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   Chapter 24 His Current

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"We will be going now, Duke Heilwig, " Father Azrael stated after much of the emotional roller-coaster has gone. Aurora's questions were answered, and she was pleased with it. His question was answered, but wasn't pleased at all as the duke's answer wasn't the one he was hoping for. He will have to find a way somehow... maybe summon the root of it all, Khronus, IF the ancient demon was alive, but he wasn't; his very existence wiped out because of the very electricity Father Azrael could create in his hands now.

Yeah. That's always the flaw of stepping outside the boundary of the demon realm — disintegrating into ashes — unless, of course, their soul would be transferred to a human body which was Cirrus' case in the past.

"Are you sure you won't be staying here tonight? You know this is Aurora's house too, you two can stay here for as long as you like, " Duke Heilwig stated, the thought of having Aurora stay in the villa filled him with delight.

Aurora glanced at Father Azrael, awaiting his approval. He was the one who holds their schedule, so he has the last say of the matter.

It didn't take much for the priest to see her nervous anticipation. He knew quite well that she would love to stay longer.

"No, we won't, Duke Heilwig, " he replied, "but Aurora can stay here for two days starting tomorrow. We just need to buy some personal necessities tomorrow morning and be back by then."

Aurora's face brightened when she heard it. She smiled on his way and then to the duke.

"Oh! That's wonderful news! Collete would love to meet her long lost cousin!" Duke Heilwig grasped her shoulders and shook her lightly in excitement. "My dear, you two would be best of friends, I'm sure of that!"

"Ah, yes of course, Uncle." She smiled widely. "See you tomorrow then?"

"Yes. Yes. Drive safely and come back here tomorrow as soon as possible. I will have a party prepared for you in the evening!" he said it with gleaming eyes.

"Oh, no Uncle! You really don't have to do that!" she expressed in alarm. She wasn't the type that loves joining parties. Even more than that, she was uncomfortable that it will be held in her honor.

"Bah! No objections, my dear. You being alive calls for a celebration!" he concluded.

Of course, there was no arguing with a man who was this elated, so in the end, she sighed in defeat and just nodded back at him.




The car was in the highway going to the hotel Father Azrael had talked about. It was nine o'clock now and Aurora was beginning to feel tired. Although their drive was a silent one, she however found it a bit odd.

"Cirrus?" She caught him staring sternly into the road, his expression gloomy. "You have been silent since we left."

"Just clearing my head, Aurora, " he answered stiffly, not even looking at her.

"Would you stay in the house tomorrow too? I would like...for you to stay."

"I will, don't worry. I did say I'm not letting you out of my sight, " he said and with this Aurora felt reassured.

"Thanks, " softly, she replied, looking down on her lap. She was well aware that there was something bothering him. Maybe, if she were to continue with her blabbering, he might get annoyed, so she stayed silent for the remainder of the ride.

By the time they arrived in the hotel, it was at its peak of business. Eye-catching searchlights of red and blue swayed back and forth all over the length of the twenty storey building and flickering mini lights spelled 'WELCOME' was hung in the entrance gate of the hotel. It was actually a casino hotel; the Via Venezia Hotel and Casino in the City of Adelheid.

Aurora was stupefied of its grandiosity. Her mouth gaped.

When they were inside the hotel lobby walking towards the front desk, it was where she couldn't contain her astonishment anymore. "Is this where we are staying?!" she exclaimed, her eyes fixed on the great crystal chandelier hanging so brilliantly in the ceiling.

"Yes, " Father Azrael replied plainly.

"Isn't this a five-star hotel?!"

"Aurora." He paused and then turned to face her. "Don't look too surprised. You know I don't settle for anything less."

And with that, she eyed him dubiously. "You know... I sometimes think you are a demon of greed and vanity. First, your house. Then, your car. Then, this! We could have just stayed in the villa, not here, " she remarked.

"Hmmm... I will take that as a compliment, Love, " he answered with a smirk, "and no,

n when the hand tugged her forcefully up. At first attempt, it only brought her up an inch. Then the next, she was forty degrees higher. The last tug was the most violent one as it lifted her up ninety degrees. A stinging sensation welcomed her as she was upright and then an acidic liquid splashed all over her neck. It quickly flowed down her mark and it produced a bulbous wheal around its margins.

She screamed because of it, but she couldn't hear her own strangled voice.

'Cirrus!!!!' Her thoughts quickly yelled. 'Cirrus! Cirrus!!! Help me!!!'

This time, she was able to shot open her eyes, but what greeted her was a ghastly sight. Rows and rows of knife-like black teeth bared in front of her. Saliva dripped continuously from its acrid mouth. It had a face, but was deformed and for a moment, she thought its skin was scales, but it turned out to be worms creeping all over the flesh.

Aurora immediately screamed; the sound, an overture of horror. She wanted to scramble away from the entity and so, she willed her limbs to move.

'Yes! Move toes! Move fingers! Move! Move! Move!!!!' she ordered vehemently.

Her feet moved, yes, but the next thing she knew, she found herself outside her bed, lying on the floor with her legs spread awkwardly forward. In haste, she sprang up to her feet and switched the lamp beside her, staring at her bed fearfully.

It was--it was just a dream... a nightmare.. and she would have believed it was one until she saw the red bruise in her left arm under the light of the lamp. Her lips trembled as she examined it thoroughly. No, it can't be! It can't be!!! Shaking her head violently, she began to hyperventilate.

'Air! I need some air! ' she cried out.

Scrambling towards the balcony, Aurora did not even bother turning the room lights on. She passed Father Azrael's room without a second thought, and slid the door open, darting herself out into the balcony. Out of breath and panting, she inhaled deeply letting the cool, fresh air fill her lungs.

Fear had gripped her tightly like a vise, and she knew it wouldn't be leaving her anytime soon. If it weren't for Father Azrael's presence in the same room, she would have run out of the hotel for good. Whatever that demon was, it only wanted one thing, and it was her and the mark in her neck. Luckily, she was strong enough to break herself free from its dream hold, but thinking about it now, she doubted that she could escape the second time around.

Dropping hard on the rattan chair, she eased herself to accept more oxygen. Staring at the night sky was one way of calming a troubled mind, so that was exactly what she did.

Beautiful... The starlight sky was indeed beautiful when she gazed at it.

In the corner of her eyes, a beginning tear threatened to fall. She pressed her hands in her chest summoning hard not to let it fall in hopelessness, but in the end, it gave way, and it gave way like heavy rain in a dark, gloomy sky.

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