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   Chapter 39 Jumping Through Time and Space

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"Why are you looking at the pond?"

Aurora batted her eyelashes when she heard a little girl ask. She was sitting in a wooden bench, conveniently located near the man-made fish pond. Around the pond, there were tall slender trees and cobblestone pathways leading to different areas of the grassy park.

The little girl was standing at the left side of the bench. She was holding a pack of fish crackers, munching at the sticks while looking curiously at Aurora. She had a ponytail braid hair and wore a green headband. From the looks of it, the girl was about eleven or twelve years old.

The presence of the girl bewildered Aurora for a moment. She scanned the whole area as if she was looking for something...something that she could deem striking, but she looked lost, confused...not being able to recollect where she was and why she was here.

"I—I don't know..." she replied, glancing at the girl with a blank expression.

"Oh, I thought you were admiring the reflection of the moon in the pond, Miss, " said the girl, still munching on the fish sticks. What a nosy little girl she was, but Aurora found her presence comforting.

She went to glance at the pond again and saw that the scenery was indeed breathtaking. The pond was the size of three buses joined together side by side. It was so serene, so peaceful, with the light of the moon touching it softly. It emitted a mystical aura because of this.

'What am I doing in here anyway?' Aurora asked that herself. The placidity of the water seemed to mirror the void in her heart.

She tried to recollect her thoughts, but she couldn't remember anything. Her mind was completely empty.

"Dawn!" an underdeveloped voice of a boy rang from behind the bench.

The boy approached the girl and handed a white balloon to her. Her eyes lit up and this made her smile sweetly. From the way Aurora could see it, the two were siblings, but not just any siblings, they were twins. They had the same facial features, same beautiful long eyelashes and raven black hair.

"Thanks big bro, " said Dawn, "Where did you buy it?"

"You're welcome! I bought it at the outside church over there, " the boy replied, pointing his fingers over the pond towards a growth of trees. In the background of the trees, the red roof of a church could be seen.

Aurora shifted to look at it too, but by the time she saw the cross at the top of the roof, she gasped and instantly felt like she was drowning. Subsequently, all of her memories came back like a massive tidal wave.

'CIRRUS!' she uttered loudly.

Then her heartbeat skipped once...



In a flash, Aurora was brought into a different environment. Pitch blackness surrounded her as she plunged down into the depths of the sea.

Her air bubbles quickly escaped from her mouth whilst struggling to swim to the surface where the brightness of the moon touched. She kicked, stretched and propelled her feet and arms forcefully, but to no avail. The downward cu

e was surprised. Yes. But in her mind, she thought that the man holding her was just an apparition -- a sweet-bitter final moment before her death.

She clasped her arms around his neck, it was the only gross motor skill that she had learned during her childhood developmental milestone.

She whiffed his scent. Yes. This is his scent -- the perpetual scent she wanted to breathe before the end of her life.

They were both floating down, in slow steady motion, three hundred feet below the ground.

A nearby lightning suddenly jolted Aurora, but Cirrus went to press her head closer to his neck.

"It's okay, you're safe now..." he comforted.

His voice sounded real...and this made her sob in silence.

No...this is neither a dream nor an apparition at all. He is real. His hands. His body close to her. His warmth. Everything!

Oh, by heaven's gate, she couldn't believe that she was with Cirrus now! She couldn't believe that she was actually alive! She smiled slightly and eased herself into his arms, then exhaustion overwhelmed her quickly.

"Aurora, are you all right?" Cirrus asked tenderly, listening to the now calm beating of her heart.

"Yes..." she answered in a raspy voice.

"Are you really?"

" that I am with you..."

He traced his hands in her back and felt the sogginess of her bathrobe.

"Don't you ever leave me..." he muttered, clenching his jaw. Close. So close. If he was any minute late, he would have found her body splattered in the ground.

"No. I...won't, " Aurora replied softer, weaker now.

"Aurora..." He squeezed her tightly and shifted his face to kiss her forehead. "I love you, " he said in the most sincere, ardent of way.

He waited for her answer, but there was none. He could sense the calm rise and fall of her chest, but still he moved her slightly to see her face clearer. The sight of her made him grin then.

Poor, frail Aurora. She had actually drifted off to sleep.

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