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   Chapter 44 The Sacristan's Wish

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Aurora softly uttered after managing to open his room door by herself when she didn't get any response from the sacristan after knocking three times.

The moment she entered the room, she noticed that the lights were off and the windows closed.

Slowly inching herself inside, she then heard the boy's voice. Weirdly enough, it didn't have its jolly tone the usual Marcus style. She thought that he would be excited with her arrival, and ask her incessant questions about what happened during their travel and about her real family. His voice now sounded exhausted and sleepy.

"Hey, big sis... when have you arrived?"

"I just arrived. Hey, why are you turning your lights off? Isn't it too early to sleep?" Aurora stated, then switched the lights on. It didn't take her long to find the boy lying in his bed, all sprawled up and looking very tired. What alarmed her though was seeing the angry bruises and cuts in his forearm, his cheek, his neck and his ankles.

"Oh my God! Marcus! What happened to you!" she instantly yelled, completely surprised, but Marcus somehow seemed unaffected with it. She reached the edge of the bed, sat on it, and quickly held his right arm up to examine the bruise and cuts more.

"Hi..." he said amiably.

Aurora shot him a cold glare. "Don't 'hi' me! Where did you get all of these!?" She was in the big sister mode now.

"Ah, well... from my training, " Marcus answered with hesitation, the last few remaining syllables went down soft-sounding.

"Your training?" she echoed with one eyebrow slightly raised. She went to check on the other bruises, and aside from the wide reddish bruise on his right forearm, she found that the others were only superficial. The cuts too were the same, but it still gave her alarm.

"I had told you that I am.. planning to become an exorcist priest like Father Azrael right? Have you... forgotten about it?" he said while half closing his eyes. He could feel the sore in his strained muscles and thought it was better not to move or exert any effort in moving.

"No! I haven't! But — what is the connection of your bruises anyway?" Aurora was confused at first, but somehow she had a knowing feeling that the training he was talking about weren't even related to being an exorcist priest.

Marcus was nervous. He inhaled a deep breath while swallowing his lips. He was hoping that she wouldn't get angry with what he was about to say. He eyed his big sister and then started rather cautiously. "Well, you see..."





Aurora stormed out of Marcus' room with the boy following behind. Although his body was still sore all over, he fought to stand. He could at least try to stop his big sis from making a commotion and save her from Heron's demonic side. She still doesn't know the truth about him — or that's what he actually thought.

He grabbed her arm just before she could descend the grand stairs, and successfully stopped her angry stomps.

"Big sis! You shouldn't confront him! You see! I am feeling fine! These bruises will just fade away!" in desperation, he shouted.

"Shut it, Marcus. I am just going to clear some misunderstanding that's all, " Aurora replied after releasing a long sigh. A frown was still visible in her face and Marcus could clearly see that.

"But you're fuming! I know that's not the real reason!"

"Then what do you suggest I do? Just leave you like—like this?!" She scanned him from head to foot. She couldn't believe that in just 2 days, Heron had already inflicted this on the boy. Someone ought to teach him a lesson.

"I t

ted to do."

"And you were instructed by Cirrus to torment the boy?!" Her tone trembled in anger.

The butler didn't answer and fell silent. Like Cirrus, he is not an avid fan of explaining himself. Let her think of it that way, it wouldn't matter anyway.

She studied his face, but she couldn't determine what he was thinking. She found it without any expression.

"I thought so, " she hissed, clenching her fist. "So now, I am asking you to STOP this nonsense." She highlighted the word.

"Do you think that Marcus would like that?" Heron asked her then, and for a moment there, it almost sounded as if he cared for the boy.

"It's doesn't matter. His welfare is my top priority. I can't just sit around and let you beat the crap out of him!"

And with the thought of visiting Soren soon, she couldn't dismiss the vision of Bishop Elliot scolding her angrily once he sees the boy's haggard state. The old man is one that she dare not cross with. She could remember the last time one of the orphaned teens did, he preached the teen boy real good for almost five hours! Just the thought of it made her shiver. Better be on his good graces then.

Heron released a defeated sigh. He answered what she wanted to hear from him but did so only after glancing at the uncovered demon mark. "As you wish, Ms. Aurora."

The demon mark is his personal salvation too. A conjurer from a long time ago also summoned him and transferred his spirit in a human vessel just like Cirrus. However, the conjurer ultimately died and there was none who could guide him in the human world. His family... or the newborn's family hated that he was a demon and therefore, abandoned him in the care of a lowly bar waitress, where in turn handed him to the Holy Pope, who by that time was still a cardinal. In his sudden arrival, Cirrus instantly had a 'younger brother', but Heron knew fully well the huge gap of their statuses and their power, both a demon and a human. Cirrus clearly outranked him and outmatched him, consequently putting himself as his right-hand instead. He maybe the chief of the infernal armies but no one could actually battle the demon Cirrus Samael and live to tell the tale.

He did desire to return to the underworld, but for now, he was content with servicing Death himself.

"Good, " Aurora stated and then walked out with a short nod on his way, feeling satisfied and at ease.

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