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   Chapter 30 Demon In Disguise

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'Eriol and Collete! They are-?!'

Aurora shouted out aloud in her mind. Her thoughts turned upside down with what she was seeing. Never had she expected that the young sweet Collete would be like that. she was behaving like a wanton woman. Eriol too, looked different. He seemed like a dangerous dark criminal.

She quickly extracted herself out of the open door and ran as fast as she could to wherever her feet could take her.

In the room, Collete was oblivious that her cousin just saw her in a rather lewd state. It's as if she was in a trance, locked in her own world of raw lustful pleasure. Eriol noticed Aurora however, and he plastered a devilish grin on his face as he saw her darting out of sight. His eyes glowed a bright red thereafter.

After a minute of running, Aurora finally found Cirrus' room. She was already panting when she reached in front of the door. Dry was her mouth because of it.

'Oh, great! I can't get that picture out of my head!' she shouted.

Relax Aurora. Relax.

Knowing that Cirrus would surely suspect something wasn't right if he sees her flushed face, she paused for a few minutes and took in enough deep breaths before knocking on his door.

Here it goes.

But after a few seconds of knocking, she didn't receive an answer.

"Cirrus?" she muttered.

There was no answer again.

"Ah, uhmm...I'm going in."

Pushing the door open, she found the room with a cold atmosphere. Almost like it was void of any residents.

Father Azrael's bedroom was spacious. There was a set of furniture in one area and on the other side was the queen-size bed. The light however was turned off, so she couldn't see where he was.

"Cirrus?" she called out gently, slowly walking nearer the bed. If he was drunk, then there was a possibility that he was sleeping it off.

Finding a light switch, she pressed it on. A small nightlight mounted on the wall flickered and brightly lighted the bed area revealing Father Azrael lying with his right arm pressed on his forehead. Noticing the change, his eyes immediately shot open and saw Aurora standing in the foot of the bed.

"Aurora, " he muttered, staring at her with intense eyes.

"Cirrus? Are you okay?" asked she who approached him closer. Worry was obvious in her face.

"It's just a headache."

Suddenly, Aurora smothered a laugh. Relief flooded inside her as she saw that he was okay.

"Huh! I thought demons don't get drunk, " she said, standing near him with her arms akimbo.

"I'm not drunk Love. Demons don't get drunk - that- you are right. It's just a wee bit of ache."

"Yeah, a wee bit, " she jibed.

Unusual. Definitely unusual.

He was supposed to be immune to any human cocktails. How was it that a simple brandy could make him feel like this? He thought well and hard, over and over again. is not just a brandy. is possible that it is not the brandy after all.

"I apologize I wasn't able to dine with you tonight. I am indisposed as of the moment and I also had to do some investigation around the mansion. I suddenly felt a dark energy looming around. It is just brief and very faint, but I am sure it's because of a demon's presence."

"You're serious?" Aurora stiffened. Just the thought alone made her feel nervous. No...not now! Not here!

"I'm always serious Aurora. You know I am quite sensitive with these things...especially when it pertains to you." He eyed her towering above him and then produced a smirk. She looked like a beautiful apparition from heaven just standing there.

"Did you think I wouldn't notice it?" he asked suddenly.

She looked at him, confused. "Notice what?"

In a swift motion, he grabbed her arm and rapidly pulled her down in bed with him. She yelped because of it.

In a sudden swap of their statuses, Aurora found herself now confined under him and he, confidently above her. It was a rather enticing position and the priest was enjoying it immensely.

"Your dress, " Father Azrael said, stroking her right arm up towards her bare shoulder. The contact immediately sent a familiar electric current inside her.

"Oh, " was Aurora's only reply. She had already anticipated he would reprimand her again.

"Didn't I tell you not to wear a design like this?" he sluggishly muttered under his breath. He cupped her chin and idly brushed his thumb in her lips, consequently smudging the lipstick in her lower lip.

"I didn't have any choice, " Aurora answered trying to gather up an explanation before he could seal his lips on her. "Collete. She-"

Just like lightning, the scene she saw in the open room flashed back in her mind, bringing her speechless instantly. A frown appeared on her face and Father Azrael quickly saw it.

"You look disturb. What's wrong

intimidated before. Even though Cardinal Cinzia was a good friend of his and a part of the family, this was ever the first time he saw him look this serious. With this in mind, he found it better to retreat and leave the two of them address their own hostilities alone.

"Indeed, this is an unexpected meeting. Monsignor Nicholas hasn't told me yet that you are actually here...and with our precious Aurora at that." Cardinal Cinzia looked past him and to Aurora, who was standing a few feet away from them talking with Collete and Mr. Benedetto.

"I never knew you were once a Clave guardian priest, " Father Azrael stated.

Cardinal Cinzia was one of those few who knew the truth about Father Azrael. Although he doesn't quite accept it, he still kept the truth a secret because Pope Benedict had requested it from him.

"Those were the times, but even so, I feel that I have the responsibility to protect the Clave family still." The Cardinal's tone was clipped. He drank the remaining wine in his flute and eyed the priest with burning curiosity. "What have you been up to Azrael? Why are you with Aurora? I want to know why a demon like you is with her."

"The Monsignor and the Duke can explain that better Cardinal. I'm sure the duke would later request a private conversation with you. I would like to remind you though. Be careful... they don't know what I truly am."

A sudden glow of Father Azrael's golden and red flecks surfaced and Cardinal Cinzia saw it. It quickened his pulse immediately. This was why he hated dealing with demons. They are sly, vile and very unpredictable creatures of the darkness. He was a man of pride and high stature. He disliked the feeling of being intimidated by them, and much more disliking the fact that he was helpless under a demon's wiles. This was the very reason why he left the Clave guardian post and had Father Luizmart fill it.

"I don't have a death wish, Azrael. You know what I mean..." Cardinal Cinzia quickly replied. "But I would definitely like to know the whole story. I guess... I will just have to wait for later then."




The party lasted for thirty minutes more with Collete volunteering herself to sing a song as a good conclusion. Everyone was present to hear her sing except for Eriol, who was nowhere in sight.

When the Duke finished saying his goodbyes to the Rellante couple and to Mr. Bennedeto, he immediately turned his attention to Cardinal Cinzia, who was already standing at the foot of the grand stairs with Father Azrael on his side. Just in time, Monsignor Nicholas showed up, just arriving from an apostolic gathering at a local church. Inside the parlor, they discussed a more grave topic; everything about Aurora's demon mark and the family curse, same as what Father Azrael had discussed with the Duke and the Monsignor.

Aurora chose not to join the men in the parlor. She knew they were discussing about the demon mark and her; an issue she was quite well acquainted already. Right now, she had more pressing matters to attend to, and she had already promised herself that by the end of this night, she will be able to advise Collete about her relationship with Eriol.

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