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   Chapter 62 Demon Blood

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After lunch, Cirrus and Aurora purposely went to the hexagonal room. Aurora felt it important to see the room now, especially that it was still daylight, while Cirrus simply accompanied her, making a mental note on her movements and her reaction on the particular room.

He couldn't understand it, but for some reason, he was bothered by her silence about her encounter with Khronus last night. Call it being suspicious. Call it skeptical. Call it anything, but certainly not distrust. He could never distrust Aurora. She was honest about everything and in his heart, he knew it. There was just this growing feeling in the pit of his stomach that made him frustrated. What could possibly be the reason why she was silent about it?

"I didn't expect Selene's room would be in the ancestral house, " Aurora stated by the time she stepped foot inside the room. Cirrus trailed behind her, while Mrs. Sellie stood near the doorway.

"This room has since been vacant right after her death. Nobody has ever used it, " the governess said matter-of-a-factly.

"It's no wonder. It is in the fourth floor of the house, Mrs. Sellie. The Clave family also has few members. I doubt they would chose this room when there are so many in the third floor, " commented Aurora with ease, her eyes cast a brief glance on the four-poser bed. Unexpectedly, a slight jolt of pain in her head immediately brought her to touch her forehead. Cirrus was quick to notice it and turned worried.

"Are you okay?" he asked, touching her shoulder.

"Yes, ah...just a little headache, " she muttered.

"I see, then don't go to the library after here, " Cirrus stated, putting a period on his directive. With thia, Aurora frowned briefly.

"No, no. I'm fine. I want to finish scanning the books, " she said with determination.

A small grumble of disbelief followed the short silence. Cirrus' brows rose as if he was judging her weak show.

"Hmmm... your hard work and dedication is so commendable Aurora, but I want you to rest, " he stated sternly.

Mrs. Sellie raised her brows in utter surprise. Just by looking at these two, it showed that they indeed have something going on. She saw the way Father Azrael hooked his hand on her waist possessively. She saw how they exchanged glances. She saw Aurora putting a hand on the priest's chest so casually. It seemed to her that this was not just a guardianship relationship. It was something more... She may be an old maid, but she had her share of knowledge on what a lover's gesture looks like.

"Give me at least this chance to help you Cirrus. I am going to the library... you know you can't stop me from doing that, " Aurora stated.

He knew indeed. This was exactly the same, during the time when she was attacked by an incubus in St. Claire High School. Instead of resting, she adamantly left the orphanage house to go to her part-time work just to earn money for the orphanage children to use.

Such a stubborn woman she is, but there's no helping it then. That's what Cirrus thought as he released another defeated sigh.




They didn't tarry any longer inside Selene's room. When Mrs. Sellie excused herself on the way to the second floor, Cirrus and Aurora continued straight ahead into the library. There, they continued their laborious work.

Day two of finding clues it seems.

Marcus followed them after an hour or so, doing his own scanning in a particular section of the library, at its second floor.

"Tired are we?" Cirrus commented when he noticed Aurora patting a tissue on her forehead. He was keen on making his point known on her that she really needed a bedrest.

They were in the first floor between the Literature and Biography aisle. The walls of books covered them both from any intruder's eyes. It was an advantageous place for Cirrus indeed, for in this area, he can give her unlimited attention.

"No, just feeling hot from all the scanning of the books, " she stated, putting the damp tissue in her skirt pocket.

He closed the gap between them, and pushed her gently against the towering book shelf.

"You can always stop if you want to." A smirk grew from his lips, but she ignored it. She felt that he was testing her again, but no, she most certainly will not return to her room and do nothing.

"No, nice try Cirrus, but you will not dismiss me that easily, " she said while touching his jaw. "This library is too warm, but I don't mind the heat if it means I get to spend time with you."

"Hmmm... I would have lowered the temperature ins

Remember the divine electricity? That hinders them from doing that. They can't procreate because the divine wall disintegrates them the moment their physical body steps in human soil. But I would like to tell you a bit about us for you to understand Love. Don't confuse yourself about the human science you believe in."

Cirrus crossed his arms in his chest coolly, acting like he was being interrogated by an inspector.

"We could spawn but it doesn't automatically make the offspring a demon too. Certain conditions should be met in order for that to happen."

"What conditions are there?" Aurora immediately asked.

This indeed was beyond any humans could comprehend. Aurora could feel an ache in her brain just trying to understand it.

"Power? Rank? The compatibility of the two parents? Who knows what the other conditions are. My guess is that, since Selene is a plain human, the conditions are not met. Otherwise, if there had been a loophole on it, you... Duke Heilwig... Collete and your other relatives would have been called "half-demons"— in your own bipedal terms."

Simply separating their races apart, Cirrus gave her a piercing glare. He was intentionally avoiding recognizing Khronus' name, waiting for her to mention him, but she didn't.

Aurora was silent for awhile, sieving the information and connecting it with the doctor's reports.

"Aurora..." Cirrus called, catching her attention promptly, "were you enlightened?"

She smiled at his way then. "It is safe to say a little."

"Don't worry... it is as expected, " he replied with a grin, watching Marcus with a dazed look and a half-open mouth.




That night, as Cirrus had requested— well— ordered, Aurora stayed in his room.

They made love once again; sharing their differences with the clash of their skin and the forging of their mouths with heady, breathless moans and groans.

Aurora felt like she was a helpless sacrificial lamb under him, but she cared not at all as long as it was Cirrus. He, in the other hand, felt like he was a big bad wolf, taking advantage on the innocence of a human. A worthy woman. But with the immense jealousy inside him today, he felt that tonight's tryst was a renewal of their love.

With all these talking about offspring and such, it made Aurora think too. Cirrus and her hadn't used any protection at all since the beginning. Could it be possible that she?

Aurora expressed her answer with a long shout of ecstasy— his name. Again, it wouldn't matter if his seed were to grow inside her. She didn't care at all... as long as it is Cirrus' seed, she would welcome it with an open heart.

With this half-craze, half-wild, passionate encounter with him tonight, the last ounce of her energy slowly dwindled into stupor, but before she submitted herself into the depths of sleep, a thought suddenly crossed in her mind. It was just a passing one. No reasons. No cause. No origin. Just a woman's intuition. It seems to her that he was making love as if he was saying goodbye.

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