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   Chapter 28 As Nature Dictates

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It was after their lunch that the group parted their ways. Collette and Eriol had to go to another place, while Father Azrael and Aurora had their own plans for the remainder of the afternoon, so it wasn't expected that they will convoy together going to the villa.

They picked up their clothes at the laundry shop just along the road and headed for the Clave estate right after. While Father Azrael was driving in the highway, Aurora decidedly asked him her question. She was sitting in the front seat, looking at him as he held the steering wheel with proficiency.

"Cirrus, when is your birthday?" she asked straightforwardly.

Moving his head to look at her, he gave a raised brow then. "Why the sudden question, Aurora?" he said.

"Ah, nothing...just wondering. I don't know how old you are too."

Cirrus grinned when she expressed that, finding it cute that she was curious. "What do you want to know Love? How old I am as a demon? Or how old I am as a human?"

"Uh." Aurora was tongue-tied. She most definitely didn't expect him to ask that. She shifted in her seat then and fiddled with her fingers. "Well, uhmm...both?" she said, giving him an unsure look.

It was more like a question than an answer, but he understood her dilemma.

"I had my human birthday yesterday. Just turned thirty if you want a precise number, " he answered.

At the periphery of his vision, she saw her mouth an 'oh' form.

"You didn't tell me it was your birthday yesterday." She sounded suddenly regretful of not knowing sooner. "I could have given you a gift."

"Yes. I apologize that I didn't tell you, but you don't need to be sad about it. You actually gave me a gift already. One that you prize most of all."

Judging from the look on his face, Aurora immediately knew what he was talking about. She felt her face heat up and immediately went to look at the side window. He grinned consequently noticing it.

He was more than happy that she didn't feel remorseful of what happened last night and with that thought alone, he felt his blood suddenly boil in excitement. He was going to make love with her the second, the third and many times more. Each of which he will treat as sacred as the first. He was going to fill her up as many times as possible until he hears her say the words he craved for from her mouth. She was bound to him alone and nothing could break that.

He inhaled a deeper breath and focused himself to the task at hand. She was waiting still for his second answer.

In a small vacant lot right next to a cliff, Father Azrael drove the corvette. The trees thick leaves shaded the car as he parked right next to it. If he was going to answer her questions, he might as well stop his driving to see her reaction better.

"Why have we stopped?" Aurora asked, scanning the area with its superb scenery over the distance.

"Come, we'll talk outside. Look and see what beauty is around you Aurora."

When she stepped out of the car, she could clearly see the whole of the landscape. It was indeed breathtakingly beautiful; very picturesque.

Rocky perpendicular cliffs about a hundred feet above sea level curved along a kilometer of coastline. The violent white waves crashed forcefully against the rocky walls below them. The plain where they were now standing stretched miles away with lush green grass on the soil.

The ocean breeze played on Aurora's hair gently and if Father Azrael's long silver hair was present, the wind would lovingly play with it too.

He leaned on the car's hood as he stared into the distance. Then, he started abruptly, catching Aurora off guard, "As for my demon age love, I am 1054 years old."

"What?!" She gave him a wide-eyed look. Her focus now turned solely on him.

He chuckled lightly. "Do

hings in our room, I think we can talk then."

"Ah! Thank you Milady. I would be most honored. I will wait for you in the parlor then."

Father Azrael accompanied Aurora to her chamber first before heading in his own room. They were quiet the whole time they walked along the hallway, but when they reached in her main door, Father Azrael abruptly caught her arm.

"Aurora, stay still, " he ordered, then swept her white scarf halfway up, revealing the demon mark.

"What's the matter Cirrus?" she asked, her back pressed against the door.

"Let me give you a kiss mark."

"What!" She jerked free. "Seriously Cirrus. Now is not the time!"

He grinned at her comment. "Love, I am just going to give you a kiss in your mark, just like what I did before in my house. It is so that its power and scent will be sealed temporarily. We don't want to have any demon possessions here now, right?"

Clueless, she answered with arms crossed, "I don't understand what you are talking about."

He released a long sigh. It seems that he will have to explain it to her clearly.

"Aurora, the demon mark emits a very enticing wave of energy and scent. That is why the charity house was mostly the target for demon possessions because you live there. For now, I can seal it temporarily to discourage any future attacks, but I have the feeling that it won't be good for long. The power inside getting stronger."

"And you tell me that just now?!" she shouted in disbelief. "Here I thought my own family knows about the demon mark, but you knew all along?"

"Aurora...I only know this much. Please don't think that I am hiding some truth from you."

She stared at him well and hard. "If that is so, then do it. I don't want to put the people in this house in danger, " she said.

Aurora turned her face to the side when Father Azrael slowly bent down. Her heartbeat began to race and her cheeks blushed furiously. Not only was she nervous of his impending kiss, but it was also because of the location.

Why do this here? She asked that herself. What if somebody will see?

No one knew that Father Azrael was a demon. To the others, they only see him as a celibate exorcist priest. What would be their reaction then if they saw him kissing her?

His moist lips touched her skin, and instead of just putting a peck on her neck like before, he actually nipped it lightly, thus producing a real kiss mark right on top of her mark.

"There, it's done, " he said it with a pleased grin on his face.

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