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   Chapter 32 I Will Glorify You

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Aurora tried, but she couldn't get herself back to sleep. Emotions battled too much inside her and it seemed that the victor was fear. Collete's serene sleeping face taunted her too. It made her remember over and over again the dream she had. Maybe, it was better for her to go back to her own bedroom. Maybe she might feel better there.

With that conclusion in mind, she slid herself out of the bed as slowly as she could so that Collete wouldn't notice. In tip-toes, she hastily took her blue jeans and sandals from a nearby chair and exited her cousin's room without so much as a backward glance.

Being outside Collete's room felt so much lighter. She felt like the darkness that kept on pulling her was behind her now. The last memory of the lip-pierced man however didn't leave her mind. It lingered over and over until she finally made it in her own room -- a stretch of hallway across Collete's.

Dream. It was just a dream... She had willed not to let herself get too caught up with it; however, there was this temptation that she wanted to know who the man was. His name. Where he comes from. She wanted to know if Eriol has a brother and if this brother was him. Maybe... just maybe.. the man's glowing red eyes were there just for a dramatic entrance. With all of the demons she had seen this past few weeks, it wouldn't be a wonder that it would fill up her mind with absurd ideas. Now, she may as well clear this thing up and ask Eriol about it this time. He may make her feel cautious, but what harm was there in just asking him a few questions?

The hallway was well-lighted and she was silently thanking the absence of any soul. Lucky for her, there was no one awake to see her sexy panty short peeking under her oversized T-shirt.

When Aurora arrived, she pushed her door open and in she went casually. The receiving room was dimly lighted by a small light fixture -- just as she left it. The fireplace was unlit too -- just as she left it. Even the pink bag on top the coffee table lay untouched -- just as she left it.

Everything was the same, except for one big problem. In the corner of her eyes, she caught a black shoe peeking over the armrest of her sectional sofa. Perplexed by it, she approached closer and her heart suddenly spiked a beat.

'Good God! Cirrus is here?!' she shouted in her mind as she saw him sleeping in the sofa.

His back and head were propped up with layers of pillows; his hands were resting in his abdomen and his right ankle crossed on top of the other. He was wearing the same clerical clothing with the pectoral cross around his neck, and it seemed like he didn't even bother to change at all and went directly upstairs in her room.

'Why is he here? He is supposed to be in his own room!'

Aurora paced on the floor for over a minute. Great. Just great! If anyone would see them together in one room, they would think something was up between them.

A sudden gush of chilling wind nipped her skin. Aurora looked around and found that a window was open. She went to close it, but not before seeing the gathering angry stratus clouds over the horizon. It looks like it will rain any time soon.

Aurora went back to stare at the priest. Just great. Pity was what she felt for him now. How could he choose to sleep in a limited space when he could have slept in a much comfortable mattress?

She shook her head and released a sigh. Guess, there is no helping it then.

There was an extra bed cover placed on top of her pillows, so she took it and spread it on the sleeping man. If he was trying to invite back pains in the morning, at least he wouldn't get a cold because of her.

Aurora went in her bathroom right after. She needed a well-deserved refreshing splash after half a night being entangled with a nightmare. The cold water in her face successfully refreshed her mood, but looking at her reflection in the mirror, she finally concluded silently. She will have to ask Eriol her questions come morning, and hopefully, he has a sensible answer to them.

By the time Aurora went out of the bathroom, what greeted her came in unexpected ways. She saw the sectional sofa void of the sleeping occupant. The bed cover was in the floor like it was hurriedly tossed out.

Cirrus must have gone back to his room, she thought. A feeling of emptiness quickly dominated her.

A moment ago, the panic she had seeing him was quickly overrun by a bubble of happiness. She does want for him to stay in her room; not because it would block the nightmares away, but because she wanted to be close to him.

'I would have wanted for you to stay...' she uttered softly to herself while turning to her bed.

"That's why I'm still here, Love, " Cirrus answered from behind her. He suddenly lifted her up, bridal-style, in his arms.

"Cirrus!" she shouted, casting him a surprised look. In the back of her mind, the young Aurora was jumping highly in the trampoline, throwing her hands in the air and happily shouting, yayyy!

It was a short-lived celebration though for Aurora saw his face cementing a scowl. Yeah. He was pissed all right, and she knew exactly why.

"Cirrus, I'm sorry. I wasn't able to inform you. I was in Collete's room and she asked me to stay with her tonight." Aurora attempted to explain, but he was deaf to it.

He laid her in the mattress and placed both of her hands up in her head, imprisoning them with his left hand.

"And you thought that not informing me where you are sleeping is wise?" he said, his voice laced with disappointment. She was vulnerable in this kind of position; a position that was quite advantageous for him as he can simply and readily punish her for upsetting him.

