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   Chapter 36 Behold He Who Thirsts

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More tears streamed down in Aurora's cheeks. What power could he possibly have under her that she couldn't escape from this predicament?

He strolled to and from the length of her sectional sofa, acting like he was a competent storyteller.

"So, I did what I had to do in order to get the mark out of you. But it was not as simple as it was. The juvenile power of Khronus running in your veins fought my attempts completely. Huh! Surprise! It actually didn't want to leave your body."

He stopped and neared her again, this time tracing the edges of the mark with his fingers.

"I let you keep your life in the end of course and you...skittered away like a frightened baby mouse. I promised myself that when the power matures, I am going to come back and get you..."

By 'you' he ultimately meant all of her. Not her mark alone. Not her soul. But all of her.

Body. Soul. Mind. Heart. Mark.

After he gets the key from Aurora, he intends to make her his slave. He wanted her to worship him. To kneel before him and beg for his mercy. Beg for his intimate attention. Hunger and thirst for him. He was the prince of lust after all, and he can make her do that. Such a woman of her quality would entertain him for quite some time — just like Collete.

"I don't remember...any of it, you bastard! How would I know if what you said is the truth!" Aurora forced a reply.

"Oh, of course you wouldn't remember babe. I basically erased your memories of us and what happened in the mountain. I even went as far as erase all of the police's leads about you. Who you are. Your name. Even the leads the stupid investigator that Heilwig sent, I erased it too. Basically, your identity I erased in their minds so that Heilwig wouldn't find you. Think about the mess you would create if the guardian priest would find that you have the demon mark. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. That definitely won't be good."

Her sadness was overlapped then by anger. She still cried, but it was not because of her sorrow, but because of her frustration knowing that she was helpless while he made a mess of her life.

"Oh, don't cry, " he said, feigning concern.

"You're despicable!" Aurora spat angrily.

"Love the compliment, " answered he with a pleased grin.

"Everything...was your fault! Every bit of it!"

"And I take full responsibility, Love."

In the middle of her dismay, she suddenly realized, 'Collete! Oh my God! What about her?!'

"Eriol, how about Collete?! Is she your pawn too?"

Yes. It was the best word to describe the humans he had played in his own game — a pawn.

Eriol smiled charmingly at her. "Everyone is Aurora, " he confirmed. "I just simply while away my time on your cousin. Hmf, I say she is one entertainment I am actually enjoying."

"But she loves you!" she declared. How could he play on her feelings! How could he possibly do that!

Eriol's next answer however didn't come as a surprise for her. It was more like an ironic fate.

"Huh! Demons don't know love, " he snapped. "They only know lust, Aurora. Lust."

Something inside her wanted to object his words, and it was the beating part of her. The beating part where Cirrus lived.

"She loves you! Oh my God! How could her!"

Irked by her words, he clenched his hand. Enough with this petty human emotion!

He leaned in and stopped after his face was but inches away from her. One knee was drawn forward, pressing into the sofa and the other, planted in the floor to steady his position. He was almost straddling Aurora that moment, but he quickly pushed her down to lie in the wider space of the sofa.

If only she could fight him, she would have done so immediately, but her body was still paralyzed all the way down to her phalanges.

"You know what? I have to say. I am grateful with Luizmart for summoning me into this world and transferring my soul into a babe. If I didn't have a human vessel, I would have been dead by now

e answered nervously. Even a demon like him does know the feeling. "I don't have any intentions of remaining in the human world more than what is allowed."

"Who used you then?" Father Azrael demanded a name.

"Asmodai!" Mammon squawked quickly, thinking and hoping that he would be spared by Cirrus' anger if he tells him directly. "However, I think it is already too late for you to know that. By now...there's—there's a big chance that he has his target already."


Her name instantly appeared in Father Azrael's mind and that immediately ignited his pure rage. How dare them! In anger, he released a great amount of electricity enough to flicker the light bulbs wildly. Upon seeing the spectacle, it frightened the black demon all the more.

"You would spare me right?" Mammon asked in a halfhearted smile, trembling on his feet. Surely, Cirrus would. He had just given him valuable information in return.

But Father Azrael only grinned in response.

"Oh, Mammon, you amaze me by asking that. Tell me, since when did I spare a soul?" he asked in a gruff, his eyes glowing in entire gold.

"No! No! Don't!" the demon pleaded frantically, but the enraged priest whipped electric currents into him that was naturally life-threatening.

Like Pope Benedict once said, Father Azrael didn't care a thing whoever he exorcises. With Aurora's life on the line now, he was on a rampage. He could simply wage war on his own species and exterminate whoever was on his way. It was the reason why he was called the Archangel of Death in the first place.

The demon dematerialized gradually until there was not a sight of him. Collete fell quickly onto the mattress, still unconscious and with the threat of a heavy hemorrhage. The door flung widely again and it was Monsignor Nicholas who went in, but it was certainly too late for his presence though.

The guardian priest was perplexed at first, but then he quickly went into Collete's side. Duke Heilwig followed suit and did the same. The two men stared at the young woman, disconcerted by the sight. They didn't know what to do. They even doubted whether or not they should hold Collete's frail form.

"Bring her to the hospital, " said Father Azrael in haste as he quickly exited the room, not giving them a backward glance before the door fully closed.

"Wait! Father! Wait! What happened to her?! Father!" Monsignor Nicholas, tearing his focus away from Collete, attempted to reach the priest. He stood in haste from the bed and followed his trail, but to his astonishment, Father Azrael wasn't in the hallway anymore when he opened the door.

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