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   Chapter 53 Bell Tower of Love Part 2

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Compact, palpable gravity was isolating towards only one person and it was the man now closing in on Aurora. She couldn't do anything, but cry even more. How was he able to find her? It was a question not relevant anymore. What was important was his presence and that he has come to take her away from this hell of a place.

"Cirrus!!" Aurora breathed his name out like it had a spirit on its own. She jumped up to her feet without a second thought, and even though she had dawdled guiding herself across the rocky ground awhile ago, she now carelessly bolted herself towards him; the worry of tripping over a rock was lodged in the back of her mind.

With arms wide open, Cirrus welcomed her warmly. The dampness of their clothes didn't even hinder it. He drew her closer to him, wanting to feel her presence more. This was real. She was real. In his arms again. Cheek to cheek, he felt the wetness of her tears and rain mixed together.

"Aurora, dammit! Why do you keep on worrying me!" he complained whilst sliding his fingers in between the wet strands.

"I'm sorry—I'm sorry..." she answered in desperation, feeling dizzy all of a sudden. Cirrus' presence made her feel that way. Like the relief of having him finally near her made her blood pressure lower down almost in an instant.

She closed her eyes and breathed anew. God, how her heart calmed from its seizure now.

"Are you all right? Do you feel anything?" he asked, cupping her face and pulling her slightly away to meet his gaze.

"Yes, I am fine. I...don't feel anything, " she answered, finding that her neck mark wasn't shooting another radiating pain again. Her lips quivered feeling the coldness of the wind blowing around them.

"Dammit..." Cirrus cursed and then moved to kiss her eagerly.

His kiss was constant, but absorbing, and Aurora was open to everything of it. This was what she wanted. This was what she yearned for while she was sitting alone under the tree for nearly thirty minutes. His nearness. The secure feeling around him. His lips. His soft caress. Everything about him -- she longed for it during the most vulnerable time of her life; during her loneliness -- which almost made her insane. Thinking about his absence too was unbearable for her. She wanted him. She craved for him.

"With all the places to jump, you actually ended up here, " Cirrus commented when he withdrew. "I thought we are going to come here together?" His voice had an intentional tease. At least this way, it would lessen the gloomy mood she was in.

"It wasn't my intention. It just happened. You know how this place means a lot to me, but right now, all I see is the memory of my parents' brutal death, " she answered, averting her eyes from the vine-covered car behind him.

"Hmmm... maybe this will make you feel better, " Cirrus said, then ignited the car from the inside through an invisible spark.

Aurora jerked her eyes up and saw the vehicle burning in flames.

"A past such as that isn't worthy for you to remember. Instead of it, keep whatever precious memory you have with your parents and treasure them. This is my advice, not as a priest, but as your lover. I don't want you to suffer Aurora." Running his hand over her spine and up to her nape, he elicited a short gasp from her.

"Yes...I will keep that in mind and thank you...for saving me again, Cirrus, " she whispered, putting her face on the angle of his neck.

The fire was magical

for he could lift heavier weights than her without so much as a perspiration. However, this time, he did steamed out, but his sweat came not from the strain but from the fever of his body. A most inviting fever.

Her arms were around his neck, drawing his face closer into her luscious valley. The inches of distance was suffocating her. She wanted him to be closer. She wanted to feel his skin. His lips in her lips. She wanted everything.

Thrust after thrust after thrust went on like an obsession -- a slow moving obsession -- until Cirrus finally released his liquid essence. Lightheadedness quickly proceeded and there was nothing that they could do but to close their eyes. Their breathing was ragged for quite sometime, until it gradually became normal after a few minutes.

Cirrus then moved to lay her in the floor, in his sprawled cassock, where there he adjusted her skirt and his trousers thoughtfully.

She looked beautiful under his gaze. Her face a deep red from their recent bold love making.

Aurora stared back at Cirrus, and she smiled warmly, biting her lip. She pulled him closer by the arm, and then kissed him passionately again.

Well, it wasn't like she was hesitant on it in the first place. It wasn't like she was oblivious of her feelings for him. But this time...this time...she was sure. Sure as the frantic beating of her heart.

"I love you..." Aurora whispered softly in his ear.

Just as she cried the words out, the golden bell then clanged, hinting that it was ten o'clock in the evening. The echoing heavy sound surrounded them, consequently subjugating her voice, and it deafened them temporarily.

"Hmm...what did you say?" Cirrus asked as soon as it stopped. He acted as if he hadn't heard a word of it. He grazed his nose on the corner of her cheeks and waited for her to answer.

"Dammit Cirrus..." she hissed, "I love you... Even—even though you're a demon... I love you."

He grinned then, pleased with how she confessed it. He wasn't waiting for the usual sweet-honey-and-strawberry-with-cherry-on-top-pancake kind of confession. Hers was unique. Hers was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And there was nothing more that he could ask for.

"You don't know how much I wanted to hear those words from you, Aurora, " he said with a contented smile.

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