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   Chapter 63 A Woman's Heart

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Precious was the night for both of the lovers. It was a cold night, but it was warmed by each of their presence. Cirrus' left arm rested on Aurora's belly, while the other, pillowed his head.

Silence it was, until it was broken down by a single soft groan from the sleeping Aurora and with just a blink of an eye, she disappeared from his side.

Inside the hexagonal room, her body appeared, hovering just above the mattress until an invisible force eased her on it. She was jumping again, without even her knowing it. Having just made love with Cirrus that night, she was naked all over; only but a thin bed sheet covered her curves.

This provided Khronus an advantage.

Half transparent, he stood near the bed, hands in his sides, staring at her wonderful body, her beautiful face, her untainted soul. He had no shirt on, only wearing black pants to ready himself. He had already planned this whole night with her while he was back in hell.

His physical essence wasn't present, only his spiritual self, but he could still induce this sleeping woman delightful sensations using the impulses of her mind. He was of course connected to her through the demon mark, and the demon mark was connected with all the nerves of her body. This he can do, even with the enchantment present.

Using the domain of dreams, he introduced an image of them together in the particular four-poser bed.

In Aurora's so-called dream, Khronus joined her in bed, putting a hand on her neck directly where the spear-shape mark was. He caressed her then, licking a trail with his tongue from her neck down her cleavage. The sensation that this incited, made Aurora moan in a slightly disgusted, slightly aroused fashion. She was closing her eyes, yet he could see that she was feeling him. A grin plastered on his lips then.

'Yes... feel me Aurora.. feel my presence, ' said he in a languid voice.

He cupped her breasts and it quaked immediately noticing the foreign hands. He kissed her too, inserting his tongue into place like a snake sliding into its hole.

In the real world, Aurora shifted wildly in the bed. She grasped the bed sheet tightly, pulling it from its well-folded pleats. She huffed in deep breaths, unable to contain the sensation Khronus was bestowing on her in the dream domain. What is this nightmare actually doing inside her head?!

This demon was so twisted. If he was a human, he would have been treated as her ancestral great grandfather. But he was a demon, so doing these indecent intentions with her was acceptable — well, only on his own insane demon reasoning though.

'Such supple skin. You are indeed Selene in a way, ' Khronus whispered, creating another image in her head.

He was this time spreading her legs apart, situating himself in between the two tensed columns and diving down to nip on her navel.

'I certainly can't wait to get my real hands on you.' He devilishly eyed her as she panted unconsciously.

'You are so sweet Aurora, giving me a chance to live. I honestly thought that I was a goner that time... Damn the electricity was so painful... I certainly would have wanted to kill myself just to end it fast.'

Khronus snaked himself back to her face and kissed her still stiff lips.

'But no...' he began again. 'Surprisingly... I'm alive. I pondered and pondered for almost a thousand years how I was able to survive. I couldn't make out an answer then, until just suddenly — twenty-four years ago to be exact in your human timeline — I felt my power's presence inside a human baby girl. You...'

He smirked, doubting the veracity of the whole process.

'I was it. When Selene touched me that time when that fucking exorcist priest tried to exorcise power transferred to her. It actually breathed inside her!!! Hah! And to think that she is just a frail human.'

Putting his right hand with instant growing sharp nails in her neck mark, Aurora winced in pain.

'And since my power is alive, I am too. But now... I want it back Aurora... I want what you have now... being helpless in hell waiting for the alignment to happen in a thousand years is certainly not my cup of tea. Being this... impotent... is such a dull thing for a demon like me. This power is mine Aurora... and you will deliver it to me come tomorrow night... along with everything of you...'

His smile was sexily villainous as he poised, planning wickedly to put his erection inside her, but the most awry, most irritating development happened. A wrinkle formed in his forehead and he hissed in disappointment.




m insignificant anymore."

'Hmmm... such a jealous demon you are.'

"I know, " was Cirrus' only reply, feeling guilty with it.

In a typical spirit transition, Selene vanished from Aurora's thoughts, leaving the Prince of Death in the state of regret for not being able to control himself with his human emotions.

Damn himself now.

By the time he withdrew from his unpleasant rough kiss, he saw Aurora in a state of coma. He was relieved to see that she was breathing normally however, but still it got him thinking that this might be one of the objective symptoms of the mind-reading drawback.

He knew that it was a mistake to do it while loosing his control. Now the consequence of it, he must face. He was sure that a part of her memory would be affected.

"I really apologize for doing this to you, Love. You don't know how much I regret it. I shouldn't have been suspicious of you..." Cirrus stated as if Aurora could hear. Sitting at the edge of the bed still, he interlaced his hands with hers and bent his head against them in an act of contrition.




"Master Cirrus, you look troubled, " Heron asked when he saw his Master in a gloomy mood. The exorcist priest was wearing his black cassock now, the rightful color of what he was feeling deep inside. Early this morning too, he had thoughtfully dressed Aurora into her chemise which provided a much more comfortable sight than seeing her without any clothes on. This was especially in ready for what lies ahead of the day. He knows Heron and Marcus would come in his room to check on her and for them to see her naked, would add up to his already peaked emotional instability.

He was standing in her bedroom's window, watching the sunset slowly retreating from the other side of the world. His arms crossed on his chest.

Aurora had been unconscious for the past sixteen hours since what happened last night. It was already seven o'clock in the evening, yet she hadn't woken up to eat her lunch or dinner. Cirrus was beginning to really get concerned.

"I know I had done quite a lot of appalling things Heron, but I think this is by far the worst of all, " he answered in a clipped tone, not even glancing at his butler. " a deadly emotion for a demon to feel, " he continued to comment lightly. The fact that celestial beings like him aren't even immune to this damning feeling irritated him.

Heron didn't smile or frown. "You might probably want to tell that to the Demon of Jealousy, " he remarked.

"Huh!" Cirrus scoffed. How he would love to run his divine electricity in that demon as a form of retribution.

"She's still not waking up?" Heron asked, cutting his incipient thoughts.


"It is almost time for the alignment, Master Cirrus, " he announced noting the clock ticking down to merely an hour more before the Venus star touches home base on the center of the beautiful crescent moon.

"I know, " he replied stiffly. He had a determined look on his face. His eyes blazing with fire as he awaited for the unexpected.

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