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   Chapter 50 Learning The Past

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They arrived in the Archbishop Palace just right after four in the afternoon with Mr. Sherd --Bishop Elliot's driver -- driving them from the Soren Airport with the limousine. When they got out of the car, Aurora nudged at Father Azrael's left elbow immediately to catch his attention. He shifted his head to look at her while they walked towards the iron-wrought door.

"There is something I need to tell you, " she whispered, eyeing the opening at the end of the courtyard. The valuable clue she had was an important matter for him to know as soon as possible.

"What is it about Aurora?" he asked, putting a hand on her waist. She immediately let out a short gasp, not expecting his touch.

The simple gesture made her produce a blush. They had been off limits to any display of affection since they left the Traugott Residence. Being in this position now was giving her some renewed tactile sensations.

Taking a few quick breaths, it calmed her nerves and the wild thumping in her chest. "It's-it's about this, " she said, lifting up the research folder she had been keeping since they disembarked the plane.

Giving it a once-over and taking the folder out of her hand, Father Azrael said in a lowered tone, "Not here Love. We need a private place to discuss that."

Although feeling cut off, she nodded silently daring no objections for she knew he was right with his decision. They do need a better place to talk about the folder and its contents; a place and time that wasn't limited.

They continued their way into the entrance door and as soon as they entered the foyer, they saw Bishop Elliot already in the grand staircase with a wide smile on his face.

"Ah! Father Azrael! Aurora! Marcus! Finally! You're all here!" he shouted with glee. His usual jovial demeanor was already prominent. He quickly embraced the exorcist priest when he was an armslength away.

"Good to see you again Bishop Elliot, " Father Azrael stated when the old man released him.

"And Aurora! How are you my dear?" he directly asked, smiling warmly on her way and giving her the same casual hug Father Azrael had received first.

"Hello Bishop. I'm doing good. Thank you for asking, " she replied, but was immediately surprised when she saw his bewildered expression.

"Oh my, you still have the demon mark? Why?" he asked, being able to see the mark clearly amidst the locks of hair hiding it. He then lifted a brow up.

"Ah, that's why we are here Bishop, " Aurora started. "My real family has an ancestral house somewhere around here. We might find some answers there on how to take the mark off."

"I see, but the mark somehow looks different if I compare it from before, " he commented, squinting his eyes and nearing his face to take a closer look.

Aurora was taken aback.

"Well, yeah... I think it is changing, but I...I hope it is for the better, " she replied with a bit of hesitation.

Father Azrael stared at her, a warm glint appeared in his eyes.

"So you are not only here to visit the location of your parent's death?" Bishop Elliot stated looking at Aurora first and then to Father Azrael.

"Yes, that's right, " the exorcist priest himself answered instead of Aurora who went silent.

"All right!" The Bishop adjusted his black cincture band and rubbed the side of his belly. "I will give you the details later. In the meantime, let me see my boy, Marcus!" he shouted and then went to turn his attention on the boy who was actually waiting to be noticed.

"Hey! How have you been doing Marcus!" Bishop Elliot exclaimed, putting both of his hands on the sacristan's shoulder and then shaking him with excitement. This made Marcus smile widely.

"Hello Bishop! I'm still the same, but feeling a lot better, " he said.

"Come here. Let me get a good look at you." Bishop Elliot went to turn the boy's face from side to side, scrutinizing him from head to toe. The whole process of which made Aurora feel nervous. She held her breath and hoped that the old man wouldn't notice the faint bruise in the che

She glanced at Aurora's way and saw that her child didn't even show any signs of shock. She wasn't even scared one bit.

"Muuma, my toy, " said the little Aurora, stretching her arms into the right side of the car where the unicorn toy lay. Odessa pulled it from its incarcerated state and handed it to her awaiting daughter. She smiled, hiding her panic from her child.

"I don't know what happened. I couldn't control the steering wheel for a moment, " Thadeus confessed, looking baffled with the event. His hands this time shook wildly. He couldn't fathom what had just taken place. It was odd. Really odd. As if the steering wheel had a life of its own earlier.

He turned the ignition off, counted silently until twenty and then turned it on again. Hopefully, it was just a freak electrical wiring. By restarting the engine, it might refresh everything, but as soon as the headlights were on, Odessa shrieked in terror.

In front of them stood a large black bear; an enormous pound for pound menacing predator that had wickedly shuddersome red eyes hell-bent on staring at them. It was producing a hair-raising guttural groan as a sign of aggression. It was even baring its alarmingly pointed teeth. One couldn't see a white sheen on it for it dominantly showed a reddish and pinkish hue. Clearly, the bear had just been from its recent devouring pastime.

"Odessa! Get on the back! Hold Aurora as tightly as you can!" Thadeus shouted in panic. He readied himself for the task ahead, gripping the steering wheel tightly and steadying his left foot near the gas pedal. He aimed to veer the car out of the bear's path in the hopes of escaping its impending attack.

His wife quickly did as she was told, climbing herself into the back as quickly as she could and then grabbed the now screaming Aurora, pulling her into her lap.

Thadeus, in his mind, was praying for help with the Divine. He was sure now that if demons existed, so are angels too. He prayed that he would be able to deliver his family into safety and that whatever happens, his daughter's life would be spared.

The forceful blow of the bear's paws into the car's hood made Thadeus press the gas pedal quickly and with that, the car advanced straight ahead into the bear's path. It did hit the animal's stomach, but weirdly enough, it was too strong to be run over by the car. Its sharp claws actually gripped the hood tightly, tearing the metal off. Odessa and Aurora shrieked all the more. Thadeus' face deformed into flat-out fear.

The hole that was created gave way for the bear to tear the wirings of the car, consequently shutting it down. This immediately prevented the Clave family's chance of escape.

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