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   Chapter 25 His Touch

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Aurora stayed in the balcony for quite sometime, calming herself until her heartbeat returned to a normal rhythm. It was roughly twenty minutes when she finally decided to go back to her room. Although hesitant, she realized she needed to return and sleep as it was still a long night until dawn.

Tip-toeing once again, she felt conscious now of the sleeping man inside the dark space. She hoped that Father Azrael slept soundly, but by the time she stepped inside, she heard his languid voice say, "Are you all right?" Then, his own lampshade flickered and the light gently illuminated their faces.

Aurora was left stunned to see him sitting upright, his bare back leaning against the headboard and his knees bent casually on the mattress.

"Oh, you're—you're awake, " she stated, trying to hide the nervousness in her voice.

Nervous, yes, because of the way he looked — so damn sexy in a loose cotton trouser — and the fact that she hadn't expected he would be awake.

"Well, uh, I ah...I just had a bad dream." Adding the last statement was with a pronounced period making sure he wouldn't delve deeper. She decided to continue her way into the first room, but Father Azrael stopped her tracks with a strong voice.


The sound of her name on his lips sent enough shiver into her bones — a shiver of delight. With her heart thundering, she slowly turned to face him and saw his eyes darken with something she cannot comprehend.

"You can stay here if you like, " he stated, voice suddenly roped with deep care. Suggesting it might not be the wisest thing for him to do, but sensing that there was still fear remaining in her heart, he did so in the end.

Embracing herself was the only way to allay her fears, trying to keep her arms as steady as she could so he wouldn't notice, but he did.

"Th—thank you Cirrus, but I am fine..." she answered although it was a clear-cut lie.

Father Azrael wanted to sermon her for being untruthful, but he held himself at bay and decided to use positive force.

"I insist, please. I don't want to hear you crying again."

And with that, she was surprised all the more.

How did he know? Were her sobs that noisy for him to hear?

Hesitantly, she expressed her thanks and found courage to climb up into the foot of the bed. It was better here than be back in her bed where the demon might continue where it left off. For now, it was the safest place she could think of — being beside him — but for propriety's sake, she distanced herself a space wider.

Father Azrael observed her as she lay and curled herself into a foetal position. The last time he saw her like this was when she was attacked by the efreet in the orphanage house. He felt her fear that time too, the same feeling she felt now.

He was distracted by the exposed length of her legs for a moment so he exerted himself to focus on her curved spine. He inched forward, never really caring that he was naked from the waist up himself. All he cared now was how to calm her down.

"What was your dream, Aurora?" he asked, stopping a ruler away from her.

She felt the depression in his side of the bed and immediately, she knew he was close and that proved to be a great threat. Inside her head, she prayed he wouldn't inch anymore closer than this. "No—nothing. It is just a random one, " she replied after a minute; her voice a bit muffled.

"Really..." He raised his brows, disbelieving her statement. "I would appreciate it if you would tell me the truth, Aurora. Please do confess."

Clenching her teeth, she knew he would never stop his prying. "It's not an important dream Cirrus and besides I have nothing to confess that you don't know about, " she answered, the sound clearer as she turned her face slightly towards him. She hoped it was enough for him, but no.

Smirking briefly, he showered his attention on the tips of her hair, lightly touching it with his fingers. "Oh, but you have, " came his sluggish answer, "one that I had been craving for you to say in that pretty little mouth of yours."

"Huh, I wonder what that is, " she scoffed lightly, hiding the potent effect he had on her.

In a quick move, Father Azrael turned her up supine. This action astonished her and she shot him a confused glare. Amidst this though, he looked at her with delight. He had seen her lying like this up close and it was when she had a heat stroke in Vatican, recuperating the illness in his suite, lying in his bed almost naked.

He knew her nightmare wasn't just a creation of her mind. H

idn't hit the foam. She was actually floating, mid air and immobilized. Her eyes changed into a familiar black and Father Azrael could see it.




Aurora saw herself in a dark abyss. She couldn't hear any sound except for the dripping of water some distance away. Barefoot as she was, she felt her feet icily cold, but it was odd, she couldn't feel any solid floor. Then, about a stone's throw away, an infantile spark ignited. It crept up like vines climbing on lattice and from the electricity formed a man. At first, she couldn't distinguish who it was, but then the darkness turned to light.

She saw herself inside a church. The building had intimidating high ceilings and colossal beams. It was almost similar to the Westminster Abbey, but it had a wider girth. The church also had a long aisle, stretching from the narthex to the chancel. It had an elevated altar where in it stood a priest in white ceremonial robe with a red embroidered stole. Aurora could see only his back, but she knew instantly that it was Father Azrael, judging from his long silver hair tied into a low ponytail.

She approached him, but each step felt like agony for her. She wanted to touch him! To see his face! Call it an illusion, but it seemed like the closer she gets, the farther away he goes.

Father Azrael! She called for him, but he appeared to be unconscious of her presence.

Father Azrael!!!! Shouting louder this time, her hands trembled as panic began to rose.

Turn around! Turn around please!!! She yelled in her mind.

In his back, black wings in beautiful layers grew. She was mesmerized by it as it glistened under the ray of the sun that passed through the stained glass windows. When he finally turned, their eyes met. He regarded her with warmth, and his smile filled her with longing.

Aurora cried suddenly, the salty fluid rivered down her cheeks when she noticed his body dissolving.

No... NO! CIRRUS!!! Don't leave me please!




The excruciating pain suddenly disappeared and little by little Aurora was brought back to reality. Her eyes changed into the usual hazel color and she was no longer floating.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you anymore, " said Father Azrael as his face hovered above hers. "If I continue, I might kill you."

"Cirrus..." Aurora was perplexed at first, but soon, she realized that he was with her. She could touch him. She could feel him. And this overwhelmed her heart. Was it just a dream? An illusion? She wasn't sure, but she wished not to be in that kind of situation ever again. Fearing him leave her had more weight than any demon attack she will experience in the future. His disappearance would surely bring her world crumbling down.

"I'm sorry. So sorry, " he stated with emphasis.

Cupping his face in a weary motion, she met his gaze. This man, this man on top her would be the only man she could ever want.

In a determined voice, she spoke, desire filling her belly, "Cirrus, touch me. Touch me please."

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