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   Chapter 51 Her Disappearance

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"Muummm... Duuddd..." the young Aurora whispered, pausing in between her sobs. She couldn't take her tear-filled eyes off of the scene clearly visible outside the car door. Her mother was lying supine in the leaf-covered ground, eyes open and wet, staring back at her but without so much as a sign of life. The corner of her mouth was seeping fresh blood. Her face was decorated with deep scratch marks and puncture marks. The black bear leisurely demolished her stomach inch by inch, tearing off the woman's entrails in the most inhumane way possible.

Terrified. That's what she felt. Absolutely terrified.

Are there actually any other words that could surpass it?


There was one.

Sadness... Complete, unbearable sadness... And it showered the young girl as she moved to see her father also, who was half lying in the car's hood, dead and bathed with blood. The car's windscreen was broken in half and a splash of the crimson liquid tainted it horrifically. Even the interior of the front seats weren't spared from the brutality having the same reddish treatment.

The other side of the car door flung open and Aurora was then pulled out by a calloused hand from where she was sitting. The high pitch sound of her voice was enough to catch the black bear's attention, bobbing its head to where she was, but it didn't seem to care, ultimately returning back to mauling her mother. The bear didn't have red eyes anymore and it looked like a normal animal now eating its juicy prey.

A man grabbed her by the arm and swung her forcefully back against the trunk lid. He looked like he was a hermit, with long grey beard and unkempt black hair. His clothing was tattered and he smelt of manure and soil. From his appearance alone, one could see that he hadn't showered for quite some time. He however had red eyes --- an exact primary sign that he was possessed by a demon.

Aurora squirmed from his hold, kicking her legs in all directions. She continued to scream, but the man placed a dirty hand to cover her young mouth.

"Child... Can I have that mark in your neck?" he said gruffly and without delay, moved his free hand to hover above the mark. A white light escaped from it and this made Aurora yelp in pain. She shouted, screamed, wailed, cried at the top of her lungs being that it was the only weapon she had against the threat in her front.

The pain was only brief however for a splurge of electric current surrounded Aurora suddenly, and with just a slight contact of his hand from it, he was immediately thrown fifteen feet away from her. His back went to crash on the trees and bushes, but that didn't hurt him, the electric current however did, sending him a terrible amount of slicing pain in his head.

'Shit!' the hermit cursed --- or actually, the demon inside --- who was the demon of lust himself, Asmodai.

He stood up, shoving a big branch away from his stomach. He eyed the child who was hastily running towards the main road. He grinned in amusement then. It seems like he will have to wait for the juvenile mark to mature... Wait for it for quite a few years more. It was a waiting game that he would most eagerly join, but it seems he will have to wait for someone too --- a stupid conjurer to be exact --- to summon a demon from hell... and that would be the time he will use that chance to live in this God-forsaken world without being terminated by the divine electricity. Doing demon possessions for him was tiring enough, especially when there are no other options available but to possess someone like a passing filthy hermit.

The young Aurora didn't so much as make a backward glance on the car. All she wanted to do was to escape from the man and from the bear. She managed to reach the main road even though her eyes were blurred by her waterfall of tears. It was there that a female driver of a passing vehicle saw her.

The headlight of her car meant hope at last for the young Aurora --- an incandescent hope at the time of her premature grief.





"Aurora..." Father Azrael's voice caught her attention. She blinked twice and shook her head slightly finding the visions in her mind catching up with her reality.

"Wha---what happened?" she asked, seeing the stunned expression of everyone in the room.

Bishop Elliot then handed her a white handkerchief. She was confused at first for what purpose it was, but then Marcus gestured her to wipe it in her face.

What an innocent woman. She wasn't even aware that she was actually crying.

"You suddenly became silent and looked lost for a moment. Are you all right?" Father Azrael asked with a concerned v

f, it seems we will have to talk about that later, " he said, pressing his mouth into a firm line thereafter.

After a second more, Marcus' voice was heard again. "I am going to come in."

Aurora felt the panic this time. Even though Marcus knows of their secret, she still believes it was not right for him to see them both together in a secluded place such as her bedroom. And even worse, she was only wearing a towel!

As soon as the door flung open, she turned her head quickly, yelling his name, "Marcus!"

Yes. What an impatient boy he was.

"Oh! You're still not ready yet?" the sacristan asked, looking at Aurora who appeared solidly stunned. He had just guzzled up an enormous amount of pastry and cakes, and two full glasses of juice this afternoon, but he was still as hungry as ever, now wanting to go directly to the dining area.

She turned to look at Cirrus, but he was nowhere in sight. What a surprise it was. It seems that he had sensed her distress and teleported away from the room.

"I'll---I'll be ready in just a minute, " she stated nervously, shifting her gaze back and forth from the corridor outside to Marcus. "Could you close back the door?"

"Sure, sure. I'll wait for you outside, " Marcus stated, taking her hint.




After dinner, Marcus and Aurora retired early for the night. It was true that they weren't much of a traveler. Even though it was just a two-hour flight from Roma to the City of Soren, the vertiginous feeling from being in an airplane took a toll on their energy.

Father Azrael was invited by Bishop Elliot to stay in his office to talk about the progress of Marcus' training. He couldn't decline it of course. It was his responsibility to make it sound that the boy's exorcist priest training was going as planned... well, at least in a human's perspective that is.

It was eight o'clock in the evening when Aurora studied the contents of the research folder again. She couldn't be wrong! There was really something that connects the information inside it with her dream! The crescent moon. The star. The hexagon-shaped room of Selene. Everything!

On how it all connects? That's the big question however.

The rain kept on pouring still and along with it brought about cold winds that passed to and from her single bedroom window. Amidst this however, it was weird because she felt her skin warm to the touch, and her breathing seemed heavier than usual. It was like there was a blockage in her airways and throat that she couldn't exhale or even gag out. Beads of sweat collected subsequently in her forehead and with just a brief appearance of a shooting pain in her demon mark, Aurora quickly vanished from her bed.




Father Azrael who was talking with Bishop Elliot in his office immediately sensed her disappearance. He fell silent for a moment and went to focus on any glint of her presence inside the Palace, but he could find nothing.

"I'm sorry Bishop, " Father Azrael said sternly, standing up quickly from his seat. "I need to go. There is something very important I remembered that I must do."

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