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   Chapter 37 Death and Apparitions

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The pitter-patter of the rain outside the roof was a perfect match with Aurora's quivering heart. If there was an ECG machine near her, danger would be the most readable result; especially that Eriol kept on pressing his advances on her. This time, he was shoving the flimsy nightgown down her abdomen to provide himself a gorgeous nude display.

Such lovely breasts she had and he wanted so much to suckle on them. He drew his head down and poised himself to do so, but he was stopped abruptly when Aurora's bedroom lights flickered madly.

'What the—?' Eriol went still and focused on what just happened.

Surely, Mammon had been playing a rough game on the exorcist priest. But, why was it now that he could feel the black demon's life essence slowly dying?

Shit. The priest probably was stronger than what he had imagined. For him to exorcise a high-class demon such as the demon of avarice, he must have quite good techniques up his sleeves. And what's this new demon aura he was feeling now? It was surprisingly emitting great power. He was curious about it, but realized that its presence sure wasn't a good time.

Tsk. This is not good. Definitely not good.

It seems that he will not be able to play a little longer with her... And to think that he was just getting started.

"You're lucky Aurora... Hmmm... We will just postpone this for later, " he said, licking her right nipple briefly. He was disappointed about it, but to Aurora it was finally her redemption. Little did she know however that it was just a prelude for a much worse fate.

He gathered himself up and straightened his back. He must make haste then, if he wants to get the key now. He was done with his charade as a butler. He was done with disguising himself. He was now more than ready to proceed to plan B — a diabolical plan to release all of the demons in hell in the human realm by opening the Gates of Hellam with Khronus' power.

This was his plan ever since he became Khronus' right-hand centuries ago. He hated watching the ancient demon easily slipping in and out of the human world without so much as a scratch from the disintegrating force. He was indeed jealous of it. Jealous of the demon's power because it made him immune to the force for a certain period of time.

Khronus didn't have any weakness, but when Eriol found out about his escapade with a human, it quickly gave him a perfect idea. Might as well possess someone — an exorcist priest to be exact — to do his dirty job.

Aurora stared at him with hateful eyes. "Release me you bastard!" she spat.

Eriol grinned at her, liking her show of defiance. "Oh, I will woman. After I take the key out of you, " he sluggishly replied.

He positioned his left hand in her neck as if to strangle her, while his other — palm open — hovered just above her neck mark. Then, he sank his nails deeply into her flesh. His middle finger hit her carotid artery and it quickly opened up a small nick for her blood to seep.

A blinding light quickly enveloped his whole palm and with that, Aurora immediately screamed in pain. The pain felt nothing like Cirrus' electricity when he tried to extract the demon mark from her. Eriol's attempt was like slicing her whole body again and again with a sharp machete. It also lingered a biting and gnawing feeling all the way to her veins. It was pure suffering.

Feeling hopeless, Aurora closed her eyes and wished for her own death to come. She didn't want to feel the pain anymore. It was just too much for her to bear.

The pain continued on for seconds and along with it, she could taste the moments of death. One might think that a dying person would be depressed about it, but no...not her. Aurora was actually feeling happy about it. At least now, her wish will be granted: tranquility and peace permanently.

In the middle





Father Azrael's hair grew ten times longer — in beautiful shining silver strands cascading down to his waist. His eyes were knife-like, beaming with red and gold streaks. A little more of it now and it would burst into an entire gold. If looks could kill, Eriol would have himself headed for the morgue by this time.

His eyes narrowed on Eriol and then faster than a blink of an eye, he was already strangling him, pushing his neck into the back pillow.

Huh! What irony it was. A little earlier ago, Eriol did the same to the woman.

"Where is Aurora?!" Cirrus questioned, pushing his right hand tighter in Eriol's neck.

The demon of lust only grinned with this however, and he did so just to spite him.

"Ah, what a surprise! I didn't even notice that a powerful demon like you is actually her dog!" he screeched, and reached out to grip Cirrus' wrist in an attempt to loosen his hold.

"Asmodai... Don't waste your voice. It would be better for you to answer me directly."

"Or what? You would snap my neck?!" he answered, sarcasm pooling his voice.

Cirrus bared his teeth, this time showing sharp fangs like a vampire's.

"Where is...she?!" he asked again, bringing forth spikes of electricity in his fingers.

This made Eriol yelp.

"Fuck! Why ask me? Hadn't you noticed?! I am perplexed myself where she is!"

"Shit Asmodai. You sure are one psychotic demon. You actually dare to cross with me, " Cirrus answered, realizing that they had been playing a guessing game with each other all this time. He may not know everything for now, but he sure could make a final judgement out of it. Asmodai was drawn to the demon mark too, that truth couldn't be debated anymore, and whatever he did, it simply made Aurora feel hostile towards him.

He remembered her telling him about Eriol and Collete's relationship. She did tell him that Eriol wasn't right for her cousin. That alone should have been a red flag for him. He should have understood the sign, but no, as a demon, he just doesn't care about the drama of other humans. Well, except Aurora's theatrical drama of course — that — he always loves.

"That is a compliment coming from you, Samael, " Eriol answered and then, in a split of a second, pulled himself out of Cirrus' reach. He teleported into the foot of the bed and beamed a prideful smile towards him. He sure thought that he was safe now, until he felt a hand clutch his elbow from behind.

Archangel Raphael's pleased grin was plastered on his face as Eriol turned to face him.

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