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   Chapter 47 Dreaming of a Crescent Moon

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"Why is big sis inside Father Azrael's bedroom? Isn't she supposed to be in her own room?" Marcus released the nerve-wracking question he had gnawing at him for twenty minutes the moment he found out where Aurora was taken.

He felt disappointed that he couldn't even check on the status of his big sis, let alone see her.

Heron stared at the boy who was standing near the center marble table. He was like a guard dog in an entrance door, ready to prance on anyone if they dared come close to it. His expression was blank still, but at least he managed an answer to him.

"Master Cirrus wants it that way. You will understand soon. Why? Is it bothersome to you?"

Marcus hesitated for a moment and went to dissect his words carefully. There was something that doesn't seem right with the situation. Something weird. Something that was new to him, and he felt that since the first day they arrived in the Traugott Residence. Could it be? Could it be that they have a relationship? Something that wasn't strictly casual?

He jerked his head up as he noticed Heron shifting from his stand. Heron wanted to approach the boy, but opted not to in the end.

"No, no... it's not at all bothersome, " he feigned. Well, at least not half of it. "It's just that I don't think a demon knows how to take care of someone who is sick."

Heron grinned.

"Hmmf, have you forgotten? Master Cirrus is not just a demon, he is also a priest. He knows how to take care of Ms. Aurora."

Since when did priests become doctors? He commented in his mind; however, it did relieve him quite a bit. "Oh, of course, " was his only reply.

"You should go back to your room. You need to rest, " the butler suggested.

"Yeah, maybe I should, " he whispered as he advanced two steps towards the wide corridor. However, he paused abruptly and went to face the butler back.

"Uh, Sir Heron?" He gave him a questioning look.


"How are your wounds?" Marcus asked, showing concern that was too obvious to see. The superficial cut in Heron's cheek had already disappeared. However, the boy was pertaining to the deeper one in his left lower abdomen that was hidden by the butler shirt.

"Do I see concern in your eyes?" Heron teased, giving him a smile, but without any teeth seen.

"No!" The boy was quick to backpedal, and paused, trying to pick the right words from his barrel full of awkward vocabulary. "Ah, uhhm... of course I am concerned about the wounds. I think I may have overdone the training earlier."

Heron smiled showing his teeth for the first time. This surprised the sacristan of course. "Hmf, you don't need to worry. Demons heal fast, " he said with utmost certainty.

"Ah, all right..." Marcus whispered again, deciding to retreat finally into his room.




The dark sky was like an abyss, continuous, immeasurable and empty. Aurora found herself sitting in a rocky ledge gazing at the sky. She felt the rough stones in her feet for she wasn't wearing a sandal. She had her current clothes on, but there was only a cotton shawl available to cover herself against the coldness of the night. The rocky ledge was just a couple of feet away from a deep cliff, and beyond it lay a vast ocean.

There was not a star seen, except for one — which was technically the planet Venus – shining brightly sitting on top of a crescent moon. She stared at it blankly for what seemed like hours. Only it and nothing more.

owards the ancestral house. There would be an answer there definitely...




"Marcus, prepare. We will be going back to the City of Soren tomorrow, " Father Azrael stated when Marcus opened the door. He had been knocking constantly on the wooden door for a full minute, and finally the sacristan opened it.

"Ah, really Mas—ter Cirrus?" he said, the new title tasted different in his mouth.

When Cirrus heard his answer, his brows quickly rose up. As much as he could remember, he didn't order the boy to address him that. It wasn't a big deal actually, but it was safer for Marcus to still call him by his human name. After all, only a few humans knew that he was a demon. The boy would be the youngest of them all, and with just a simple slip-of-the-tongue, he might find himself in a predicament erasing a lot of memories.

"Marcus, just call me Father Azrael. You finding out about me as a demon doesn't change anything, " Father Azrael said firmly.

"But, Mast—" the boy abruptly stopped when he saw the priest's disappointed glare. "Yes, Father Azrael." He bent his head down and felt his knees buckle. "Don't worry... your secret is safe with me. I am not going to ask anything. I—I just wanted to thank you for being so supportive of me and my big sis all this time. I actually thought that demons are horrid, soul-thirsty creatures."

'You got that right, ' Cirrus remarked in his head.

"Don't blind yourself Marcus. You will become an exorcist priest someday. Don't let that absurd idea get into your head too much, else you will regret it. However, I need you to know. I love your sister, and I care for her deeply that's why I am doing this. Other demons won't even give a damn... put that in your head." He paused, reading the sacristan reaction. He hoped that he had understood his point. "Now prepare. We will leave tomorrow as soon as Aurora is feeling fine. I know you want to visit Bishop Elliot too." Father Azrael moved back and then left the boy with a slight nod in his head.

"Uh, yes...with regards to that Father. How is big sis? Is her fever down?"

Father Azrael stopped and turned his head to face him. "Yes... she has no fever anymore. You will see her tomorrow morning."

"I'm glad then, " answered the boy with a relieved smile.

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