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   Chapter 43 Return To The Traugott Residence

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Two Days Ago

Traugott Residence, Basement



"So tell me, why do you want to become an exorcist priest?" Heron asked Marcus as he stood in the center of the basement gym, feet together and arms crossed in his chest. He wore his usual butler outfit, the only ensemble that he felt comfortable wearing.

Marcus sat a couple of feet away from him, in a red padded flat bench the usual that one sees in a workout gym. His hands were clasped together in his lap while his feet were rooted on the floor, ready, so ready for his first training.

Although he felt disappointed that he was unable to accompany Father Azrael and his big sis in the City of Adelheid, his enthusiasm quickly lit up when Heron told him about the training he will have, as instructed by Father Azrael.

Now, eager to start his lessons, he trained his eyes skyward and made a thoughtful smile. "I want to exorcise demons, Sir Heron, " he started, looking back at the towering butler. "I want to save people from a demon possession just like Father Azrael."

Heron's dark green gaze remained on the boy's. The vagueness in his eyes made it hard for Marcus to read if he disapproved or agreed with his answer.

"Hmmm, valiant reason, " said Heron, inching nearer to the boy with his hands now on his sides. "Now tell me, have you seen a demon before?"

The sacristan bent his head to look down on the piles of plates and dumbbells lying on the rubber floor. He remembered the scene in the St. Claire High School bathroom where he first saw an incubus. "Yes, once, " he whispered, then chuckled shyly, scrubbing his head with his fingers. "Well, technically, I just had a quick look on the entity. It left the man's body so fast I wasn't able to clearly see." By the mention of 'man', Marcus meant the wicked principal.

"Mhmm..." Heron's throaty groan was audible. "So you mean to say that you haven't seen a demon possession before? Or even a live demon up close?" He stopped just a few feet away from the sacristan and stood with an intimidating eye.

Marcus was hesitant now to answer. He began to wonder what was up with the man to ask him these questions. "Ah, ye—yeah. Why?" he answered anyway, giving the butler a confused stare.

Heron ghosted a smirk and did a slight shake of his head. He then leaned down closer to the boy and as Marcus wondered what he meant to do, he suddenly made a quick alarmed gasp as the butler lifted him up midair using only one hand, clutching the front of his shirt.

Immediately, he felt suffocated by the pressure of Heron's hand against his neck. He raced to grab the butler's wrist as a reflex and wriggled his body vigorously but Heron was too strong for him to stop.

"Aaccckk! Sir He—ron! What are—you doi—ng?" in a grimaced expression, Marcus asked.

"Look and see then, Marcus." Heron's voice suddenly became velvety, not flinching one bit on the distress of the boy.

Marcus' face rushed to paint a deep red and his eyes quickly constricted when he saw the transfiguration of the butler in his front.

What the?! Sir Heron... is a demon?! A loud bell rang in his head.

Heron morphed into a form that still looked somewhat human, but with a different appearance entirely. He had two long, twisted rhinoceros-like horns growing from his forehead, his short black hair turning into a long wavy dark violet, and his captivating dark green eyes showing a whirl of red in the pupils. Two fangs were protruding in his upper lip like a vampire's, but he had two smaller ones on the lower side. His nails also grew longer and sharper. It would have torn Marcus' shirt ultimately if Heron didn't release him then.

The sacristan fell butt-first into the bench. It was a good thing that it was padded th

mark in her body.

By the time they arrived in the residence, it was already 5 o'clock. Father Azrael needed to report to the Holy Pope regarding what happened in the Clave Estate... everything about it... especially the now-spreading rumor of the Clave Estate asteroid. So, after entering the house, he immediately went to his room to change clothes. He needed to wear an ensemble that was acceptable inside the Apostolic Palace.

Donning on a white cassock with blue piping and a black band cincture, he knocked on Aurora's bedroom door. After a moment, she opened it and fell directly stunned to see his overall garb. He was putting an elbow casually against the door frame. His face, if it isn't an overreaction, actually sparkled due to the whiteness of the uniform. But amidst the brightness, his eyes exuded a shadow of authority; an authority that looked sexy in all the right places. There's no doubting it alright, he is one smoking, hot priest.

"Aurora, I expect your things already transferred in my room when I come back, " he said, reminding her on what to do.

Aurora appeared dazed for a moment, but was able to get her concentration back with two visible blinks in her eyes. "Ah... yes.. it is not like I have a lot to begin with, " she answered, staring at one of his intricate buttons.

"See you later then." He smiled, embracing her in the course of it. He then whispered softly in her right ear, "And please don't go out of the house. As long as you're inside the residence, you're safe."

Leaving her for a couple of hours is actually not a good idea, especially with the demon mark's power increasing. However, as what he had said, as long as she is inside the Traugott residence, no harm will come to her. He had actually made a barrier around the perimeter to prevent any future low-class demon attacks from happening.

"If you say so, " said Aurora. She was actually looking forward to taking a dip in the swimming pool and wondered if that counts as 'inside the residence.'

Father Azrael frowned, thinning his lips at the same time. "Love, that's not what I want to hear."

He grabbed her waist and pressed his thumbs up her rib. It made Aurora wriggle and release a suppressed shout. He certainly knows her sensitive spots.

"Yes! Yes Cirrus! I will stay inside the house, " she answered frantically.

Father Azrael let out a victorious and pleased grin this time. "Good, " he said, then gave her a quick feathery kiss on her lips and off he went.

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