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   Chapter 54 Dreams for Clues

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Cirrus' hair grew long and silvery. His eyes too glowed a deep red and gold. He was showing his true self on her again, knowing that she loved him as himself. She loved him not because of his priestly side... not as being an overprotective bastard... not even as her personal hero... not even as being one hell of a great lover in bed... but him as him.

Demons don't deserve love. They don't deserve anything at all even. But here was Aurora, a human, who gave it to him most willingly and heartily, asking nothing in return.

"I apologize for making you wait, " Aurora stated with a hint of guilt.

Gods, she was not the type of woman who loves exchanging I love you's here and there. She hasn't even remembered someone saying those words to her other than Cirrus. An orphan, being in an orphanage house, especially one that was deprived of their parents attention, meant that he or she was not worthy of any love. Aurora lived in one for many years and never had felt that emotion; only the value of family, caring and charity, kindness and honesty were taught by the nuns there.

Love — they say would come naturally. One that is not forced. One that came from the depths of the heart. One that is unconditional. One that is true. And this one... was budding inside her. One that Cirrus simply watered in order to bloom beautifully.

"Aurora, I don't care if I wait a thousand years or more, " he answered, adjusting his position to sitting so that his naked chest would touch her bare back. The way his strong forearms wrapped around her, it covered her breasts in the most inviting way possible. "As long as I hear it from you, it's enough for me, " he added, whispering the words right in her ear. In their front, the opening showed a bird's eye view of the town below. Even though the moderate rain and the fog partially blurred it, the scene was still beautiful to behold.

Aurora could feel the calm rise and fall of Cirrus' chest in her back, but she could feel the erratic beating of his heart too. They were the same as hers, and she smiled silently with that. It was amazing that they synced just right.

Cirrus went to grace his lips on her shoulder, putting feathery kisses in the process. "Now, do you think you can escape from me?" he said, tightening his hold of her shoulders. "You have already said those words, I forbid you to revoke it."

She smiled. He sounded almost like a child, making sure deals.

"I wouldn't dream about it, " Aurora replied, resting her head back leisurely on his right shoulder.

Cirrus was able to view the neck mark in this angle clearly and as soon as he laid eyes on it, he fell stunned speechless. The demon mark was showing another change again. This time, the third and fourth spike disappeared, leaving the mark appearing like it was a Libra sign with a spear in the middle instead of a single line at the bottom.

Seeing this made him realize the gravity of the situation. They shouldn't delay their mission anymore. Something was definitely changing the demon mark, and by just him examining the recent events, there was only one conclusion he had in mind... it seems that it happens whenever Aurora feels its unstable, objective symptoms.

Stretching one arm, he took her wet blouse and air dried it in seconds using his privileges as a demon. He did the same too with her pencil skirt, placing a hand on her hips.

"Let's get you back in your room, " he stated, handing the clothing to her. Although confused, she grabbed it hastily. She had actually thought that he planned on stripping her like this for the rest of the night. Good thing she was wrong.

Eyeing her now dressing herself, Cirrus remembered about the research folder and stated thereafter, "You have something to tell me about the folder's contents right?"

She nodded and replied, "Yes, I do, and it is of utmost importance that you should know."

"Then, we must go."

With a hand ready, Aurora took it as she straightened from the makeshift love nest. She watched him putting on his vestment and blushed unconsciously. He really does look good with this form, but he had always looked good no matter what he wore. This fact alone, made her feel she was the luckiest woman in the world.

"Cirrus?" she began, suddenly remembering

the answer. Like I have told you before, I don't want to read your mind. I don't want to mess with it. I want you to be honest with me like you did just now."

Taking charge of the situation would be the best thing that he could do, but he needed Aurora's help still for him to be able to win against this game. Being cautious is the best weapon, especially that he has no idea yet who his opponent is.

"Yes, I will. I can put it in writing if you want, " Aurora replied most willingly. She saw the concern in his eyes and felt that it was her responsibility to give him an assurance too.

"If it is what you want, " said he as he cupped her chin and gave her a goodnight kiss.




The rest of the night was uneventful for Aurora. She woke up early in the morning feeling sated and energized, except for a mild cold --- a downside of being wet in the rain last evening and not because she was almost totality naked in the highest tower in all of Sereves.

Come breakfast, two butlers were ready to serve them. Heron's attention, however, was focused mainly on his Master --- as is expected --- while Sir Theodore, catered the needs of Bishop Elliot and the remaining guests like Aurora and Marcus.

Father Azrael eyed Aurora, a silent question if she had another detailed dream last night. She only shook her head towards his way, a silent answer too that there was none.

By nine thirty, the group together with Bishop Elliot left the Palace to visit the orphanage house. With them were their luggage and bags as they had planned on staying in the ancestral house for a couple of days. Aurora wore a black and white office dress with a diamond cut neckline. She wore her hair down again as she had no scarf to cover her mark. Marcus wore a white cotton T-shirt with khaki pants, while Heron --- well --- with his signature butler outfit. Father Azrael was wearing a clerical shirt, partnered with black pants, while Bishop Elliot looked the same as usual --- in his white non-liturgical alb and a zucchetto on top his head.

Sister Rhea was standing in the open green gate together with two preschool boys, holding them on each hand, waiting for the school bus to arrive.

When the nun noticed the Mercedes Benz nearing them, she knew immediately who the passengers were inside. Taking the two boys with her, they hastily ran back in the courtyard and into the living room of the house where Sister Cene and Sister Clarice were busily preparing the other preschool kids.

As soon as the two nuns heard Sister Rhea's news, they hastily went out of the house, pulling up enough fabric of their habits so that they can ran better. In front of the gate, they saw already a familiar group of people coming out of the car.

Happiness and excitement were mixed together as soon as Aurora saw the two who were already teary-eyed of joy.

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