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   Chapter 59 The Owner of the Key

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Band-aids, bandages, betadines; a stitch here and there and an antibiotic ointment — that's the first aid for a physical wound.

Kisses and touch are the two limited first aids for a wounded heart — in a figurative sense however. But for Aurora, this was definitely the right prescription for what she felt.

Cirrus was no doctor, but he was certainly adept to it.

He moved to bombard her with more kisses from her lips to her cheeks, and down to her neck. Even her hands — each of her fingers weren't spared, and if she was lying and naked right now, he would have included her waist and her legs too, and all the curves she hid. He meant to anoint it all with holy water coming straight from his mouth. To renew everything. And if they had a contract, to renew it too.

Aurora let herself get drowned by all of it; closing her eyes and feeling the sensations that slowly changed her breathing to calmer ones. And like a gentle breeze, gradually her aching heart was healed, and her sadness, washed away and replaced with want.

Want. Yes. She had always wanted him. He was a drug for her, and she to him.

For now, a truce had been silently made. For now, a white flag has been drawn in the middle.

He wasn't promising anything in the future, but at least she could hopefully grasp on something. Especially his words that meant redemption for her. What mattered at the present is his presence, his protection and his love.

Cirrus withdrew from their heated moment, cupping her face and pressing his forehead against hers.

"What we need to focus right now is to find an explanation why the demon mark is slowly disappearing. We need to know if this is a positive sign or a warning. I am not doing this for my own gain. I am doing this because I can't risk loosing you Aurora. If I need to take the key out from you just in order to save your life, I will do it. I just need to know how."

She didn't answer other than a slight nod, and this made Cirrus grin. "You are silent, why?" he asked, "Does my threat awhile ago mattered to you? Don't you want me to strip you naked?"

She hissed, "Damn you, don't tease me Cirrus, " and gave him a frown.

Good that her fieriness came back.

"I love teasing you. Just to take all your sadness away, I will tease you a million times more." He purposely nibbled on the helix of her ear. This gesture shot a butterfly sensation in the pit of her stomach.

He was definitely teasing her really well.

"I'm sorry... I let my emotions get a hold of me, " Aurora stated, half regretful.

"No, you don't need to apologize Aurora. You are just being honest, and that's one of the many reasons why I love you."

He lifted her up from the ground then, effortlessly, and brought her in a nearby Victorian gold and black chaise lounge.

Their eyes met from there, and they each could see the blazing desire in it.

"You can't teleport, " said Aurora in a hush as she lay back in the sofa. She watched him cross the room and locked the double doors securely.

A curve of a smile appeared when he turned back his attention on her. "Then let's give the books a good show shall we?" he stated, then joined her in the sofa.




There was roughness in the way Cirrus moved on top her. He was aggressive, yet still having the prudence to be gentle.

A famous interesting rationale had all humans come into believing that the more intensive a lover's quarrel was, the more delightfully scorching the aftermath love-making can be. Cirrus could indeed vouch for that for right now his emotional roller coaster and desire was at its height.

When they were utterly naked together, there wasn't

me that boasted paintings Aurora had deemed very familiar.

Is this a dream? Is this reality? She was confused.

It felt like she was dreaming, but the bed columns felt solid enough. Even the drapery felt smooth and silky as she ran her fingers along them. She even saw the ray of moonlight pass through the casement window.

'This is Selene's room!'

"How did I get here?!" she uttered as she stalked across the room and into the window. Commonsense told her to station herself near the light. With the darkness of the room, who knows who or what was lurking behind it.

When she peeked outside the window, the scene that greeted her made her eyes saucer-wide.


There were three realizations that quickly hit her.

One. She was definitely not in a dream, and it looked like she had another episode of an uncontrolled jump.

Two. The room she was standing as of the moment, Selene's room, was located in the fourth floor of the ancestral house.

What basis does she have and how sure was she with this fact? It was because of number—

Three. The scene just a couple of meters away from the west part of the house showed Marcus standing in a clearing, near a cliff, with his eyes covered with a white handkerchief.

Aurora covered her mouth in panic.

'Marcus!' She yelled in her mind.

She saw him slowly edging into the cliff, edging into a damning fall right into the rocky ground below, edging into his doom, and he was literally blind with that fact!

A question quickly boiled in her mind.


Where is Heron!?

They were supposed to train tonight so why was the demon not present?

Aurora's hands and feet trembled. She couldn't just stand on the spot and watch the boy die!

"Marcus!" she yelled loudly, but he appeared to be deaf to it. "Marcus! Please! Take off your eye cover!!!"

Angry tears welled up in her eyes this time. Angry with Heron for putting the boy in this kind of dangerous situation. Whatever he was up to, the situation now could never be called a training!

She clawed her fingers in the window frame. She had to act fast or else she would lose someone she had already considered family.

"If Cirrus is right about the jumps..." she thought while trembling. "If he is right that I can control the power..."

"Then please..." she stated through clenched teeth. Stream of tears then fell from her cheeks. "Please demon mark, help me. Help me save Marcus now!"

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