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   Chapter 57 Answer The Question Now!

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Aurora's arms seemed to move of their own accord, hooking it on Cirrus' neck. She pulled him closer to her and then whispered something in his left ear, "Good move, but your so-called experiment would be for nothing. You said so yourself, this is an enchantment-filled place. I have a demon mark with me, and I think it's safe to say that the power would be nullified too."

He took in her scent and inhaled deeply then. Aurora's wonderful smell at least blocked the foul odor of the house for the time being.

"Hmmm... you have a point Love. But whether it is for experiment or not, my hands still want to touch you, " Cirrus stated, languidly caressing her waist.

"No, you honestly can't do that!" Aurora immediately pushed him away, but Cirrus blocked her hands and placed it above her head. "What if somebody knocks on the door? You can't teleport back to your room like you normally do!" she added, eyes furrowing.

"You worry too much, " said he and then slammed his mouth back to her already open one. His hands roamed in all places. From her face, to her shoulders, to her waist, to her buttocks, and then lingered in her full breasts. He was angry with her earlier, and this is his form of punishment to her for being secretive with him. Aurora submitted herself in Cirrus' ministrations in the end. How could she deny him when what they felt deep inside was the same?

He was unzipping her dress from the back leisurely when there was a sudden soft knock on the front door.

"Dammit, " Cirrus cursed and zipped her dress in place with speed.

Aurora quickly jumped out of the bed with a victorious grin. "See. I told you so, " she said.

Cirrus groaned at her. "Open it, it is probably just Marcus."

He went to sit in a nearby settee where he cannot be readily seen from the door. Aurora nodded and went to open the portal widely with a ready smile on her face. However, it quickly turned to a stunned one when she saw the governess standing in the front.

"Milady Aurora, " Mrs. Sellie stated, bowing her head low again.

"Mrs.—Mrs. Sellie!" Aurora exclaimed.

"Am I interrupting you? There is something that I really want to talk to you about right now."

Aurora suddenly felt hot around her nape. Certainly, she hadn't expected the governess to come to her room at this time of day. She stood straight and consciously dragged the door to close the wide space.

"Well...uhm su—sure!" she said, but found that the governess' attention was directed elsewhere — inside her room in particular.

"Is Father Azrael inside?" Mrs. Sellie abruptly questioned.

How did she know!? Aurora screamed that question in her mind.

She shifted her feet nervously and in haste tried to come up with a good answer. "Huh? Ah, uhmm..."

"Aye, Madame... I am." Cirrus' voice surfaced from behind the door. He pulled the wood to open it wider and revealed himself. He was smiling calmly, disregarding the anxiety he was giving on Aurora.

"Hmmm... this changes a lot, " Mrs. Sellie uttered, adjusting her glasses again.

For some reason, the governess wasn't even surprised that the priest was in Aurora's room. She didn't show any awkwardness at all. She turned to the side and started to walk, but right after plainly saying, "Will you both come with me then?"




In the first floor of the house, the staff lodging was located. The three of them managed a long hallway before they reached in a room that had a wooden dark green door.

Mrs. Sellie opened it with a key from her pocket, and in they all went.

"Is this your room Mrs. Sellie?" Aurora began as she sat in a wooden chair, near a sliding window. Cirrus was standing near her, leaning coolly against a wall.

The room was of decent size for a governess. It had two sections. One was the bedroom and one was the living room. This is where they talked, but Aurora was wondering why chose her chamber when there are other proper places for them to talk?

"Yes, it is, " was the governess' curt reply. She appeared to be busily preparing something; placing a black antique-looking book in a table opposite them and lighting an unusual red candle near it.

"Wh—why are we here?" Aurora finally asked the question gnawing deep inside her. She was nervous of course. She felt like she was going in an interrogation with a disciplinarian after being caught in a room

lly asked when they started to ascend the second floor stairs. Cirrus was following behind them, just a couple of feet away, walking idly.

"I—I have, " Aurora started, looking at the periphery of her vision to make sure that Cirrus wasn't listening. "What do you mean about a demon returning back to the underworld?"

"Oh, you are curious with that as well?" she remarked, tugging a small smile.

"Uhmm... yes...I am."

"Hmmm... let's see. It is as what you have heard awhile ago Milady Aurora, all demons whose spirits were transferred to a human vessel should and always should return back from whence they came. It is as nature instructed; to maintain the balance here on earth. Being that their spirit is 'confined' in the vessel, they cannot return in just a flick of a hand. They needed something to help them. That something however is what I want to know. That is why I asked Father Azrael about it."

Aurora cleared her throat, and again glanced at Cirrus' way. It seems that he was busy meditating on something for him to notice them talking. They entered the west hallway where at the end of the path was the library.

"My father used to tell me that there are only a few conjurers who can do a spirit transfer, " the governess continued, catching Aurora's attention. "Some of them opted not to do it, because it is too sensitive an act. Who would want to rob a fresh human soul just for a demon soul to replace it right? It is like the conjurer is cheating life and death all at the same time."

"What—what if that something isn't found Mrs. Sellie? What will happen to these demons?" Aurora quickly asked. She was pertaining to Cirrus of course, and in the back of her head, she wanted to know the answer. She desperately wanted to know the answer. She wanted to know what will happen to him if he cannot return to hell.

"Maybe...wander around the human world until they found it?" She suppressed a laugh. "That is just my hunch though... I actually do not know what happens to them."

"Oh..." Aurora felt like her heart was crushed. She wanted to rant in his front. She wanted to throw something in his face for not telling her about this very important fact of his existence!

"We are here, Milady, " he governess stated, pausing in front of a closed double door.

"This is the library?" Aurora asked.

"Yes, it is. Take your time inside. Dinner will be served later at seven in the evening, " she said, eyeing Aurora and then to Father Azrael who was now standing near them.

"Thank you, Madame, " Cirrus said and gave her a short nod as she went on her way.

Aurora didn't wait for Cirrus. She opened the double door herself and immediately found a grand-scale library ready for her to use. She stepped inside, but as soon as she did, Cirrus called her name with a hint of exclamation and then pulled her right arm to face him.

"Aurora! Is something bothering you?"

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