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   Chapter 56 A Demon's Vulnerability

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One could call the place another extravagant and grandiose Clave property just by looking at it. Sitting on top of a leveled mountain, the ancestral house of the Clave Family almost looked like a castle if one watches from the Casmara village. The building had its own share of wear and tear, aged by time itself. From white to dirty white walls, and from velvet red to light pink roofs, it looked like it needed a good repaint from top to bottom.

The area around it was beautiful however. Mother Nature seemed to be fond of the house, as an overgrowth of trees and bushes were seen almost everywhere. Only the front lawn and the car pathway were neatly maintained by who knows who.

It was lunchtime when the group arrived in the front gate. The antique barrier was already open, so the car went directly inside. It definitely wasn't the same in the Clave Estate back in the City of Adelheid which had an electrical gate system.

In front of the portico, a woman in her sixties was already standing with two young maid servants wearing a French maid uniform.

Father Azrael would have been pleased with the development of their trip, but the more they neared the house, the more sure he was with his suspicion. It seems that the spicy odor he and Heron whiffed earlier in the village came from the ancestral house. He concealed his disgust of the odor with a blank expression, but Heron was quick to show it, wrinkling his nose strongly.

Aurora was oblivious of the two demon's distress. She glued her eyes on the open window, watching the property in awe. Again, she initially felt unsure of the place, still disbelieving the immensity of her family's wealth of land. When she saw the initial 'C' engraved in the front roof of the portico though, she immediately concluded that it was indeed her family ancestral house.

"Wow, big sis! Your real family is really wealthy!" Marcus exclaimed, looking at the outside of the car too.

"Yeah, it seems so, " answered she without a smile.

The woman wearing a long brown skirt and a long-sleeved white office blouse advanced near the car when it stopped.

"Milady Aurora, welcome to the Clave Ancestral House, " she greeted, bowing her head low, not even waiting for Aurora to disembark fully from the vehicle.

"Uhmm... hi?" she awkwardly said, lifting her brows. She hadn't introduced herself, yet the woman knew already who she was.

"Please do call me, Mrs. Sellie. I am the caretaker and the governess of the house, " said the woman with an academic smile.

She was as tall as Aurora, with long black hair tied into a big bun. She was also bespectacled, but Aurora could see the clear signs of aging in her eyes. Wrinkles too formed in her forehead, but from the way she stood; relaxed, chin up and square shoulders; one cannot guess what age she truly was.

"Ah.. then good noon to you Mrs. Sellie. Thank you for the welcome, " Aurora said, offering a hand to her for a handshake.

They did so briefly, sending a smile on each of their way.

"Duke Heilwig had already informed me that you are coming here.. However, I didn't expect that you would bring guests with you, " the governess stated, diverting her attention from Aurora to the men behind her. She highlighted the word and eyed Father Azrael and Heron specifically.

"Oh yes, please let me introduce them to you."

Aurora shifted and motioned for Marcus to come closer.

"This is Marcus, Mrs. Sellie. Kind of like my little brother in the orphanage house."

Aurora was hoping that Duke Heilwig had informed the governess about her past in the orphanage house and the whole story of her disappearance. And it seems as though he did, because Mrs. Sellie didn't so much as lift a brow to question.

Aurora then eyed Cirrus standing oddly too straight, too stiff near the car's trunk.

"And this is Fa—Father Azrael, an exorcist priest of the Vatican City, priest."

She raised a hand on his way just in time as he neared them.

"And also this is Heron, Father Azrael's right-hand assistant." Heron continued to stand near the trunk too, bowing his head low like a butler should.

"An exorcist priest huh?" Mrs. Sellie then said with a scrutinizing eye, folding her arms to her chest. "Yes, of course. I was informed by Duke Heilwig about a new Clave guardian priest."

"Mrs. Sellie. Pleased to meet you, " Father Azrael stated, putting his hand in the middle.

"So am I...Father, " answered she, taking his hand and shook it. She smiled but her smile didn't show an


Cirrus pushed her to sit on the edge of the bed, and then lifted her chin up. "Enough about me Love... I want to know what happened to you awhile ago."

"No!" she announced, jerking her face away from his touch. "Stop cutting me off Cirrus! I want to know why your powers are not working!" She gave him a sharp, impregnable glare.

He grinned, but it didn't have that much of an intimidating aura unlike the previous others. "Such an insistent little mouse, " he uttered, tracing the corner of her lips. "Demons don't have a weakness, but we can be made vulnerable by disabling our powers for a certain period of time, or in a certain enchantment-filled place. Only conjurers can do that."

"What? So you mean to say this place is exactly that?"

"Yes, unfortunately."


"That's something we should try and find out."

Mrs. Sellie's face then popped out in Aurora's mind. Of course, she might have an explanation.

"I think, we need to see the governess right now!" she exclaimed.

"I believe so too, Love. I can't be made helpless like this. I still have a certain woman to protect, and having without powers makes it difficult for me to protect her." He said it himself and admitted that he was defenseless for now.

Shyly, she dropped her gaze to the floor. "I don't mind if you are helpless though. Just as long as you are here with me, I am safe, " with a gentle voice, she stated.

He smiled warmly.

"Your charm is bewitching Love, but you still owe me an explanation yourself. I want to know what's up with you earlier inside the car."

Aurora then felt her face blush as he grazed his fingers lightly in her neck down to her cleavage.

" was nothing... I just simply had a temporary episode of a jump."

"Temporary?" His brow lifted.

"I jumped Cirrus — from the orphanage garden and then back to the car. It happened so fast, probably just a second. I'm not sure..."

Cirrus pushed her to lay in the mattress, her hair consequently fanning a good amount of space. His weight dipped the foam as he joined her too, slowly and surely.

" are beginning to control the demon mark's power Aurora. Maybe...that's the case. And I believe that's good news actually, I would be more at ease now."

She scoffed, disbelieving it. "Yeah right."

"Then let me try and experiment that theory now, " he suggested, putting his right hand in her demon mark.

Immediately seeing it, Aurora quickly remembered how his so-called experiments felt like— pain and pleasure combined. The last time he experimented her, they ended up making love for the first time.

"I thought... you do not have your powers right now, " she answered nervously, unsure of his suggestion.

"No, but I can do almost anything through these hands, Aurora." He glanced at his human palms, shifting himself into a straddling position at the same time, and grinning back at her mischievously. This kind of position immediately stirred something in between his loins.

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