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   Chapter 48 Memoirs of a Priest

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Flight 764, Roma Airlines, going to the City of Soren left at exactly ten fifty in the morning. Aurora brought only one luggage as well as Marcus and Father Azrael. Heron was with them this time for the reason that Marcus had to continue his training even when their visit was called a 'vacation.'

Sitting next to the airplane window, Aurora held the research folder given earlier by Father Azrael before they boarded the plane. Opening it, Marcus then leaned to peek on the content. He was sitting right next to her, while Father Azrael and Heron were in front of them. It was actually a sitting arrangement, the former didn't like at all.

"Hey, big sis, what's that all about?" Marcus asked, pointing at the first page which read 'Clave Family History'. He did notice the 'TOP SECRET' stamp in front of the folder which did intrigue him more.

Aurora turned to face him and smiled.

"Nothing. It is just something about my real family I needed to know, " she informed.

"Oh, yes! Come to think of it, we didn't actually talk about your real family. Tell me now big sis! What happened in the City of Adelheid?"

Aurora recollected all the events that took place, but shared the only ones that fitted the innocent mind of Marcus. He need not know that a demon of lust had attacked her. He need not know that her cousin, Collete, got brainwashed. He need not even know that a celestial battle took place there. The details that she shared were just about how beautiful the mansion was, how expansive the Clave Estate, and how her relatives accepted her so openly and kindly.

Marcus was happy to hear it of course. He knew that his big sis was worthy to have such a family. He expressed excitement that he wanted to visit there and Aurora happily nodded in agreement.

"Soon... We will go back there soon, " she stated with another warm smile.

It was a minute of silence before Aurora decided to continue what she needed to do before they arrive at the city.

Time now to know more about my history, she expressed in her mind as she took the headphone attached from the front chair's back. As soon as she placed it in her ears, the music came alive; a hunting but beautiful sound in the accompaniment of piano and xylophone.

She started reading and as the words surged in her mind, so was the music.




Page 1-5

Researcher: Father Einsle Dela Torina

Location: Vatican Secret Archives, Autobiography Section

Source: Father Maximus Bell, Memoirs of My Life, Published 29 April, 996, Tivoli, Lazio Rome

Summary: Cardinal Bell, the third guardian priest of the Clave Family wrote in his memoirs about his experiences while being a Clave guardian priest.

I was forty-nine years old when I met Father Jerbaum. He is one uptight priest in my opinion, but we shared the same philosophies in life. Probably, that's why we easily became friends. It was after two years of our friendship when I found out about the Clave Family and their curse. Father Jerbaum shared this to me in the hopes that I accept his proposal of me becoming his apprentice. I am no exorcist priest however, but still I accepted it, understanding the immensity of the responsibility that he had been carrying for five good years. He needed to retire of his post of course and that means I will be the one who will relieve it.

My first day with the Clave Family started as normal. Well, actually the entire seven years of my service have been surprisingly normal. I expected for something to happen actually. Be it a demon possession or anything that I would deem weird, but the family members were as normal as the people you see in a market place. So normal, that yo

g to discuss it with Cirrus, but the flight attendant bade her to sit back and buckle her seatbelt as the airbus was in the middle of descending the airport.

She went back in her seat of course, but not before crossing her arms.

"Big sis, are you all right? You look like you have seen a ghost, " Marcus declared.

"Ah, nothing. Maybe I am just too excited, " she reasoned, smiling at him.

Turning her attention in the window, Aurora found the landscapes and landmarks that were familiar in her eyes. It was truly a pleasant feeling being back in a place where you had spent most of your childhood with, and that was what Aurora felt by the time the plane securely landed.




Most of the passengers have gotten off the plane after thirty minutes, except for Father Azrael's group. There was a weird feeling that had been bothering him since two hours ago. Whatever weird feeling it was... it definitely wasn't good, so he intended they disembark the plane last and investigate on its cause.

In the first class section, Father Azrael and Heron were on guard. Persons that were left there were two male Caucasian passengers and two female Asian flight attendants. One can see them acting normal, but in the eyes of a supernatural like Father Azrael and Heron, something was amiss.

The four of them have pinpoint pupils, yellow irises and black sclerae. They almost looked like zombies, but minus the dripping blood, creeping worms and maggots, torn flesh and amputated limbs in their faces and bodies. One male passenger scowled and bared its jagged teeth. The two females ripped off their uniforms without so much as a hesitation; subsequently giving the two demons a grotesque display of fluid-filled pustulated breasts with weeping centers.

Aurora was aghast by the sight. She trembled in fear and so did Marcus, but he have an absurd idea suddenly brewing in his mind. Here now is his chance to see first hand what an exorcism looks like.

"Stay back!" Father Azrael scowled as he saw Marcus nearing them in the center aisle. The priest shot him a cold glare and motioned him to go back to his seat with Aurora.

"They are middle-class demons Master Cirrus, " Heron announced, basing his calculations on the aura the demons were letting out.

Father Azrael grinned coldly and spiked the divine electricity in both of his hands while saying in an amused manner, "Hmmm, what a wonderful surprise welcome this is."

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