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   Chapter 22 Then Sin With Me

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"But Duke Heilwig. We don't plan on staying—" Aurora quickly butted in, but Father Azrael raised a hand on her.

"Aurora." He slowly shook his head and then brought his attention back to the duke. "I have already prepared a place for us to stay tonight, Duke Heilwig. It is a hotel not far from here. But, we can stay here until dinner, " he informed.

"Oh... I see. I was just thinking if Aurora would like to stay in her old house. Maybe she might remember some memories in this place."

Aurora's chin lifted. But, of course! That's actually a great idea she had not thought of herself. She would love to stay and ask about the family portrait and of course, about her father and mother.

Father Azrael went to glance at her, who sent him a silent 'yes?'

"We will have to discuss that matter later, Duke Heilwig, " he then answered in finality after contemplating it for a second.

"Okay, " the duke answered, putting his glass on the table. "I will see you at dinner then."

"Yes, see you later, Duke Heilwig, " Father Azrael replied, standing up.

The duke stretched his neck and then called out a name, his eyes focusing in a corner where the chandelier's light didn't reach.

"Eriol. Come."

A tall man, as tall as Father Azrael, came forward into the light. He was wearing a suit that looked like a butler's outfit, but without the tail and the tie. He had a black coat that was buttoned up to his neck and white gloves that hid his hands. His medium-length brown hair was brushed up cleanly with hair wax.

He approached the group and stood just a few feet away from them. Aurora glanced at his direction and her gaze instantly riveted on a particular object in his face. For the most part, the duke's right-hand looked like a butler, but he looked out-of-the-ordinary with a piercing of a silver ring in his lower lip. Aurora definitely had seen this style of piercing before and it was in the amusement park. The man back then looked like he was five years or half a score older than the duke's right-hand man though, but they do have the same color of hair and the same facial features. Was it possible that the two men are related?

"Yes, Master Heilwig, " the right-hand replied with a rich voice. He bowed his head slightly, looking at the duke alone.

"Guide our two guests here to their rooms, " Duke Heilwig said with confidence.

"Yes, Master, " he answered with a nod. The instruction was already enough for him to understand.

Aurora was so distracted by the lip piercing that she didn't notice Father Azrael's offering hand stretched out for her.

"Aurora?" he called, perplexed by her momentary drift.

"Oh... uhmm.. I'm sorry." She cleared her throat and then took his hand as she stood up.

"This way please?" Eriol stated eyeing the two with cool regard.

They climbed a wide flight of stairs towards the second floor. The Clave house had a consistent Baroque design. The interior structures were opulent. Ornate and immensely intricate wood carvings were molded all around the ceilings. Carpets and carpets everywhere. Even the ceiling had frescoes of cherub angels flying in a sky full of clouds. It was like a mini Sistine Chapel, but the customized version of it. In every entryway, there was the initial C carved on the top of the door. The furniture too had a sense of Baroque taste.

"Here is your room, Father, " Eriol stated when they reached in a room just a few steps away from the stairs they had just managed. He opened the door wider and stepped inside, giving the priest space for him to pass. Father Azrael didn't enter though. He raised his brows and asked directly, "and Aurora's? Where is hers?"

"Master Heilwig says her room will be the usual, Father, " Eriol replied promptly.

The usual? Aurora asked that in he

his hands under her blouse and grazed her skin reverently like a devotee touching a statue of a saint in the altar. The action sent a tingling sensation lower than the pit of her stomach and she instantly moaned because of this.

Yes. Their attraction can no longer be denied, and they only need to acknowledge it for their attraction to blossom a thousand fold.

He skimmed her waist, her stomach and her spine until his fingers gently eased into her brassiere — the only barricade standing between his immaculate hands and her quaking breasts. He wanted to unclasp the fasteners then. Or even to tear the strap apart. He wanted to do it so badly that it pained him.

But no. Not now. Not here. He protested in his mind.

He gradually stopped their kiss, and when they withdrew, he saw Aurora's face blushing a deep red.

"I'm sorry Cirrus! I don't... I don't know what came over me..." she apologetically said, trying to hide the look of pleasure in her eyes. His kiss left an aftertaste in her mouth; an aftertaste she had proven to be like a sweet addictive nectar.

Father Azrael grinned and cupped her chin. "Oh, no Aurora. I think you do."

"This isn't right, " she quickly commented, her voice thinning to a whisper.

"Yes, it is."

"No, it's not! You're a priest! Feeling something for you is already sin taking form!"

"Then, sin with me..."

His voice was deep and dark, and even though he was a demon, Aurora could only agree that it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever said.

"I'm a demon Aurora, and it is in my genes to pleasure a woman... especially the woman that I love."

What the--?! Is he confessing?

Aurora's mind turned 180 degrees in turmoil. Her eyes enlarged and her mouth dropped open. Her heart jackhammered again, but this time, into complete disarray.

He was serious. So serious... just judging from the look in his eyes.

She gulped hard as if she had a big lump in her throat. She didn't step away. She didn't even shove his hand that was still holding her arm. She felt completely safe around it, and to shove it away would mean she rejected him.

"I--I think... I think you should leave, Cirrus, " she gently stated, avoiding looking at him. His presence didn't annoy her, but she wanted so much to be alone this time; to think things thoroughly.

Father Azrael already knew that this would be her reaction after that deadly statement came out of his mouth. He stepped backward, but not before planting a chaste kiss on her cheek.

"See you at dinner then."

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