It's not like he doesn't know where she was. He could smell the demon mark's scent from across the hallway all the way to Collete's room. He was just displeased of her actions. It made him feel less... important, and he doesn't like that. He wanted to be the center of her attention.

With a contrite heart, Aurora muttered once again, "I really am sorry."

Maybe an angry sermon would be better than his silence. She searched him through his gaze and found that his cerulean eyes had already burned with desire.

Yes. The way she lay under him made him remember last night at the suite. He was actually restraining himself all throughout the day. Just this morning, when he caught her sneaking out of their bed, he wanted to make love to her right then and there. Even when she was in the bathroom; the soft splash of the shower tickled his imagination greatly, thinking how great it would be to hear her moans ec

evidences of her midnight tryst with Cirrus. As compared to the kiss mark he gave her on top of the demon mark, the new kiss marks were just faint. It can be mistaken for a simple mosquito or an ant bite.

"I hope everyone wouldn't notice this, " she uttered worriedly to herself.

She wore her newly-laundered black pencil skirt and the violet pleated top she bought in the hotel department store. Instead of tying her hair back, she let it fall graciously in her shoulders, hoping that the effect would distract their attention from the faint kiss marks.

Just right after she wrapped the white scarf around her neck, she heard another knock on the door. Quickly opening it, she saw Collete with a full-blown smile, standing in her front.

"Big sis! Good morning!" her cousin greeted.

"Hey Collete!" Aurora replied. "Good morning to you too. Please, come in."

"I didn't notice you were gone until I woke up this morning, " Collete stated as soon as she stepped inside.

"Oh, yeah... I ah... I had a stomachache suddenly."

Aurora didn't want to lie to her cousin, but she didn't want to tell her the real reason why she left her room either.

Collete just nodded and went to give her a wide smile. On her hand was a square gift-wrapped box complete with a red ribbon and a greeting card.

"Here, this is for you big sis." Collete handed it to her.

"What's this, Collete?" Aurora asked, confused.

"It's my welcome gift to you. Go ahead, open it!" she encouraged with giddiness.

Aurora went to sit on the center of the sectional sofa and proceeded to open the box. Inside it was a white nightgown made of satin with lace appliqué's in the bust and hem.

"Oh my..." Aurora expressed, looking at the sexy design of the garment. "Tha--Thanks Collete. I like it. It is kind of you to give me a welcome gift."

"You're welcome, big sis! I knew you would like it, " she answered and then sat down beside her. "Me and Eriol went to a dress shop yesterday afternoon, and he helped me choose what I should give you."

Aurora raised her brows and answered, "Oh, he did?" Suddenly feeling nervous, the memory of her dream tried to escape out of her subconscious, but she kept it confined.

"Yes! He actually says that the white color suits you -- which I personally agree by the way. Your beauty just radiates purity."

"Oh, hmmm... that's a compliment coming from someone as beautiful as you." Aurora smiled and it made Collete's eyes twinkle.

"Ahem... Am I interrupting something?" Father Azrael emerged from the doorway, knocking at the same time on the wood. With a start, both of the women shifted their eyes on him.

He was fresh from a shower. His wet hair combed all the way to the back, and he was wearing a common clothing. However, amidst this, Collete still felt the urge to do what she had to do... something that she wasn't able to do in their first meeting.

"Oh! Good morning Father!" Collete immediately greeted as she stood. She approached him and quickly took his right hand and pressed it against her forehead. It was a gesture that meant respect for the priest.

"Ut benedicat tibi..." ("Bless you...") Father Azrael stated, in his priestly voice.

The sight made Aurora glance down and hide a brief chuckle. It was certainly a new sight all right!

"Good morning Father Azrael, " she quickly stated remembering what he said to her before he vanished.

"Good morning Aurora." Father Azrael's eyes nailed directly at her. It had a mischievous glint, but it was just brief.

"Father look! Isn't my gift suitable for her?" Collete asked as she took the nightgown from Aurora's hands and flagged it right in front of the priest.

Aurora's jaw dropped open.

Father Azrael was taken aback of course. He had to blink twice so that he could calmly look at the garment without envisioning Aurora wearing it in the most sexy and provocative way.

"Uhmm, it would suit her well, Collete, " he softly muttered, eyeing her warmly and then to Aurora, smiling roguishly.

Collete shot a beam on his way and then handed the dress back to her cousin. She was definitely oblivious of the torment she was creating inside the priest, and the awkwardness she was giving to Aurora.

"I knew she would, " she said feeling pleased of herself.

"We should head downstairs. Breakfast is ready, " Father Azrael said, mentally noting Aurora's brief blushing cheeks.

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