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   Chapter 29 An Erotic Affair

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The two of them worked their way down to the parlor together after twenty minutes. When they reached the parlor door, Monsignor Nicholas was already waiting for them as what he had said. He sat in another sofa chair adjacent to the master seat of the duke, and just like before, Father Azrael and Aurora sat on the four-seater sofa.

A maid servant in her late forties readied their snacks in a coffee table situated in their center, pouring on freshly-brewed tea onto the cups and sliced the red velvet cake, putting a piece each for the three of them.

"Do ring the bell Monsignor if you need anything, " the maid servant said softly, in her hand was the food tray.

"I will, thank you Mrs. Geraldine, " the man replied.

She eyed the two guests and gently bowed her head before exiting. Aurora, in return, sent her a thank you smile.

Right after Mrs. Geraldine closed the door, Monsignor Nicholas immediately opened the conversation. Time was of the essence for him. He didn't want to waste the opportunity and dally around knowing that the duke would smother his niece when he gets back in the villa.

"As you well know, I am the priest assigned to the Clave Family. The duke has already told me about you Milady and your demon mark, " he began right after sipping the lemon tea.

The aromatic smell wafted in Aurora's nose, so she eyed her own teacup.

"I don't think it should be made a secret in this family, Monsignor, " she answered taking the cup in her hand.

Father Azrael, in his most priestly bearing, observed Aurora as she did.

So she likes tea, he thought. Otherwise, she wouldn't have taken it most eagerly.

"I have a request, Milady. If you allow me to, may I see the mark in your neck?" the Monsignor requested, staring keenly at her.

Aurora was taken aback for a moment, but nevertheless, nodded.

"Like I said, its not a secret anymore, so why not, right?" said she while placing the cup back on the table. She then swept her white scarf up to show the mark.

In the periphery, she saw Father Azrael shift slightly in his seat. His cool and calm demeanor was still present, but he had a stern face this time.

Monsignor Nicholas stared at the mark for a long moment. She didn't know if he was nearsighted or just wanted to see the mark up close, but he did stand from his sofa, took his reading glasses from his pocket and waltzed all the way around the coffee table to her. Stopping an arms-length away, he stooped low to see the details of the mark clearer. He made a loud gasp then.

"Remarkable, " he said, lifting his hand to attempt to touch the raised edges, but stopped halfway. "May I Milady?" he inquired, looking at her with anticipation.

There was a quirk in Father Azrael's lips then. He cleared his throat and answered for her quickly, voice edged with irritation, "Monsignor, I think seeing the mark is already enough."

The older priest's eyes shifted to his counterpart and without apparent reason, quickly straightened his back.

"Right, uhm...of course, " he said. "Thank you Milady for giving me a chance to see it."

"You're welcome Monsignor, " Aurora, oblivious of his sudden anxiety, answered. She saw him return in his seat and noticed a trickle of sweat escape from his temple.

Yes. Just yesterday night, Monsignor Nicholas sought confirmation from the Vatican Conclave via phone call. He wanted to make sure that the two of them were legitimate persons as they claim themselves to be. He has the right to be suspicious of any persons coming in the Clave Estate. It was his duty as their guardian in the first place. He was however more than surprised when Father Einsle transferred his call directly to the Holy Pope himself. Pope Benedict was the one who legitimized their identity and admitted that he was the one who ordered the two to visit the estate.

Although Monsignor Nicholas was the Clave guardian priest, from the start of his pastoral care on the family, he had not ever heard a word from the Vatican ministry or from the Holy Pope himself. His predecessor, Father Luizmart, once told him that the Clave family curse should be kept a secret at all times, even from the Vatican overseers. The only pope who knew about the secret was the pope who instructed the first ever priest of the Clave family to guard them.

That was centuries ago and over time, a long line of priests of the Clave family sprouted, who then swore their secrecy and began a brotherhood at the same time. Monsignor Nicholas was the last of the referred priests by the brotherhood, and soon too, when he retires, he will have to find someone to fill in his stead.

Looking at the younger priest in front of him now, a slight curve on his lips formed. Father Azrael was the perfect priest for the job, especially that it appears he was already guarding the Lady Aurora from any demon harm.

