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   Chapter 46 Feverish and Heated

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Aurora managed her way down the basement alone. She was holding a bottle of water and a small towel in the hopes that it will be helpful for Marcus. When she entered the gym, what she saw immediately was a display of raw strength. Heron and Marcus were already at each other's throats, literally. They were sprawled in the rubber floor, their legs entwined with one another.

Heron was behind the boy, clamping his forearm around his neck, seemingly in a choking manner, while Marcus was lying on his top, grabbing his wrist, in attempts to stop the move. They were snarling by the minute, holding onto each of their defenses. It was day four of their training and the lesson was actually about grappling and surviving a demon's death hold.

Aurora moved to a corner where another flat bench was placed, sitting on it while watching them with hands covering her mouth. The advice Cirrus had told her kept on repeating and repeating in her head. 'Keep your observations to yourself and don't make any complains. Keep your observations to yourself and don't make any complains... AND Heron doesn't like interruptions.'

Now, she understood what he was talking about. Seeing this kind of training definitely added worry to her already overworked brain. Witnessing the manly brawl actually didn't lessen the worry at all!

The two men didn't even notice her presence until Heron forcefully tossed the boy to the side with one hand. They quickly stood up. Heron looking as if he wasn't even exerting any effort with the fight while Marcus was already panting heavily with his face flushed.

"Try harder Marcus. Focus. Find the demon's weak spot, " said Heron before he acknowledged Aurora's presence with a brief nod.

Marcus bent, putting his hands on his knees and shouted loudly.

"Arghhh! I will be successful next time!" he said, with sweat dripping from his chin to the rubber floor. Aurora was surprised seeing Marcus' firm determination. He truly wanted to be an exorcist priest so badly.

"Five minute break, " Heron plainly said, then went to a nearby table where snacks and bottles of water were laid. Aurora noticed it and found the single bottle in her hand meager in comparison to the abundance of the table. She pouted.

"Hey! Big sis!" Marcus called as he jogged lamely to her side.

Aurora immediately offered him the small towel and Marcus accepted it.

"Thanks, " he said, then sat right next to her.

"You are soaking wet. You really should take your shirt off, " Aurora stated, pointing to his sweaty garment. Marcus did as he was told and pulled the shirt off.

"So, big sis, are you here to spy on me or to join the training?" Marcus asked, looking back at her.

Aurora chuckled and gave him a questioning look.

"No, little bro. I am just here to check on you and make sure Heron is not giving you a hard time."

"I am not a little boy anymore, you know that right? You don't need to defend me just like what you did back at the orphanage house."

Aurora smiled with this. "Yeah... I know. But you must have forgotten, your opponent is a demon." She gave him a matter-of-a-fact stare.

"Hmmm, well...yeah. You have a point." He raked his hand through his hair. "I appreciate your care though, but I'm fine big sis, really."

He chugged the bottle of water he stole from Aurora's hand and emptied it in just a snap.

"Marcus!" Heron's voice broke their conversation. The five-minute break was over.

"I gotta go big sis. Sensei is calling me, " he said still a little winded, but managed to give a wink on her way.

Aurora meant to wish him safety, but the sacristan was quick to leave her then.

She eyed the two and her mouth f

is arms and cradled her feverish body gently.

"Father Azrael!!! You—you can teleport too??!!" Marcus, in shock, questioned.

Cirrus released a forced sigh and eyed the boy. "Marcus... this isn't the time to bombard me with your questions. Now, tell me. What happened to her?!"

"I—I don't know, " Marcus replied. "Big sis was just fine awhile ago. She was smiling and acting normal. I just saw her suddenly unconscious and falling down the floor." Marcus forced the words out even though he was nervous as hell.

It didn't take him long to realize that Father Azrael was a demon too. It frightened him for a moment, but it wasn't as deeply seated as Heron's revelation was.

"Shit, " Cirrus cursed, unperturbed with the boy's presence. "Heron, ready everything I needed. She has an unusual high fever, " he said, then teleported, bringing Aurora with him into his bed chamber.

Heron eyed the boy this time and said, "Training is over for now."

Marcus nodded and then quickly ran out of the gym after taking his wet shirt from the bench.




In Cirrus' bed, Aurora tossed and turned, closing her eyes tightly, wailing unintelligible words, and pulling the neckline of her blouse.

The thermometer read as forty-eight degrees Celsius; definitely, abnormal for a temperature of a human. Cirrus frowned with this and went to grab the bowl of water and the white towel from the bedside table.

Though he knew that sponge-bathing her wouldn't even make a difference, he did it anyway, but with the wind fanning her at the same time as he ordered. It is the least thing that he could do to cool her body. Taking paracetamol wouldn't even help too. The reason for this unexpected rise of her temperature could be because of the demon mark acting again, and her body was reacting to it in a drastic kind of way.

They were the only ones in the room. He prohibited Marcus to enter his chamber and Heron excluded himself voluntarily too, waiting in the front of the main door for any further instructions.

"Aurora... Love... hear me, " Cirrus tenderly said as she finally calmed.

She didn't reply however.

Cirrus held her right hand and brought it up to his face, kissing her cold fingers then with his lips. For now, he is going to wait it out, hoping that her fever would subside eventually. But if not...

He quickly shook his head in denial. No. She is a strong woman and she is going to fight it out most certainly.

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