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   Chapter 34 Here Comes The Demon

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It was two hours after when Duke Heilwig finally arrived at the mansion. The moment he stepped inside the entrance door, he quickly ordered Eriol to call Aurora, Father Azrael, Collete and Monsignor Nicholas, and bid him to lead them to the parlor.

"What's this sudden gloomy aura Father?" Collete commented upon seeing his father wearing nothing but a frown since the moment she arrived in the room. Duke Heilwig was sitting in the same master chair, while Collete and Aurora in the four-seater sofa. Father Azrael was standing near the sofa and Monsignor Nicholas, in his own chair.

"It's time for you to know about the truth Collete, " said he in a serious tone. "You know already about the family curse I have talked to you about, right?"

"Yeah, the stupid curse, " she muttered. "Of course, I wouldn't forget about that."

The duke disregarded the scornful look in her face and proceeded, "You see, I wanted so much for our family to prosper and be harmonious. I am aware that the reason why your sisters and brothers left us is because of the curse." He eyed Aurora near her.

"Aurora, your cousin here... can show you the truth."

"Truth?" Collete said as she glanced at her way.

Heaving a breath, Aurora knew she was the center of attraction from this point onward. "This birthmark, Collete, is the curse, " she stated as she swept the white scarf up and revealed the mark for everyone to see. It was not like her cousin hadn't seen it before. However, she most certainly didn't know what the mark meant at that time.

"It is a demon mark, " Aurora added gently and with a ring of sadness.

The younger woman was perplexed for a moment. She tried to piece their words together and make a sensible whole of the story.

", are you saying you have the curse of the family?" Collete's lips trembled gradually.

Aurora nodded. "This is why I came here. I wanted to know more about the curse and to know my real parents and meet my relatives."

"So, it is...true?" Collete lightly uttered, still staring at the mark. "But, what's the catch, big sis? If you have the demon mark, what about it?"

"I ah..." Aurora paused, unable to give her a good response. She doesn't even know how to answer it... or what to answer at all.

Feeling sure, Monsignor Nicholas promptly stepped into the conversation and said, "It's still unknown Milady Collete what the demon mark holds. What fate is in store for the bearer."

"But no... that's just too twisted!" Collete immediately frowned. Finding the curse real and knowing that it was inside her cousin all at the same time was a full-blown blast for her. She wasn't happy that she was spared nor she felt relieved that it wasn't in her brothers and sisters. She felt instantly worried about Aurora and felt pity for her.

"Hey, don't worry about me." Aurora smiled sweetly, brushing her hand on Collete's cheek. "At least, you get to have your family back, right? They will return if they knew that you are all safe from the curse. You won't be alone here anymore."

"I know, but-but how about you, big sis? Aren't you worried what it would put you through?"

Fighting to hide any show of weakness in front of her cousin, Aurora kept herself steady, clasping her hands in her lap and willing herself not to spill any unwelcome tears. She had to show that she was strong; that everything was fine for her, although it wasn't.

However, Father Azrael saw her weakening resolve behind the facade and it made him fist his hands.

"I all honesty, " Aurora finally replied, "very much." She snatched a breath and cleared her throat attempting now to put humor in her voice. "But--who wouldn't be right? At least I have Cirr--uh--Father Azrael here with me. We are doing all we can to get the curse out of my body."

Collete shifted her eyes to the priest and sent him a thank you smile. Yes. She was re

ght her eye was the gift Collete gave her. She had never received anything like it before. Sure she had received countless of simple gifts from the orphanage children, but it was nothing like the white satin nightgown.

What was Collete even thinking giving such a sexy dress to her? The garment was purposely made definitely for a woman in her honeymoon. The satin fabric was velvety smooth, and the lace appliqué's looked gorgeous and seductive. With the alluring gown in hand, she couldn't help but think, what would she actually look like if she wears it? So, with that in mind, she marched towards her bathroom. There was no harm in fitting it right?

She quickly wore it in front of the mirror, not bothering to close the bathroom door. As the fabric slid in her skin, she agreed that it felt delightful. The nightgown complemented her curves. The revealing sweetheart neckline also produced a good lift of her cleavage. Its length was short, with the hem two inches higher from the knee.

Collete and Father Azrael was right, she did suit the dress well. A blush came naturally in her cheeks then when a thought crossed her mind. That man would surely flip out if he sees her wearing this.

Just a short distance away, Aurora suddenly heard a powerful discharge of lightning, followed by a loud roaring sound. This made her jerk and glance up into the open door. But weird now, she just saw a shadow passing in the receiving room.

Deciding to investigate it, she took a bathrobe from behind the door and went to cover herself quickly. If it was Father Azrael, at least she wouldn't surprise him with the sexy display. If it was Mrs. Geraldine, at least she could keep her modesty intact. If it was Collete, then she could parade the garment for her.

However, once Aurora stepped outside the bathroom, she was the one who was surprised instead.

In the room, Eriol was leisurely pacing around. In his hand was a transparent liquid bottle sprayer. He had an air of a butler as what she could see, but his eyes bore an icy flare when their eyes met. His hair style also was different this time. It wasn't in the same sleek brushed up style. It was actually unkempt, like he did it on purpose. He also had one slim earring on his right ear, an object that she hadn't noticed until today.

Eriol's presence alone was a definite red flag for her. Never had she expected he would come in without a knock on the door, and she never had expected that he would be in the same room with her looking like a ready courtesan.

Yes. It was not a good timing... Not a good timing at all.

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