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   Chapter 42 A Bond Between Cousins

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Azienda Sanitaria Locale Hospitale was just a fifteen-minute drive from the Clave Estate. This was where Collete was brought by his father and Monsignor Nicholas last night. Lucky enough, she was immediately transfused with two units of packed red blood cells to combat and stop the progression of hemorrhage. Some deep lacerations in her sternal and ulnar regions were stitched up nicely by the surgeon and the other superficial ones were treated with first aid.

The whole night, Collete was unconscious, but she was breathing properly.

Although the situation was stable, Duke Heilwig and Monsignor Nicholas took turns in taking care and guarding her. Fear and apprehension were still present inside them knowing that it was a demon possession case and not just any natural cause of hospitalization.

It was past nine in the morning when Aurora and Cirrus arrived in Collete's room. Their belongings were left inside the corvette as they were leaving Adelheid after the hospital visit.

"Uncle, " Aurora called out softly the moment she entered the private room. She was wearing the clothes that she wore on her first day of travel going to the Clave Estate. Together with her was Father Azrael who wore a common shirt and blue jeans. He remained standing in the doorway, crossing his arms on his chest while Aurora continued her way towards the old man.

Duke Heilwig stood from his seat when he saw them and went to embrace Aurora in welcome.

"Ah, my niece. Come here, " he urged.

It was a family gesture of warmth and sympathy, something that Aurora was beginning to appreciate.

"How is Collete, Uncle?" she asked directly, eyeing her cousin sleeping soundly in the bed.

In Collete's right arm, there was an intravenous line inserted connected to lactated Ringer's solution. There were also leads attached to her chest area for continued cardiac monitoring, blood pressure and pulse readings.

"She is doing fine, " the duke replied, facing his daughter. "Her doctor says that she is stable, but they will have to monitor her overnight for any untoward events. If there is none, she can go home tomorrow."

"That's good to hear, " Aurora said in relief. She neared her cousin and examined the stitches that were readily seen on her arms. She cringed at the sight of it. Deep inside her, she admitted that it was her fault as she had put Collete in danger because of the demon mark.

"Father Azrael here already told you about the reason right?" Duke Heilwig asked, nodding acknowledgement of the priest's presence.

"Yes, he did. And now I feel responsible with what happened to her, Uncle, " Aurora stated with remorse, touching the fingers of Collete and looking at her face with concern.

"Shhh... don't say that child, " said the duke. "I have already pondered on what happened last night again and again, and I assure you, it is not your fault. Ever since I found out about the curse of the family, I have already readied myself with anything. I expected that something will happen sooner or later. Yes. It maybe because of the demon mark that's why my daughter was possessed, but it is not directly your fault. It is the curse's power still."

He took her left hand and clasped it in between his. When she sought his gaze, she found sincerity in his eyes.

"Thank you Uncle..." she stated delicately, "for...understanding."

Trying to hide the tremble in her voice was nowhere near possible given the fact that she still felt responsible for everything amidst the duke's consoling words. However, like Sister Cene said, nothing good would come out if she dwells in the past, so for a bit, she allowed herself freedom from the burden.

Heaving a breath and then relaxing her shoulders, she was able to reward herself a smile this time. One that Duke Heilwig was pleased to see.

"I would like to extend my thanks to Father Azrael of course for saving my daughter. Thank you, Father, " Duke Heilwig said turning to the priest.

Father Azrael became the center of his attention. The duke walked closer to him and extended his hand for an appreciative handshake. "Father, you don't know how much your help means to me, " he said.

The exorcist priest obliged and went t

TV. When he arrived 1 hour ago, he quickly brought the issue up about the Clave guardianship. Father Azrael this time accepted, but only after highlighting that he will guard Aurora and only her alone. Monsignor Nicholas was amenable to it and was pleased of his answer. He also brought the issue up with the priest about the mysterious explosion that occurred last night in the Clave Estate forest. Still the same, Father Azrael's alibi was that it was because of an asteroid. The Monsignor agreed with it too, but told him that Cardinal Cinzia would want to talk with him right away. He declined the invitation quickly saying that they will be travelling back to Rome come afternoon. After the conversation, Father Azrael discreetly erased his memories of Eriol too.

Duke Heilwig was out of the room taking some calls. It seems that Monsignor Nicholas informed him of the forest destruction too.

Now, Aurora wanted to make sure that Collete really did forget about Eriol, so she asked a question that would hint her with that.

"So... with the demon possession you had last night, do you think that you needed a capable bodyguard in your side?"

Collete smiled at her way and then shifted her eyes towards the ceiling.

"Big sis, I have Monsignor Nicholas already with me. I don't need a bodyguard. And besides... I can handle myself quite well." She said putting up a show of confidence to Aurora by fisting her free hand.

Aurora did smile at this. That was the hint she was looking for.

Relieved. She was truly relieved that Collete had truly forgotten about Eriol. Now, she can actually live a better life... and she can love freely too.

Aurora eyed Father Azrael fleetingly and smiled at him. He knew exactly what it meant, so he smiled and mouthed a 'your welcome' back at her.

"You should email me sometime alright? I am going to send pictures to you with me and my brother and his children, " Collete stated excitedly.

"Sure, that would be great Collete. Hmmm... that's why you should get well soon, so that you can play with the kids when they arrive, " Aurora replied sweetly.

There was a moment of silence for a second. The two women stared at each other, each on their own emotional tipping point.

"I am going to miss you big sis." Collete choked the words out and became teary eyed all of a sudden, but Aurora pinched her cheek quickly.

"Hey, I don't want to leave with you crying on me now."

"Then, I will cry more!" she threatened playfully.

"Oh, bother." Aurora laughed and then rolled her eyes, dropping her gaze at the end on Father Azrael.

"We will be back sometime soon, Collete. That's a promise, " Father Azrael said, nearing her bed.

Collete stared at him and made a smug smile. "Yes, Father. You really should. I will wait for that day then."

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