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   Chapter 61 Just Try

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Cirrus, the whole time, was in the village of Casmara — investigating— feeling for any demon presence.

As there was an enchantment inside the house; so strong that it could even render him, the Prince of Death, weak and helpless; it was a safe decision to leave Aurora there for a few hours.

All this time, he thought that the village would be a prime target. He thought that low-class demons would come back. He had never expected that he would sense a demon's presence near the house. The presence however, lacked luster... as if the demon's energy wasn't in its full capacity. He could have just dismissed it as insignificant, as minor, but suddenly, he could feel Aurora's presence too.. and outside the house at that!

There was only one answer that could explain her sudden appearance and it was definitely the works of the demon mark. He however hadn't expected that the demon mark would turn out to be resistant to the enchantment. Well... but of course... it was inside Aurora's human body, and he knew that there wasn't an enchantment yet made to nail it down.

So much for attempting an experiment on Aurora now. It seems she has already proven that she could really control her jumps.

"You have a gash in your knee, what have you gotten yourself into now!?" Cirrus asked quickly, half-pissed, half-worried, as he pulled her to stand, dusting off the dried leaves clinging on her dress at the same time.

'Damn this woman, doing jumps again barefoot, ' he blurted out in his mind as he saw her feet without any slippers. It piqued him also to see that she was wearing only a thin chemise.

He cast a glare on Heron as he was nearing them. Nope. He won't definitely give any demon the pleasure of seeing her like this. Consciously, he stepped forward to cover her, but Aurora disregarding Cirrus' question, walked past him to where Heron was standing.

She had been seething with anger— an anger that was directed to his butler— and Cirrus could feel it right to the bone.

She wanted to slap Heron's face. She wanted to do it so much. She even raised her right hand midair in an attempt to do it, but instead dropped the small stone from her hand near his feet. It was a poor displacement of anger as compared to what she had originally planned to do.

"You dare show yourself now! Where were you when Marcus was in danger?! Are you trying to kill him!?" she asked through gritted teeth.

Heron wasn't surprised of her outburst. He bent his head and answered with a soft voice, "My apologies Ms. Aurora. I was watching Marcus all this time. I daresay I don't even have the slightest thought of killing him."

Marcus moved to where Aurora was and held her right elbow.

"Big sis, your knees... they are bleeding, " he stated with concern. The last thing he remembered before the time paused was his big sis in front of him. With that basis in mind, he knew instantly who saved him from falling right off the cliff.

"I'm fine Marcus, " Aurora clipped, with not so much as a glance or a smile on his way.

"And you call this a training!?" she shouted, pointing at the cliff.

Heron saw her anger boring through him. He could compare it with Cirrus when he was angry too. Somehow, this two really are meant for each other. He was mentally noting not to aggravate her more.

"Ms. Aurora. Marcus is safe with me. I had the situation under control. I would have saved him myself from falling. However, never had I imagined that you would suddenly appear in front of him and even stop time in order to save him. As his trainer, I should thank you for showing your deep concern."

Heron wasn't one to explain things or say thank you, and Cirrus knew that. However, he did notice his butler glancing at him as if he was sending a telepathic message of an information so valuable.

"Big sis, I'm fine. You don't need to worry. I believe Sir Heron is just doing his best to teach me." Marcus proceeded to say, protecting the actions of his trainer.

"Tsk, didn't I tell you to be more careful?!" she lashed, feeling disappointed with Marcus too. She would have wanted to sermon more. She would have wanted a thorough word on each of them. But no... her energy didn't give her that chance. Her whole body suddenly went numb, with pins-and-needles sensation in her fingers and toes. Her heart... yes... her heart felt like it was being crushed by an elephant — an adult elephant— making it hard for her to expand her chest to breathe.

Aurora went to glance at Cirrus with droopy eyes, who then immediately noticed her failing health.


Stopping her from falling, he instantly felt her cold when he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Damn the enchantment inside the house. Now, he couldn't teleport her immediately to her bedroom.

He lifted her from the ground, c

to her last night.

"Yes, of course. I was able to save Marcus because of it."

She smiled slightly, feeling relieved that she didn't make a mistake.

"And I am proud of you, " answered he, cupping her chin and bestowing her a chaste kiss in the lips.

He stood up then, taking the tray from the table and placing it in her lap.

"Here, eat this."

Aurora's eyes bulged, gawking at the sight of the of food.

"Seriously? Are you expecting me to eat all of this?" her voice squeaked.

With a devious smirk, he replied, "I know you can do that Love."

Aurora bit her lip. She could feel the growl of her stomach though, but still, the food was too much for her tiny appetite to finish.

"Join me...please?" she requested with begging eyes.

Cirrus couldn't be more amused with her, always behaving like a little girl whenever it comes to food. He released a defeated sigh then.

"Only if you'll tell me everything that happened last night, " he negotiated.

"But I—I thought you knew already?"

"Only what Heron had reported Love." It was a white lie and he knew it.

"Oh." Aurora eyed the fruit cocktail in her front. The cut fruits looked fresh and good to eat.

Cirrus ran his hand again on her right cheek and whispered softly to her, "I'm waiting..."

"Ah, well... There isn't much to say... I just found myself last night inside Selene's room and then saw Marcus about to fall right off the cliff. I did the best I could to summon the demon mark's power, subsequently saving Marcus successfully."

He waited for her to continue, but she didn't. Aurora only stared at the tray of food again, looking as if she was lost. There was certainly something that she had forgotten. Something very important, but couldn't cultivate it anymore in her mind.

"Anything else I should know?" Cirrus asked calmly, but deep inside he was already simmering.

"I did saw the crescent moon last night... and the Venus star.. they are almost in alignment Cirrus. Remember the contents of the research folder? It did mention about it right?"

Nope. That's not the one Cirrus had waited for her to recount. What he actually wanted to hear was for her to mention about the demon, Khronus, and his stupid-ass instructions.

"Yes. It did. But it only provided us meager information with regards to the alignment. Why so curious about it?"

"Ah— othing... I don't have any particular reasons really. I just thought that maybe there is something about that alignment that would connect us with the mark."

What is she saying now? He stated in his thoughts. A wrinkle of displeasure appeared in his brows. It seemed like she doesn't remember anything beyond stopping time and saving Marcus. It seemed like she doesn't remember her encounter with Khronus. Is she lying to him deliberately? Or did she really forget it unintentionally?

"You're maybe right Aurora. However, that aside, you don't have anything else you need to share to me?"

Their eyes met, and Aurora could immediately see the coldness of it. There he is again, intimidating her.

"No... as far as I can remember, that's everything."

"Really...?" Cirrus quickly replied with a clipped tone in the end.


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