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   Chapter 35 Truth Be Told

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"Eri—ol? Why are" Aurora queried as calm as she could. She felt instantly nervous just knowing that they were both alone in her room and after remembering her dream last night.

"Milady Aurora." Eriol bent his head as a sign of respect, but his eyes were riveted on the peeking cleavage under her bathrobe. The corner of his lips curved briefly. "Collete says you have a lot of mosquitoes in your room so she sent me here to spray this insect repellent, " he continued, bringing up the spray bottle in his front.

Of course, she could obviously see that.

True enough, Collete did mention something about sending him to her room. However, she didn't expect that her cousin was serious at that time.

"Oh, I see, " said she, moving backwards to retreat to the bathroom. She might as well change clothes now. His constant stare had made her uncomfortable, but wait a second...

"That is a weird smell, " Aurora announced, lifting a brow up and sniffed a good amount of air into her nostrils. "It doesn't smell like an insecticide at all."

Eriol simply nodded and moved to sit in her sofa casually. He placed the spray bottle in the coffee table next to the pink bag, then he eased himself back nonchalantly, crossing a leg into his other in a figure-four position.

Aurora was fazed by it. What kind of a butler does that in front of a guest?

"It is indeed, " he said, with his Stygian eyes staring back at her, "this one is a deadly cocktail intended both for insects and humans, Milady Aurora."

"What do you mean?" she replied, looking askance this time.

It was just momentary, but Aurora suddenly felt woozy. She placed a hand on the door frame and eyed a nearby single-seater sofa. She was tempted to sit on it, yes, but she thought that if she did so, she would be sitting too close for comfort near him. So, in the end, she opted to just stand in place, but half a minute later, her hands went numb and her feet ran cold, literally.

"You look good in that nightgown, " Eriol voiced, dismissing her question pointblank. His sight moved from her face to her still-peeking cleavage. She immediately covered it using her bathrobe as awareness gained on her.

"Yes, Collete says you helped her choose it, " Aurora stated, feeling the hotness of her breath. What was wrong with her anyway? What was this sudden unusual sensation?

Sweat dribbled down her face, but she quickly wiped it using the back of her hand in a way that looked inconspicuous to him. It was for the reason that she didn't want him to think that he was intimidating her — which he actually was.

"Of course I did. I want you to wear it when I ravish you, " Eriol threatened but in the most provocative fashion. His eyes darkened and Aurora instantly saw a devilish grin form his lips.

"Come again?" she said, her voice reaching a decibel higher, instantly feeling wholly disturbed by what he said.




"Sire! Sire!"

The frantic screech came from Mrs. Geraldine who was hastily running as fast as she could along the second floor hallway and down to the grand stairs. She held her skirt high up, so that she won't trip, but even so, the heels of her boots made it impossible for her to move faster.

She reached the door of the parlor and flung it wildly.

"Duke Heilwig! Father Azrael! Come quick! Collete is...Collete is acting strange!"

Her voice alone jerked Duke Heilwig up. Father Azrael remained seated but his face showed sudden alarm.

"Where is she?!" the Duke shouted.

"She's in her room, Sire! She has blood...blood all over her body and she's...she's hovering in the air!"

"Shit!" Father Azrael this time stood up. A loud siren resonated in his head. A siren that meant danger. He swiftly marched across the room and into the opening. There was only one thing in his mind. A demon attack. And a presence of a demon means that Aurora certainly was in danger.

"Father Azrael! Where are you going?" Duke Heilwig shouted. He paced quickly and even though he was an old man, he was able to stop the priest by clutching his

ly girl. So innocent, so pure! You don't know how much I craze for such a soul for over centuries!"

He bared his teeth in the end, and Aurora saw the ominous luster. He stood up and crossed the carpet, nearing her. He cupped her chin then, and raised it up to meet him squarely.

Although welling up with tears now, her eyes shot him a menacing glare.

"I wanted to devour your soul of course, and take the key inside the demon mark from you. So... I followed you and your parents to Soren. Unfortunately, your parents love you too much and are considered my hindrances, so I simply took their life... Huh! You should have seen me possess a mad bear and maul your parents to death. It was horrifically beautiful!"

"You're a BEAST!" she immediately spat, salty tears rivered down her eyes incessantly. She didn't want to do so, but imagining her parents dying in such a grotesque death was just too much for her to bear.

"Why thank you for the compliment darling!" Eriol sneered, chuckling for a moment until he paused. "You are wrong however." He released her chin and straightened, putting a hand on his jaw which by now grew long sharp nails.

Aurora saw the red glow in his eyes. The same as in her dream.

"Just so to make things clear between us. I am a demon, Love. Not a beast. Although--that would do just fine."

The endearment certainly didn't sound realistic for her. It couldn't even equal its counterpart. And by counterpart, she immediately remembered Father Azrael.

Where is he?!

Her heart skipped a large beat. Oh, how she dearly hoped that nothing bad has happened to him. Another fact was brought to light in her mind too.

Duke Heilwig! Collete!

With this man being a demon, and even possibly a high-class, she was well aware that the residents of the house would be in danger. The house could end up in fire again, just like what happened to the chapel and a part of the orphanage house. She didn't want that. She didn't want that at all! She didn't want to be the cause of their trouble!

"Where are they?! My family! Where are they?!" she demanded an answer.

"What? Are you pertaining to the mediocre people living in this house?"

He smothered a laugh. "Oh, they are somewhere all right. I made it sure to occupy them with an amusement so we can spend a good deal of time together. Your exorcist priest is too nosy. I don't know why, but he somehow seems to get" Eriol scrunched up his nose just thinking of Father Azrael - a lowly priest who acts all high and mighty.

" you want to know the rest of the story or not?" he asked, but he wasn't waiting for her answer. He actually enjoyed being the narrator of her tragic story.

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