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   Chapter 52 Bell Tower of Love Part 1

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Office of the Bishop, Archbishop Palace

Minutes Before The Vanishing



"So how was Marcus' training so far Father?" Bishop Elliot asked as he poured a bottle of Laird of Cusenier on his own snifter. He invited his co-priest to have a glass too, but Father Azrael silently declined with a brief raise of a hand. Bishop Elliot understood it, aware that he preferred a milder form of the liquor. He stood up, opening a perfectly-aged wine from a cabinet behind him and then poured a generous amount in Father Azrael's cognac glass. The exorcist priest smiled, pleased with it. An age-old wine was not something to be denied even for a thousand years old demon like him. He certainly enjoys fine pleasures such as these.

" far it was good, Bishop, " Father Azrael stated, sitting in a chair in front of the bishop's office desk. His arms were on both sides of the armrest. His legs crossed casually. He was calm and composed. He didn't find it talking with the senior priest about Marcus' training stressful or worrisome. In reality, he was even happy to be able to report something to him.

"The boy is easy to teach. He is very attentive and he learns very quickly. You can see that he is really determined, " he added, whilst taking his glass from the desk and smelt the wonderful aroma of the classic liquid.

"That's good news!" the old man replied. "Marcus is a special boy. I knew it the first time I saw him in the orphanage house while he was helping Aurora with the chores." He drank his brandy heartily and smacked his lips right after. What a lovely feeling it was; the distilled liquor was pleasantly burning inside his stomach.

Father Azrael grinned in amusement with his senior. The sight reminded him quite well of Duke Heilwig. Certainly, these two men would be at par when it comes to a drinking session. "He is indeed, " he said after tasting his share of wine. "He will grow to be a man of honor someday."

He continued to drink the wine until it was half its content, then placed the glass on the desk back again.

"How were the demon attacks here in Soren, Bishop? I assume it is decreasing considering Aurora is not staying here."

Father Azrael was definitely curious all right, but apart from that, he wanted to rule out any other possible causes of the frequent demon attacks in Soren.

"Well, it is decreasing. Since Aurora left, Sereves had only two demon possessions that weren't threatening. Father Winslard was able to exorcise them without a problem, " Bishop Elliot answered.

Father Azrael's brows rose. "Really? Where did these attacks happen?"

"It is just a village above a mountain Father, just a couple of kilometers away from here."

The bishop then stood up again and crossed the room. Up in the high shelf, he pulled a colorful map of the City of Soren.

"The village of Casmara, " he said, putting his index finger on the map, pointing to its exact location. "Only accessible through the Bernebaum Transcentral Highway."

Father Azrael stared at it and muttered softly, "Hmmm... That's interesting..."

"You were saying that Aurora had an ancestral house there right?"


"Isn't it ironic?" Bishop Elliot suddenly brought his comment up.

"What do you mean?" Father Azrael replied, looking at the bishop who sat back on his swivel chair.

"Well..." he started, touching his green zucchetto and adjusting it in place. "Seeing the proximity of the village to the ancestral house and the location where Aurora's parents were killed, do you think that there is a connection with all of it?"

It was a good speculation, and it almost seemed like Bishop Elliot had read Father Azrael's thoughts as he had the same theory too.

"Who's to say?" he said, putting his right hand on his c

't know how. Hoped she did, but this hope was beginning to dwindle into worthlessness.




Cirrus, as soon as he exited the bishop's office, teleported in Aurora's room. In there, he found the bed still warm with life, the bedspread slightly crumpled implying that it had just been recently vacated. The research folder was next to a head pillow, open to page three of Cardinal Bell's accounts.

His mouth pressed thinly in disappointment.

The demon mark certainly knows how to catch him by surprise. Now, he will have to scour every space, every crevice, everywhere to find Aurora and hoped that she had just jumped somewhere around the city, and not in another space and time.

He teleported in the golden roof of the free-standing bell tower of the Palace, holding the metal cross in one hand to stabilize himself. It was the highest architecture nearby he could find quickly, being that it was three-hundred, sixteen feet tall.

He didn't care at all when the rain saturated his black cassock. All he wanted to do was to find Aurora... and find her fast before any demon would do. His panic and desperation collided then like hailstorm in a bone-dry pavement.

Even with his golden and red-flecked eyes, Cirrus could see nothing but roofs after roofs of houses and the shower of rain all around the town. High above the sky, the palette was dark and gray, having big stratus clouds overlapping on top of the other. On the south face of the tower, he could see the main city, while on the north side, outlines and outlines of mountains were observable. With his demon sense heightened, that's where he sensed the weak presence of Aurora. Not a moment wasted, he teleported there.




It was amazing how the power of Khronus puts the woman in his life in different places and situations. And right now, she was in the most convenient place ever, in the most convenient time. What timing definitely it was. He had just comforted her earlier, shaken by the sight of the picture, but now, it was not just a picture, but the real deal itself. He tsk'd when he realized that immediately when he arrived.

Cirrus found Aurora all tucked in under the shade of a tree just meters away from the deserted car. He could sense the distress and sadness in her heart right away, but it was not only that... it was not the only emotion he could feel from her. There was another definite feeling looming inside her... and it was the feeling of unequivocal, intractable longing directed to him.

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