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   Chapter 40 A Long Night With Him

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Cirrus teleported Aurora back in her bedroom. After summoning the wind to dry her up and taking the bathrobe off, he placed her on the mattress ever so gently like a sleeping baby. He sat on the edge then and stared silently at her.

It was only by this time that he finally noticed that she was actually wearing the white nightgown that Collete gave her. She was truly beautiful in it - very sexy and seductive. It would have pleased him well, but he gritted his teeth at the sight of it. He was supposed to be the only one who could enjoy this kind of view. He alone. Whatever Asmodai did to her, he was sure as hell it wasn't clean and it gnawed on him right to the core.

He must know what happened to her...for her sake and safety, and for him and his sanity. So he did what was right. After he covered her with the bed sheet, he leaned low to put a peck on her forehead, then down to the bridge of her nose, and lastly to her lips. He lingered on the last spot for a minute and before he withdrew, he bit the bottom lip just enough to extract a drop of blood from it.

He only elicited a fleeting wince from her eyes after he did it, unlike before where she actually glared back at him.

Her blood tasted sweet and divine, the same as before. He licked it well and flashbacks of memories quickly gathered in him then, seeing what happened with her and Asmodai from the amusement park back in Sereves, until what occurred in her bedroom.

What a damn deceptive demon he was. He had truly devised such a flawless plan on her. To think that he was the reason for all the sadness in Aurora's heart - the death of her parents and being at the orphanage. And it was all because of the fucking demon mark.

What made him displeased more was how the lech creature touched her body leisurely in an unholy way.

Aurora didn't deserve any of it. She deserved to be worshiped, sanctified and kept sacred. She was his alone. No man or demon should hold her except him.

Good that he wiped out Asmodai's existence for good. It was a fitting punishment for what he did to Aurora.

Unconsciously, Cirrus glanced at her neck mark. He could feel the power pulsating from it still, but weirdly enough, it was stronger and more active this time. Looking at the outlines, he was surprised to find one of the spikes gone.

It was a definite development, but he was unsure if this development was for the better or worse, so he decided to keep a close eye on it.

There was a long knock on the door, so Cirrus got up and returned to his human form — with short raven hair and cerulean eyes, and without black wings of course. He teleported into his room, took a clean shirt and returned to Aurora's room wearing it before he opened the main door.

"Oh! Father Azrael! There you are!" Mrs. Geraldine exclaimed as she saw the priest inside the room. Definitely, she wasn't expecting him to be there.

"What is it Mrs. Geraldine?" Father Azrael asked calmly, putting his right foot forward.

"I am supposed to inform Milady Aurora about what happened with her cousin, but it seems you have already informed her?" She raised her brows.

"No, she's still sleeping, " answered he.

"Oh, I should probably inform her later then, " she said lowering her head to look at the floor.

"That's not necessary. I will be the one to tell her what happened, " Father Azrael stated and lifted his brows momentarily. "By the way, is Collete now in the hospital?" he asked.

Mrs. Geraldine looked at the priest again. There was relief in her eyes as she answered, "Yes, Father. Master Heilwig and Monsignor Nicholas brought her there thirty minutes ago. I am praying with all my heart that she will be okay. Monsignor Nicholas told me that she was possessed by a demon. It was good that you were able to exorcise it out of her body, Father."

"All in a day's job, Madame. I am sure Aurora would be happy about it too."

"Uhm, Father. Did you hear that loud rumbling noise earlier?" she asked, looking worried all of a sudden, crossing her forearms and rubbing her skin from the goosebumps.

"Oh, yes...I did, " he answered, feigning as if he didn't know what it was.

"What do you think that was Father? I noticed a big white spark in the forest together with the noise, but I am not quite sure what it is."

So, Mrs. Geraldine is one observant woman.

"Maybe it was just a comet's impact, " Father Azrael

he demon out of her and she is safe now. I told Duke Heilwig and Monsignor Nicholas to bring her to the hospital just to make sure that she is without any complications. I don't want you being theatrically dramatic once again."

"But Cirrus!" She opened her mouth to argue, but was quickly interrupted with a raise of his hand.

"We will go tomorrow in the hospital. Right now, I want you with me."

Spending time with her alone was the only thing he wanted to do. He wanted to erase the feeling of emptiness that he felt earlier when she disappeared for a great deal of time. If they were to go to the hospital now, then Aurora's focus would be diverted to Collete and that would mean competition for him.

Aurora shifted in her seat and went to drink a glass of water. She can't argue with him anymore. He was already giving her a cold stare.

"I know you know about Eriol as a demon, " he said after drinking his wine.

"Yeah." She diverted her eyes away from him. The aura was more like an interrogation now.

"And you know Collete would be shocked if she knows that."

Aurora nodded. "She loved him so much, " she replied painfully. "God! Why does it have to be him?!" She grounded her teeth.

If anything, loving a demon wasn't a problem really, well, not in Aurora's case. But loving a demon who only used a woman for his own gain? It was a heartbreak doomed to happen. That was happening to Collete now, and Aurora was more than willing to help her through the ache.

"Aurora, Eriol is dead. I killed him, " Cirrus announced plainly.

"You-you did?"

"I have to Love. To keep you safe. He is never going to stop until he gets the demon mark out of you."

"I-I see..." she muttered.

Of course Eriol wouldn't stop. That was clear enough judging from the pain he was giving her that time.

This was actually harder than she thought it would. Telling Collete that Eriol is a demon was one thing, but telling her that he is dead is another. It would surely devastate her, but it was better this way though. Having a demon in her side with plans to ruin humankind was already a disease. He was definitely not the right man for her.

Cirrus noticed the trouble in her eyes as she contemplated. He knew that she cared for her cousin quite a lot.

"Aurora..." he called in a calm voice. He had something in mind now to help her ease her troubles. Although it would be an unorthodox method and prohibited by all demons to be performed to a human, it would be worth a shot.

"I need you to tell me honestly what you will think of my proposition. I can't see you like this. If there is anything I can do, I will do it just so you wouldn't show that sad face of yours."

"What is it Cirrus?"

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I don't want you to hate me for this, " he muttered, feeling the hesitation for a moment.

Her eyebrows flinched.

"I can't possibly hate you. What is it? Tell me."

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