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   Chapter 41 To Erase A Memory

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"Demons, as you know, have an extensive collection of abilities. I am telling you and asking for your permission now. I am going to erase Collete's memory of Eriol. Not just her alone, but also the residents of this house. Duke Heilwig, Monsignor Nicholas, the staff... everyone, " Cirrus said enumerating the names as he carefully watched Aurora's reaction. Any hint of disappointment in her would be detrimental for him. It would mean that she does not like his proposition at all.

However, Aurora, in her most calm manner, remained silent and stiff in her seat. She couldn't show any emotion yet. As a human, the information was too much for her to sieve, but she tried as hard as she could to process the details of what he was saying.

"I know that Eriol did this too and quite so often at that, " he added remembering what he saw in the flashback with Eriol telling her that he used the same power to manipulate the police officer's minds and the investigator into believing that her identity was nonexistent. It was for this reason that she ended up in the orphanage house.

"I am going to erase their memories so that there won't be complications thereafter, especially to Collete who, as you said, loved him deeply, " he elaborated more.

"You---you mean to say that you will manipulate Collete's mind? And---and everyone else?!" Aurora showed a hint of unease now. Her feet felt cold suddenly.

So Cirrus had the power to do that too. Just like Eriol. It wouldn't be a big wonder though. He was a demon. But even so... it sounded too risky for her.

"Please don't put it that way, Love. It is not as harsh as it sounds, " Cirrus answered, sensing her trepidation.

"I---I am not sure Cirrus... That solution is too drastic for me. I can' can't play on their heads like that. They are humans! They have their own free will!" Aurora answered in hesitation, avoiding the confrontation in their eyes. Not only was she defending her relatives, she was also defending herself subconsciously.

This was exactly why Cirrus asked her permission --- to know what she thinks of the power. She had been a victim of it too and he knew that she wouldn't be welcoming about it.

Aurora went to ponder on it again and again, looking at her own plate for a while. Cirrus continued to observe her and gave her time to think. He wasn't quickly asking for her response. Right now, what he was asking was for her to understand and show an open mind.

Cirrus stood up from his seat and went to teleport into his room, but not before saying, "I will be back, Love. I will give you space for now."

It was never the convenient solution to a problem --- that much he knows, but he did not like it, seeing her so worked up with the situation of her cousin. However, this is Aurora of course and this is her most stubborn trait --- to worry too much about others. Maybe being in the orphanage and with nuns influenced that genuine side of her.

Aurora nodded silently and observed him disappearing in her front. For over an hour, she continued to deliberate about it and each time she did, the benefits outweighed the consequences more, especially that she was putting more weight on Collete's welfare.

Of course. It would be the most agreeable solution. If Cirrus will erase her memory of Eriol, then she wouldn't remember loving him too, and that of course would consequently protect her from the heartache. She would live normally too and Aurora would be at ease leaving the villa tomorrow. She remembered what the Holy Pope had said about demons, 'it is better for them to stay in the imagination of man', that knowing them, 'is a fine line between understanding and insanity.' She most certainly doesn't want to see Collete tipping into the latter because of Eriol. She deserves to live a life full of color and love! True love. Human love!

She was lying in the bed cuddling herself when she noticed the other side quaked and dipped. Turning to it, she found Cirrus already climbing with his eyes deeply screwed on her. He was naked from the waist up and looking fresh from a shower. What she felt then was instant alleviation of her loneliness inside the room. With over an hour of being alone, t

d. "Seriously...that woman is bothersome sometimes."

Aurora bit her lower lip to stop herself from smiling. Hearing him rant like this was actually cute.

"How did you know then that it was really her?" she attempted to clarify.

"I just know it, " was all he had to say on the matter. Aurora didn't care to let him expound more. She already knew why.

"Now, don't fret. We are in my bed now. I don't want any other interruptions in our long night."

He pulled her to sit in his lap and caressed her breasts back earnestly. She closed her eyes, feeling the surge of sensation coming back again.

"Cirrus, can I see it again?" she then said, suddenly remembering her image of him when they were floating in the sky.

"See what?"

"Your black wings."

During that time, she thought for a moment that he was an angel. A beautiful dark angel ready to bring her to heaven when she's dead. She didn't realize then that this dark angel had already brought her to and from heaven quite a few times.

"Hmmm..." He grumbled under his throat in a pleased manner. "Whatever you wish, Love."

In an instant, his black majestic wings grew. It spread all over the span of his room taking in all of the space. Aurora was in awe at the sight of it.

"It's beautiful and magnificent, " she remarked, her eyes dazzling. Her lips made a triumphant smile as she stretched her right hand and touched it.

His feathers were supper downy and smooth. It felt as pliable as leather, but it weirdly looked as deadly as layers of knives in a butchery. In the midst of this fact though, she still admired it.

He studied her response and was delighted to see her fascinated with his being. Never had he felt this much pride having to show himself in front of anyone.

He grew his long silver hair then and he glowed his eyes brightly with gold.

This is all that he is. His true form as both an angel... yes.. an archangel.... and a demon. This is the form when he torments his enemies. This is his form when he wrings them out of life. This is his form when he induces pain on them. But right now... this will be his form when he showers her with ecstasy... when he makes love to her, and he knew that it is going to be ethereal.

"You are more beautiful however, " Cirrus commented as he brought her down in the mattress and collided his lips into hers. His wings stretched more and shivered in reaction with the sensation that she bestowed on him; touching leisurely his chest, his waist, his arms, his shoulders, his back, his face, his hair, his wings. He reciprocated the gestures, idolizing her back with a burst of touches of his own.

The want. The need. Everything! Everything that they felt erupted with a rising smoke.

But no... the smoke wasn't lust.

It was desire and love combined.

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