He had heard from a local church that there was a famous exorcist priest in the Vatican City that has an extraordinary way of exorcising demons, and has quite a cold attitude too. Pope Benedict himself confirmed it in the phone call that it was Father Azrael himself. He may not look like a priest now - mainly because he was wearing common clothing - but he sure does have one heck of an aura - an aura of holiness that the Monsignor had noticed since the first day he saw him.

"Monsignor, you have been a priest for the Clave family for years now, have you heard anything about undoing the curse?" Father Azrael suddenly asked, cutting him from his thoughts.

He sipped his tea again to calm himself and then replied, "Unfortunately, I have heard nothing. Otherwise, if I did, Duke Heilwig would have ordered me right then and there to undo it."

Father Azrael clenched his jaw. It was the second disappointment. He actually hoped that this priest would have some clue mainly because he was the Clave guardian.

"I see, " he replied.

"There are times that I doubted the Clave family

looking at everyone now inside the receiving hall.

"Ah, excuse me Uncle, but Father Azrael is not yet here, " Aurora muttered.

She had noticed his absence for quite some time now and wondered where he was. It wasn't like him to be late in an affair. Definitely wasn't like him to leave her all alone in a group too.

"Ah, of course! I almost forgot to tell you, my dear. Father Azrael had told me that he will be staying in his room for the meantime. I think I overdid myself offering him a full bottle of brandy earlier this afternoon, " the duke said it with great pride. Nobody could actually contend with the man in terms of chugging down the strong spirit.

Aurora, however, found it odd. Could a demon actually feel drunk?

"Now come! We mustn't let our guests waiting, " said Duke Heilwig, ushering her and his daughter inside the dining area.




There were boisterous laughter inside the dining area for over an hour. The guests were happily chatting and sharing stories in almost about anything, and Aurora appeared to intently listen to it. However, in the back of her mind, her focus was slipping slowly. She couldn't stop thinking about Father Azrael and how he was faring.

When the dessert course was served, it was by this time that Collete excused herself. She kissed her father's cheek and waved a hand on Aurora and the other guests before she exited the room.

Duke Heilwig kept the conversation going, asking the Rellante couple about their sweet memories when Aurora was young. She listened as they shared, but each minute passed, her anxiety grew worse and worse.

"Ah, I'm sorry Uncle, but I think I better check on Father Azrael right now to see if he is doing fine, " Aurora whispered in the duke's ear.

He gently nodded and gave her a go signal.

"Excuse me for a moment everyone, " she announced as she stood and then walked out of the table.

She wasn't well acquainted yet with the hallways of the mansion, but tried her luck anyway. Finding a long narrow stair going to the second floor, this was where she ascended. By the time she reached the floor, she suddenly heard a female voice moaning briefly.

For some reason, her heart quickened.

This part of the hallway was well lit with a row of modern light fixtures. There was a right and left side, but intuition told her that she should choose the right side hallway.

As she walked, she heard another moan again and this time, it was longer. Aurora bit her lip having a clue of what the sound meant. A maid servant must have been having an intimate tryst with her lover tonight.

She continued to walk along the hallway and as she was closer to a certain room, the moan grew louder and louder. Then, she heard a strong rhythmic thumping of something on wood.

Her pulse jumped, knowing what the weird sound was, but goodness, it was too much for her to bear! Interlacing her fingers tightly, she continued her way, acting as if she was deaf to it, but as she passed by the open room, her eyes quickly widened and her breath died out.

Inside the room was Collete, eyes closed and appearing to be self-engrossed with her own state of ecstasy. She was half lying in a wooden table with her legs exposed, widely spread apart to accommodate the thrusting. Her hair was in disarray, her face a deep red, her dress crumpled in her waist, and her breasts well exposed showing her taut nipples.

Aurora shifted her eyes to see the man standing in Collete's center - a man she was familiar too. His black pants were half open, releasing a thick hard erection that was midway lodged inside her cousin's tightness. Two hands were cupping her undeveloped but swelling breasts while he was giving her neck an aggressive licking.

The rocking motion they had created, the moaning sounds butchering Aurora's ears, and the erotic sight she was seeing, made her shook her head violently.


Aurora was utterly stupefied on the unexpected scene.

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