in his real demon form.

"Marcus, take care of her. Keep her safe, " was Cirrus' firm command, looking at the sacristan who was standing near the bathroom door.

"Whe—where are you going Father Azrael?" It was his immediate question, sensing something odd about the two demons in the room.

"To visit a very old friend, " he answered and by that, he meant Khronus. "I think it's time for me to return to the demon realm."

Marcus' eyes widened and his face was lit up with a frown.

"But big sis! Father Azrael! What should I tell her when she wakes up!?"

Cirrus stalked away from the bed towards the awaiting Heron, but paused abruptly as he thought of the right words to say.

"Tell her I love her, " was his simple answer then, something Marcus couldn't accept.

"But Father Azrael!!!" he shouted, seeing the two demons slowly disappearing right in front of him. "No! Father! Wait!"

Suddenly alone, he glanced at his big sis, and right then and there, he noticed a single tear stream down from her eye.

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