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   Chapter 31 Dangerous Dream

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Luizmart Apartment

Years Before Aurora was Born



"It's true! I am not hiding anything!" Father Luizmart screamed as two tall men in white robes seized each of his arms.

He was back against the wall, excessive sweat gathered in his neckband. His limbs were trembling and he had panic-stricken eyes.

"We, however, don't think it is so, Father Luizmart. Judging from the books here and outlining your frequent visits with a conjurer, you are doing something fishy... something that smells trouble, " the newly-appointed Cardinal Cinzia stated, the disappointed crease in his forehead even more prominent now. He eyed some of the books; most of its titles were about demonology, how to do a summoning, demon names and powers, and how to become a Master of one. It looked like Luizmart was doing some research himself.

It was enough evidence already for the Cardinal to suspect the priest of doing something beyond their avowed duty.

"We can't afford any harm in the Clave Family, Father. It seems to us that you're not doing your job well as my substitute guardian, " he added as he picked one of the books. It was a book that was the most different of all, the title was Space-Time Continuum.

Just what is this priest up to?!

"No! I am! Can't you see!" Father Luizmart struggled to explain. "I am trying to find a loophole in the curse. We can't just sit here and let the curse eat up all of the family members!"

"A loophole for the good of the family or is it for your own ulterior motives? My goodness Luizmart! I wouldn't have picked you if I knew then that you can't handle a very important secret."

Caught. Luizmart knew he was caught now. He hissed and glared at the Cardinal.

"Huh! You are fools actually. Have you ever thought the immensity of the power we are dealing with? Think about it! Whatever demon power the curse has. Anything! Anything at all! Think that our brotherhood could use it. We could revive a dead man. We could read thoughts, teleport, breathe in water, or we could even change the course of time... bend any space we want... even become Gods ourselves if we can extract this power out of the Claves!

He twisted roughly, trashing like a wild man, but the two robed men held his arms tightly.

Cardinal Cinzia pressed his lips thinly and tightly fisted his pectoral cross with his right hand. God. What has happened with this man? He asked that himself, but he need not invoke an answer from the Divine. What he was seeing in his front now was clear enough.

Father Luizmart's sense and reason had already gone astray. There was nothing left of the priest. He has become a mad man, hungry for a demonic power he could never hold of.

Disappointed. Cardinal Cinzia was truly disappointed. He was so sure that the priest he had chosen wouldn't yield with the temptation.

"Take him away, " he said in a gruff, closing his eyes so that he wouldn't see Luizmart's thrashing insanity.

The two men dragged the priest out of his living room apartment. He was fighting them of course, knowing what his ultimate fate was afterwards, but he was overpowered by the two.

In the corridor, they passed by a man in his thirties who had been actually standing behind the open door all this time. He had the same amount of disappointment in his face as the Cardinal has. When Father Luizmart noticed him, he shouted.

"Fools! You are all fools! We could be Gods! We could be Gods!"

The man kept on staring at him, until the mad priest was forcefully shoved in the back of the black SUV.

"That man deserves death, Mr. Heilwig, " Cardinal Cinzia spoke from behind him.

He turned around to face him, not even surprised of the cardinal's statement.

"This is the curse's reality Cardinal. Insanity is but a hair strand away."

Cardinal Cinzia shook his head in objection.

"If you lack faith that is. You will surely be tempted with the curse's power. Hmf... whatever that power is..."

"So what now?" Heilwig asked.

"The other ex-guardian priests had already referred Luizmart an exorcist priest to train under him. His name is Father Nicholas. He can subsequently take Luizmart's spot if he proves himself worthy, mentally stable and above all else a priest with great faith."

"That is good. At least the position will not be vacated too long. I will have to explain this problem to Thadeus though." Heilwig folded his arms.

"Hmm, yes. You can do that afte

yourself, big sis. You are family now. I really wish that you would live here for the better."

"Ah, I--I guess I will have to think about that." Aurora gave her a tight-lipped smile. That issue, she had to address with Father Azrael first. But wait, she was a grown woman and has a will of her own. She could do that. She could stay. Why would she have to ask for his permission then? Well, the answer was obvious already. Because of the demon mark. Until it goes away, she will have to stay under his care.

"Oh, please do big sis, " Collete genuinely appealed. "This house would be livelier with you in it."

Aurora managed a full-on smile. She remembered the same words she used to hear from Sister Cene's mouth in every new orphan entering the orphanage house.

"Uhmm... it's getting late. I guess I should be going, " said Aurora as she stood up from the sofa.

"Can't you stay here big sis? I really would like to have a sleepover tonight with you."

Aurora was surprised by her cousin's sudden request. She hesitated for a moment. Measured any consequences of it in her mind and immediately, Father Azrael's angry face popped out. She would have chosen to refuse her then because of it, but Collete's puppy-dog eyes won her over.

Guess she would have to expect Father Azrael's angry sermon come morning.




It was the dead of the night. The ticking of Collete's wall clock was the only sound that surrounded the whole room. The moonlight somehow managed to pass through the double casement windows and its drapery, thereby creating sufficient luminescence around the room. The air was cold, but Aurora and Collete had their own separate bed covers to protect themselves against it.

It was supposed to be a comfortable sleep straight till morning, until Aurora suddenly sat up, her face pale, her sweat cold, her lips vigorously quivering. She immediately eyed Collete, who was still sleeping soundly beside her.

Sleep was the only solace she had for herself, but why would it also brought her a frightening feeling?

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She had to calm herself down. However, the darkness that greeted her made her recall involuntarily every bit of detail that haunted her.

In her dream, she saw Collete again inside the open room. In the same lewd position... with the same man. She was moaning again, louder and louder, and she made strange faces at the same time. In a sudden flash, the dream changed. Aurora saw herself sitting in the edge of the table, specifically in the same position Collete was earlier. She was panting deeply and clawing her fingers in Eriol's rigid waist. She felt violated as Eriol slid his erected shaft inside her. He was grinning, enjoying himself of the lustful emotion. Her face contorted into a panic state however when she saw his face suddenly changed. Or more like, aged.

The lip-pierced man was now the one violating her. His eyes with a glow of red.

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