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   Chapter 33 Insect To Kissmarks

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Sardinia, Italy

Years Before Aurora was Born



"You are lucky that a high-class demon answered your call, " a male conjurer stated as he stared at a priest sitting across him in a wooden stool. In his arms, a baby boy was sleeping soundly, eyes closed and with wet hair due to the amniotic fluid. Yes, the baby had just left the womb of his mother through the help of the conjurer.

"I am..." the priest answered calmly, finally at ease with what had just happened. Dabbing his forehead with a white handkerchief, he let out a brief grin, looking at the baby in the conjurer's arms. "I didn't expect that Asmodai himself will be summoned. Now... the demon is bound to my biddings. I can definitely use him to solve the curse of the Clave Family."

"Huh! You are one wicked priest, Father Luizmart, " the conjurer commented, giving the priest a leer.

"So says the wicked conjurer, " replied Luizmart. He stood up and took his brown sling bag from the floor and neared him, still staring at the newborn. "For the meantime, I want you to take care of the child. Priests are not allowed to raise a baby. I don't want the brotherhood to get suspicious of me too."

"I will take care of him... You can count on me with that Father. However, I will most graciously accept... a small honorarium for my services." The hint of the conjurer was suffice for Father Luizmart to understand. Certainly, there was always an exchange, but he wouldn't really care about it, just as long as he gets what he wants.

"Of course, I would gladly give you what you need, " Father Luizmart replied, grazing his pointy finger into the babe's supple cheeks.




Clave Estate Mansion




"Are you okay?" Father Azrael quickly asked as he held Aurora by the waist.

Right after their breakfast, Collete invited them to stay in the entertainment room of the mansion. She wanted to spend their time in the room as they couldn't go outside the building due to the heavy rain. As an entertainment room, it was already expected that it will occupy their time greatly, especially to Aurora, where in there, the Clave family pictures were stacked and stored neatly. Included in the pictures were of her mother and father; during their marriage, honeymoon and Aurora's, when she was younger.

They were both heading there, but along the hallway, Aurora suddenly felt lightheaded and hot around her nape. It made her trip but luckily, Father Azrael was just beside her, using his quick reflexes to cut her fall.

"Yeah, it's nothing. I was just dizzy suddenly, " Aurora replied, straightening herself up and continued on walking. Father Azrael looked composed, but deep inside, he started to worry about her.

"Oh, by the way, here, I am giving this back to you, " she said, pulling the pectoral cross necklace from her skirt's small pocket.

He took it from her and went to put it around his neck. "Hmmm, I was wondering where I left this."

With that, she snickered lightly.

"No you don't. I know you intentionally left it in my bed."

He glanced at her and saw the playful smile on her face, but it was just brief, for her expression became serious.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier that you can actually teleport?"

There. Father Azrael knew that Aurora would ask that sooner or later.

"I told you I am restraining my powers, " answered he speedily. "As much as I could... I wanted to act as human as I am supposed to be, Love. I have resigned myself to only do teleportations for emergency purposes, which I suppose this morning was. Well, for you that is."

A mischievous grin appeared in his lips, and this widened Aurora's eyes.

She could still remember how much she panicked right in front of him, while he was just sitting so calmly in the bed. If she had known by then that he could teleport, she wouldn't have acted dramatically about the situation.

"Do you even know what the Vatican might do if a priest's vows of celibacy is tainted?" Aurora out-of-the-blue asked, irked by the smugness in his expression.

"Yes, " said Father Azrael plainly, looking beyond a doorway of an open room. He guessed that it was the entertainment room judging from the enormous flat screen TV readily seen from where they were walking.

"Then, why are you acting like you don't care if we get caught?"

"I really don't care, Aurora, " he said. "The time I spend with you is precious to me. Being a priest or not, I am still me. I can always stop this charade if you want me to so that you can be at ease."

"Oh, is that possible?" she muttered lightly to herself which amused the priest. However, it was a slip-of-the-tongue on her part and by the time she realized it, she quickly shook her head. "No, wait! No. No! You can't do a drastic measure like that!" Aurora shouted. "So you don't care if you're not a priest?"

"Hmmm..." Father Azrael grumbled

odded, but for some reason, changed her mind and offered to accompany her all the way to the main foyer.

"I had to go to the kitchen too. I forgot to tell the chef about the menu for today's lunch, " said Collete with a smile.

They left Father Azrael alone in the entertainment room and continued on each of their ways. Aurora managed the long flight of stairs to her bedroom, all the while asking herself, What is up with him? He seemed to be annoyed over something.

By the time she opened her main door, she was forcefully yanked inside by a strong hand.

"Tell me now... Why is it that you seem too interested on the butler?" Father Azrael demanded.

Wise move. Sending her to her bedroom and then teleporting himself there just so he can confront her with his questions.

Aurora could feel the jealousy in Father Azrael's voice as he asked that sternly. He pinned her against the wall and neared his face into hers, his warm breath passing her forehead.

"I was just curious Cirrus... You don't need to be incensed by it, " she answered nervously.

"You are curious too much, I don't like it, " he remarked. "And what am I hearing about a friend in Soren who looks exactly like him?"

He interlaced his fingers on her and brought it up in her head. This position made her heart beat wildly as it made her too vulnerable again.

He was jealous all right, but she realized, he may have the right to, because her interest briefly diverted from him to the lip-pierced man.

"Aurora, I want you to tell me the truth. I will not go through great lengths and use my power on you. Demons, as you know, have the ability to read minds."

"He is not a friend, Cirrus. He is just someone who I met randomly in the amusement park in Sereves. You saw him. Maybe you could help me understand why they had similar faces."

Yes. Of course. That strange man.

Father Azrael released a deep sigh and tried to calm himself. As much as he wanted to, he will not read Aurora's subconscious thoughts again. Aside from it a taxing thing to do mentally, if he fails to control himself during the process, it would also leave the one being read empty after; like a part of their memory was erased. He most certainly doesn't want that to happen to Aurora.

"I didn't see his face. I only saw him from a distance Aurora, " answered he, cupping her chin up. "Don't bother yourself with such trivial things. For all you know, it is just a freak creation of nature. These things are normal in the human world."

"And doppelg?ngers too?" she quickly clarified.

He paused and heaved a sigh. This woman is truly stubborn.

"Doppelg?ngers are real unfortunately, " he answered matter-of-a-factly, "but if I see one...I will exterminate them in this world without delay."

Seeing the golden streaks of Father Azrael's eyes glow suddenly, it made Aurora nervous. Her lips trembled in response much to her chagrin.

Sensing her distress, Father Azrael pressed her lips with his thumb and stroked it with sincere adoration.

"Cirrus..." she breathed, opening her mouth so that he could see how she wanted their lips to collide -- to erase the negative feeling.

"Love, be at ease with me. I am no insect, " he said before claiming her mouth with his own.

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