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   Chapter 49 Sent From Hell

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"Allow me, Master Cirrus, " Heron stated as he brought his hand to the side to block the priest from advancing. He was offering to fight the demons on his own, but it was not for show or for sport. For the most part, it is a duty of a butler to protect his master first and that was what Heron was doing.

"If that's what you want, be my guest, but be careful, we are inside an airplane. I don't want to pay for any destruction caused, " said Cirrus, stepping out of the center aisle and giving his right-hand a much wider space to advance.

He eyed Aurora who was held tightly by Marcus in the shoulder.


Yes, he considered himself a jealous man when it comes to her and he would have already been seething in jealousy with Marcus if not for him being just a boy. It was pointless to be jealous of him in the first place.

Heron poised in the center aisle with grace and an overall majestic presence of a highborn butler: feet pressed together, chin lifted, square shoulders, and relaxed arms. But to the demons, obviously, he was a barrier that should be taken down before they can get their hands on the valuable woman.

Simultaneously, as they advanced from along all sides, their distorted voices sang a chorus of only one word.


This gave Cirrus a clarification that they only want one thing. The key. He then approached the two who were sitting and touched Aurora's tensed shoulder.

As she lifted her face to look at him, he already was wearing a relaxed smile.

"It will be over soon. You need not worry, " he whispered, the words specifically aimed for her and not for Marcus.

Some pranced into the seats to give themselves a wider attack leverage. One male possessed, who was literally climbing like a spider into the ceiling, was aiming at Heron's face; the other two females, on each sides of the seats, targeted his legs, and the other male, who remained in the center aisle, honed in on his torso.

It looked at first that Heron was clearly outnumbered, but the moment a riptide of green energy surfaced around him, it became all too clear for the possessed that he wasn't a human.

Green energy was a trademark force only one demon possesses, and it was no other than the chief of infernal armies, Bael.

The possessed went to look disconcerted at one another. They almost looked like they were about to back away, but no, in the end, they advanced into their moronic mission.

With reckless haste, the possessed attacked him in an uncoordinated manner.

Heron, seeing this, raised both of his hands midair. In his left hand, a flat spherical shape was born, in neon green color. In his right hand, a coil form comparable to the red swirl in his eyes, surfaced. He amalgamated the other into the first to form a reaction and this reaction gave off an intense blast around the limited space of the airplane.

The male who targeted his torso was able to scratch a good part of his butler suit. Blood oozed from Heron's upper rib but he didn't show so much as a flinch of pain from it.

Immediately, the four humans that were possessed were pushed further back into the aft of the plane. This produced a frown in Cirrus' face.

'Tsk! Didn't I tell him to be careful!' he blurted out in his mind as he saw the center aisle seats dented and torn off with their foams.

"No! Heron, they are human's too! You can't do that to them!" Aurora quickly yelled as she saw the fate of the possessed. She remembered the Asian flight attendant smiling at her and Marcus sweetly, and offering them a lemonade juice.

Heron turned to face her and his master. Then, he bowed in a butler fashion.

"Then, I will just leave them unconscious so that you will feel at ease Ms. Aurora, " he said calmly. In the back of his head, he can see Cirrus berating at him for the damages.



Marcus appeared to look worried with the gush of blood that was seen in Heron's rib wound. He wanted to point that out with the others, but remembering what Heron said yesterday about how demons heal fast, he kept himself silent in the end.

Cirrus squeezed Aurora's shoulder and gave her another 'it-will-be-alright' look.

"It is my job still to exorcise the demons inside them Love. Don't worry."

He looked composed, as if he wasn't even bothered by the situation. She trusted

hen the demon attack happened. Ironically, he was a local in a neighboring town of Sereves, so he knew that there had been frequent demonic attacks everywhere. Even airplanes are considered not immune to it.

The group were en route to the exit lobby with Heron and Marcus leading the way. Cirrus and Aurora were side by side walking behind them. Before they reached the exit door however, Cirrus held Aurora's forearm and stopped her from walking.

"Cirrus?" Aurora showed confusion in her eyes. She became conscious suddenly. With Cirrus wearing a priest garment, his signature black cassock specifically, and him holding her forearm so firmly, it made her look side to side just to see if there weren't any people watching them.

"We—we're in public, " she said with a little bit of shakiness in her voice.

"Love, the first time I gave you those scarfs were when we were heading in this airport, leaving for Roma. Now that we are back here in Soren, it's ironic because you simply gave it away to others. I am not going to ask if you do not like my gift. I am not going to get angry with what you did too. However, once I buy you a new one, please don't give it away. Those are not just items alone, they are well thought of and I have expended great amount of difficulty just to pick the right ones for you."

By that, he meant that he was confused on what color, what design and what cloth of the scarf he should buy for her.

If they were in a private place now, Cirrus would have embraced her already, and most likely give her a sweet punishing kiss for her behavior earlier.

Aurora bit her lower lip and felt guilty all of a sudden. "I—I'm sorry... It was an impulse that I needed to cover their—uhm—the...the scarfs were the only items that fitted the requirements."

"Shhh... you don't need to reason. I fully understand you, " he whispered softly and smiled. "Those women should be thankful you were there."

"Thank you, Cirrus. I promise, I will cherish whatever you gave me, " she answered with a warm smile.

Their eyes suddenly were full of desire. Her lips quivered wanting to kiss him right then and there, but it was certainly not the right place to do it.

Cirrus groaned under his breath, feeling frustrated too. He closed his eyes and silently released himself of the torture.

He guided her back to the path of the exit door with a pat in her right shoulder - a gesture that was priestly.

"I need you to cover your neck mark with your hair though, " he said as they walked side by side again. "I do not want any demons looking at you with desirous eyes."

Consciously, Aurora immediately brought half the amount of her chestnut brown hair into the front, consequently covering the left side of her neck. She shifted her eyes to see his profile and saw that he was grinning.

Whatever reason it was for, she sure thought was unholy.

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