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   Chapter 26 Bed Aflame

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"Cirrus... touch me... Touch me please..."

Close. Aurora's words were that close to the ones Cirrus wanted to hear from her mouth.

He was balancing his weight as he hovered on top her. His knees pressed firmly on the mattress, and his left hand, supporting his upper body. He cupped her chin with the other and lightly fingered her moist lips when she opened them. It was a sign of welcome for him and he was most eager to seal it.

The sight of her lying under him was immaculate in its entirety. Her hair — in sexy disarray. Her face — a flushed red. Her slender legs — closed together jailed by his own. Her T-shirt was oversized and failed to hug the curves, but it made him want to sculpt her out of it all the more.

She was all too vulnerable under his ministrations. Too vulnerable.

Yes. He maybe a demon, but it wasn't like him to take advantage of a woman's vulnerability. However, this was not just any woman. It was Aurora. The only woman - although human - who made him feel better than a celestial being. Who made his heart race. Who made his two worlds turn upside down.

It would have been just a normal job for him when the Holy Pope ordered him to go to the City of Soren. He would just enter a building, exorcise a pesky demon, and exit.

Normal... so normal.

That was always his routine for the past mundane years. But now, enter her in his life and everything changed.

Now, she was willing to yield herself to him and he would be but a fool if he says he was insensitive to that!

"I maybe a demon, but bear in mind I am not tempting you, Aurora, " Cirrus said as he stroke idly her waist this time. This successfully created vertiginous waves in her head.

"I know..." came her reply, stealing a deep breath whilst touching his jaw in gentle motions.

"I am not even controlling your will right now, " he added as he shifted to capture a wandering finger with his mouth. He nipped its point enough to create a beautiful tiny blemish.

"I know..." Aurora replied again. Her eyes bore a desirous stare as she found his action all too seductive. "It is my own, and it is with no doubt. I want you Cirrus. Touch me."

These were reassuring words for him. By the end of this night, she would be his alone, and he doesn't want her to be repentant of that come dawn. She was playing with fire... playing her fate with a demon... and she knew this most certainly. So, it was truly reassuring to know that she had entrusted him with this much.

With a swift motion, he glided to finally seal her anticipating mouth and when their lips touched, a redeemable sensation brought him to groan in pleasure. Such was her taste. Like a sweet cold energy drink in a hot torrid day. So refreshing. So light! They relished each others taste in a desirably slow motion - tongue over tongue clashing inside supple, wet caverns.

His hands fitted perfectly on her curves. He caressed them adoringly for he had deemed every inch of her body a sacred place fit to be worshiped. When his hand went high up, his brows raised slightly. He was right, the T-shirt did an excellent job teasing his imagination for he could feel the taut peak when his hand trespassed the alpine boundary.


That was what she demanded and yes, it brought her in heaven's gate when he did. Every touch he made felt wondrous. The neurons in her body convulsed violently with excitement.

Withdrawing from their kiss, he moved to caress her neck and down her mark where this send tingling sensations in the pit of Aurora's stomach. She breathed anew.

"Aurora, lie naked with me, " Cirrus whispered in her ears.

She didn't nod or express her agreement. She just offered herself to him when he tore her T-shirt to the hem. Her eyes shot open.

"Oh, what a waste of five dollars, " she commented teasingly when she realized, albeit too late, that he intended to tear the clothing apart. For a normal man, he would have pulled the T-shirt off of the woman, not tear it in half.

"Love, that clothing was blessed to clothe you, but it was meant for me to tear, " was Cirrus' sluggish statement.

Like him, Aurora was exposed now from the waist up. Her skin glistened under the light of the lampshade and he

This was where she exactly wanted to be — in his arms. With not a single thought on her mind, she closed her eyes, and slowly drifted away into a fulfilling sleep.

What Cirrus felt now could be deemed treasonous for a demon for he actually felt like he was in heaven again. However, he cared less of it. He wanted her and he would most willingly submit himself to treason just to hold her like this.




Dawn came accompanied by a cool breeze coming in and out of Cirrus' room. Aurora woke up initially with half-lidded eyes, but when she fully opened them, she immediately saw the Godlike vision lying next to her. She smiled. She had woken up in a lot of mornings in her life, but she admitted that this was the most incredible morning view that ever greeted her.

Cirrus' silver and red hair mixed in wonderful layers with her browns. The ray of the sun kissed his serene, glowing face and his uncovered chest showed the peaceful rise and fall of his breathing.

She had never felt ultimately like a real woman before, but he made her feel like that last night, or more like a goddess. There was no regret in it at all.

She pulled an extra bed cover from the headboard and wrapped it quietly around her body. She didn't want to distract his sleep, so she slowly inched out of bed. When she reached at the edge though, she was stopped with Cirrus' tight grip on her wrist. Glancing past her shoulder, she saw him looking at her with possessive eyes.

"Aurora, where are you going?" he asked sternly.

"Uh." She gave him a crystalline smile. "Just going to the bathroom."

He elbowed himself up and poised to face her. Just the image of him being basked by the early sunlight in the background made her heart flutter. He looked dangerously sexy and handsome with his hair and eyes like that.

"How are you feeling?" asked Cirrus with a sudden show of concern.

She raised an eyebrow and tightly pressed her hand on her chest to secure the bed cover more.

"How am I feeling?"

She batted her eyelashes briefly and thought well and hard.

Of course. He knew it was her first night making love with a man, so he would ask that of her.

"Uh...uhm. Well, aside from my sore lips... I'm feeling fine. Thank you for asking."

He released a sigh and then pulled her in towards him. "That's a relief to hear, " he said. She was taken aback when he kissed her forehead and then her lips affectionately. She returned his kisses with equal fervor finding their taste surprisingly acceptable for a morning kiss.

"Prepare, Love. We will go to the town an hour later, " he stated when he reluctantly withdrew.

Remembering what he said last night about the grape wine festival, she immediately became excited. "Ah, yes! I will, " she replied, then slowly ushered herself out of the bed.

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