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   Chapter 45 The Agreement Done

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Apostolic Palace

Office of the Holy See, Vatican City



"Didn't I tell you to be discreet? What did you do this time to make a huge crater in the middle of the Clave Estate forest?" Pope Benedict asked right after the exorcist priest sat on a chair near his office table. Throwing a scrutinizing eye, he awaited for him to answer the truth.

"I ran into trouble with the Demon of Lust, " Father Azrael said coolly, crossing his legs and staring at the old man with reservation.

The Holy Pope eased his back against the cushioned chair and placed his hands on his abdomen. "Hmm..." he released a throaty grumble, "So that's why... You have a good alibi though, better than the great blackout in Maryland, " he remarked, grinning and shaking his head as a sign of momentary amusement. The asteroid excuse sure was a good hit with the media, he was actually pleased with it. When he relaxed, his gray-amber eyes rested on the younger priest with great depth. "Now, what have you learned about the demon mark? Where you able to find answers there?" he asked, interested.

"I did uncover a lot of secrets and answers that would explain Aurora's current situation, but if you are pertaining on how to take the demon mark off of her, no...there is no answer in there, " he answered with a hint of disappointment.

"I see." The Pope eyed the paper works in his desk and felt a looming feeling of disappointment too.

"But, we will be travelling back to Soren, Your Grace. Duke Heilwig, Aurora's uncle, said there is an ancestral house there that might provide the answers we need — well... I hope."

He hoped indeed. There was no wasting time now. The demon mark was growing stronger and stronger and who knows what might happen if it reaches its zenith. He was worried with Aurora and how she would react to it. Her uncontrolled jumps in time and space last night was one of the clear-cut basis for that. And he was so sure that it will not be the only episode.

"I have made some researches of my own Azrael. Father Einsle helped me with it and we were able to find some valuable information about the Clave family inside the Vatican Secret Archives. You might want to take a look at it, so I am giving it to you."

Pope Benedict pulled the lowest drawer in his desk and bent to pull out a new folder. Fastened inside it were at least twenty pages long detailed information about their research.

Father Azrael took it quickly and noticed a stamp in the front of the folder saying 'TOP SECRET.'

"Read it and understand its contents. It might help you with the investigation, " the Pope stated.

With a brief nod, the young priest answered, "Will do Your Grace."




By seven in the evening, Marcus, Aurora and Father Azrael were together in the dining room. He was wearing his casual clothing now. Food was prepared already, but before they started eating, the priest narrowed his focus on Aurora and Marcus who now had medical patches on his cheeks and forearm.

"Aurora, Heron had told me what happened earlier, " he began after he sipped his red wine.

"Yes, I think we should discuss about that, " Aurora stated, eyeing him with ready determination. Not only was Heron the only demon she wanted to scold, but him too. He was the master of the butler in the first place.

Father Azrael raised his hands to stop her from talking and directed his attention on the now-eating boy. "Marcus, do you want to stop your training?" he asked.

The sacristan shifted his head to look at him and then to the anxious Aurora. He appeared to think at first and then said in all honesty after a minute, "No, Father Azrael. I don't want to stop."

Aurora's eyes widened. She gave the boy a questioning glare and opened her mouth to speak, but Father Azrael cut her off once again.

"Good, so this discussion is over, " he said in finality.

This made Aurora gave a silent objection. "Cirrus!" she said his real name without even a care that Marcus was listening.

Father Azrael placed his wine glass down the table and

t last night. He turned her to the side and dipped his mouth into her back, kissing the skin right above her scapula, then nipping and licking her nape with his glorious tongue.

She bent her head to the front and closed sleepily her eyes. The red flames danced in rhythm with the fire that was ignited in her.

"Don't you tease me. Even though you're a demon, I will not hesitate getting angry with you."

"Then sermon me. Anything you want to do. Be angry with me. I want to see you fuming in rage so that I could bring you down from it with my body."

"You're really good at tempting me, you know."

"Hmmm... Yes, yes I am." He snickered in victory, and then infused her with the pleasurable electricity from his left hand into her ribcage. She gasped and her body quivered in response to it.

"More Love?" he asked seductively.

She bit the side of her lip and gently nodded.

It was heavenly bliss again amidst the flames dancing in her front that was comparable to hell. He was bolder this time, putting her in tantalizing positions that all the more heightened their lovemaking process.

Good gracious! She had never expected that such an early morning like this could be so surreal. So exhilarating. So awakening.




The two had their breakfast an hour later. Aurora went to Marcus' room first to invite him to eat with them, but he was not there anymore. Even when they went to the dining room, Marcus wasn't there too.

"He must be starting his training now, " said Father Azrael after drinking a cup of espresso.

"Then I should eat quickly then. You did tell me that I can watch their training session, " Aurora replied after chewing a honeyed bacon.

"Yes. You can go there later, and remember what I told you, Heron doesn't want any interruptions. Keep your observations to yourself and don't make any complaints."

"You're not coming with me?" She said raising her brow.

"No. There is something that needs my attention, Love, but don't worry, it's not another woman." He grinned towards her.

There he goes again. Teasing her.

He was actually planning on reading the whole twenty pages of the research folder the Holy Pope had given to him. He knew that it would take him time.

"I will be in the library. You can go there whenever you miss my company Aurora. But—" He suddenly paused and eyed her with desire. "Actually, I do want you to go there later. I kinda fancy seeing you naked surrounded by books."

Aurora's eyes widened. She was guzzling a cranberry juice that time and it almost choked her when she heard his words.

Clearing her throat quickly, she commented in a sarcastic tone, "You know for a priest, you sure are outspoken."

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