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   Chapter 58 Speak Softly Love

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The double doors closed by itself as soon as Cirrus spun her around, his expression a cross between worry and confusion. His brows almost joined together. His forehead showed a heavy wrinkle. His mouth pressed firmly in place.

Aurora welcomed him with a good frown that equaled his own, but the intensity in her eyes won every facial expression he had as it exuded undeniable anger.

Angry. Yes.

She was angry.

It wasn't like her to throw tantrums. It wasn't like her to imitate a childish prattle. It wasn't even like her to yell at someone when angry, but for Cirrus, for him, it was an exception. Definitely an exception.

She needed to make her point known. She needed to make this God-damned demon understand how hopeless she felt right now.

"You know fully well something is bothering me Cirrus. You saw me while we were inside Mrs. Sellie's room. Isn't my surprise obvious? How could you not tell me that very important piece of information?!" she asked, pertaining to the information about his demon existence in the human world.

She had already known that entering in this kind of relationship with him has consequences. She was ready for anything, anything that was thrown at her just as long as he will always be by her side. She wasn't foolish enough to even think that their relationship would be a happy-ever-after. She wasn't that foolish not to see his demon nature. There was no denying that, but deep inside her heart, and deep inside a small stupid part of her brain, there was always this jutting hope that everything would be just fine. That everything would be okay....just as long as he stayed with her.

But now this...THIS!

She was never good with goodbyes, never been good with being left alone. She had felt like that for eighteen damn years. Felt like she was forsaken, felt like she doesn't have a family, felt like she doesn't belong, and now reality has slapped her in the face. Cirrus will have to leave this world, leave her, and just the thought of it pulverized her heart.

She yanked her arm out of his hold and then marched across the floor to a middle shelf just four feet tall. In this side of the library, articles and pocket books were neatly stacked.

"Tsk, it's not important Aurora, " he answered gruffly, following her wake. There wasn't a single damn hint of guilt found in his eyes when she looked back at him.

This damn demon! Aurora hissed in her thoughts. Couldn't he just show a little bit of sensitivity to what she felt? Couldn't he see her pain? A little assurance would have been due. Surely, he could do better than that! Surely he could do better... better than saying it's not fucking important!

"It is to me!" Aurora blurted out. Hot cheeks and shaking lips welcomed him as she confronted him back. She did step a little further though as the few feet of space he created between them overwhelmed her. At least this far from him, she wouldn't be able to attack his chest with her arms —- which was actually itching to throw something at him as of the moment.

"It is important to me because I happen to realize by myself that the demon mark that is inside me is t

he avoided looking at him in the eye again. She most certainly didn't want to see his reaction when he hears her words.

"Just get the mark... get the mark from me and leave... and while you are at it, you can erase my memories too! Just like what you did to Collete!" She inhaled another batch of oxygen again, tears still rolling from her eyes. "Erase all of my memories of you! You can certainly do that!"

She was breaking down and he was angry at himself for watching it helplessly.

"I can't do that to you, " Cirrus whispered with assurance, embracing her suddenly, and it was so tight, so warm that Aurora felt like she was melting in agony. "You know I could never do that to you."

She clenched her fists and battled herself from touching him too. But she was too frail... too weak to win from an already loosing battle. She clawed his back then, putting white faint lines in his black clerical shirt.

Cirrus could feel that she was beginning to open up to him. He wanted so much for her to understand that she is his life. She completes him. And that there was nothing that could tear them apart. To hell was the dictate of nature. To hell with equilibrium. If Fate and Destiny hadn't foreseen him loving a human when he was first summoned in this world — to hell with them too.

"Cirrus, I hate it. I hate this feeling... Just thinking that you would sooner or later go away — I can't take it. I shouldn't have fallen in love with you right from the start, dammit!" Aurora hissed. Bitter was the taste in her mouth after she said that last sentence.

"Aurora, if you're not going to stop your blabbering, I am going to bring you naked for all of these books to see. DIDN'T I ALREADY FORBID YOU FROM RETRACTING YOUR WORD!" Cirrus shouted, angered by her words. He brought her face up to meet his gaze and then without warning, covered her trembling mouth with his.

He kissed her violently, biting every part of her lip. It made her moan in protest, but there was nothing that she could do. He was too eager, too dominant to shower her with the aching passion in his heart.

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