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   Chapter 55 Reunions, Welcomes and Patience

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"Sister Cene! Sister Clarice! Sister Rhea! Everyone!" Aurora exclaimed happily, with arms stretched wide, marching speedily into the awaiting crowd.

"BIG SIS!!!! Yhhayyyyy!!!!" the children shouted in chorus. They gathered around the courtyard and confined the beaming woman in the middle.

"Hey! How's everyone!" she asked, smiling from ear to ear. She patted each and every child's head as if mentally greeting them by name. Father Azrael saw it and was pleased with the sight. Her shining face. Her beaming teeth. Her twinkling eyes. Everything was photographable --- worthy to be treasured and laminated. He was standing near the center fountain, along with Heron, Bishop Elliot and Marcus. The last two were smiling happily too at the sight as they understood what Aurora was feeling.

"Oh, Aurora! My child. I miss you!" Sister Cene inserted herself from the sea of children after what seemed like an hour of waiting. The children then thoughtfully provided her a path, as well as the other nuns.

"Sister Cene! Oh! I've missed you!" Aurora announced, accepting the Mother Superior's warm embrace.

"Oh, good Lord! Child! I miss you too!" the nun replied, drawing an invisible cross sign in her forehead to bless her. "How are you? Bishop Elliot informed us that you have arrived yesterday."

"I'm good. I still have the demon mark though, but I am feeling just fine, " answered Aurora, hand in hand with Sister Cene. The nun noticed the mark, but didn't gave much attention to it.

"Aurora, child! Welcome back!" Sister Clarice entered their conversation, giving Aurora a welcoming hug too. Sister Rhea followed suit with a familiar little girl trailing behind her.

"Big sis! Big sis!" Jessa May shouted excitedly. She stretched her arms to give her big sis an embrace. Aurora, however, not only gave her one, but also lifted her up from the ground

"Jessa!" she stated, looking at the girl from head to toe. The child looked better now; healthy and rosy-cheeked. She even gained some weight judging from her heaviness in Aurora's arms.

"You look good!" Aurora squealed, and went to smile at the nuns way, giving them a mental salute for a job well done.

"Big sis, " Jessa started with a shy voice. "You're more beauu-tiful now. Do ya' have a boysh-frend?"

The question definitely took her by surprise. Her eyes widened looking back at the tittering nuns and then glancing briefly with the four men near the fountain. She was sure they heard it, especially Father Azrael.

Still thinking of an answer, she began with an unsure voice. "Oh, my... ah, I---ah... I think... oh, you're still small Jessa! Where have you learned such an idea?"

It was a smooth way of diverting the topic.

"In my schu-ool, " Jessa answered shyly again with a giggle, looking at Father Azrael with twinkling eyes.

"Ahahah, really now..." Aurora answered in playful disbelief.

Jessa then gestured for her to come closer. There was something that she wanted to whisper and she didn't want everyone to hear it. With Aurora's lips puckered, she attentively listened to the child. Then, a moment after, produced a mischievous smile on her lips.

"Can you tell my angel that I miss him?" That's what Jessa slowly whispered.


Aurora furrowed her brows for a moment. Then, it hit her. The little girl was actually pertaining to the angel that she believed had saved her from the demon possession --- the one with long silver hair. "Ah, of course little Jessa. I will tell your guardian angel that you miss him." She shot a flirtatious look back at Cirrus and highlighted the word for him to notice with which he did as he was actually staring at them with curiosity since the beginning. A smirk was visible on his lips then.

"Thanks big sis, " said Jessa with a contented smile, sliding out from her hold and returning back to Sister Rhea's side.

"You're welcome, little one."

"Won't you see the renovation of the house Aurora? The chapel is new. It is so much bigger now." Bishop Elliot then en

fine, " Aurora smiled instantaneously. Father Azrael gave her a measuring look and was about to ask again, but was interrupted when Marcus and Heron entered the car.

"Hey, big sis. What happened with your plants?" the boy immediately asked, bending down to pick up one of the pots that had lavender and white chrysanthemum flowers.

"Oh, the pots just slipped right out of my hands, " in honesty, she answered, bending too to pick up the other one with pink forget-me-not blooms.

" your investigation done?" she asked, eyeing Father Azrael back who was still staring at her. Consciously tucking a strand of hair behind her left ear, she felt her heart thumping quickly.

"Yes, we are done, " was Father Azrael's clipped reply. He turned to face the driver, and ordered sternly, "Let's go."




The Audi car was totally burned down to the ground. What remained of its former glory were the melted tires. Black ash and charred stones were what outlined the once frame of the car. It wasn't what Aurora had expected. She actually thought that half of the vehicle would be spared because of the moderate rain last night. But, in the end, it didn't.

In one of the tires, burned roots of the flower vine were protruding and this was where Aurora dug a hole together with Marcus to plant the flowers. Just as Father Azrael had said last night, she only welcomed cherished memories of her father and mother and nothing more. She had cried too much last night, there was no reason for her to do it now again.

Right after the task was done, she uttered some prayers for them; the basic one's like the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary and Glory Be, but Marcus was quick to act and showed her his rosary beads, offering to pray a rosary for her parents. She smiled and nodded.

"Thanks." That's what she said before they started the cycle.

Father Azrael and Heron stood under the shade of a big tree nearby. This was where Aurora had sheltered herself from the rain last night. Mr. Sherd was waiting inside the Mercedes Benz parked in the roadside, a couple of meters away from them.

Eyeing the two who were still praying, Heron then stated bluntly, "You look pissed, Master Cirrus."

The priest remained silent and let the calm whistling of the wind around them answer in behalf of him.

Heron grinned.

Whatever it was that suddenly soured the mood of his Master surely has something to do with the woman now stealing glances at them cautiously.

"Do you want me to send Marcus away temporarily?" he asked again, offering him a solution for his Master.

Father Azrael released a long sigh then. "No, you don't need to. My patience and temper can wait."

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