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   Chapter 20 The Unwanted Visitor

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A thin white smoke suddenly materialized on top of Father Azrael's antique wood cabinet. He just came out from a night shower when it happened. His wet hair was creating a runnel down his torso and he had a white towel wrapped around his waist. He frowned immediately when he noticed the not-so-welcomed visitor.

"What are you doing here?" Father Azrael sharply stated.

"Well, blimey! I haven't seen you in five hundred years yet this is what you say first?" the entity remarked in a surprisingly British accent, crouching in the cabinet's top with all of his bravado. He had glistening cloud-white wings, lambent silver skin, and long blonde hair tied neatly and falling on one side. He wore a set of golden armor and pants as if he was ready to lay waste in a battle.

"I ask you, what are you doing here?" Father Azrael asked again in a commanding tone.

The archangel rolled his eyes heavenward and answered reluctantly, "I...yyyyee just wanted to pay a visit on my old-time friend. It has been so long now Cirrus Samael."

"Your visit is not welcome here Raphael, and who told you to just pop out from nowhere?" Huffing, he strode to a nearby chair where his bathrobe was.

"Oww, so harsh, " Raphael replied, wincing his face as if he was indeed hurt. He jumped from the unstable cabinet and landed directly down the floor, rustling his outstretched wings all over the available space. "Hey, aren't you missing Hell?" he then asked, looking at the priest with curiosity.

"You must be joking, " Father Azrael replied, wearing the bathrobe now. If he was right, the archangel was enjoying toying with his privacy.

"No! I'm not! Look at you! You had been wearing priest clothes yet you still smell of death... Archangel of Death."

Raphael's smirk was clearly evident on his face when Father Azrael shot a glare towards him. Archangel of Death? Now that's an appellation he hadn't heard for so many years.

"Aren't you busy with your errands? Why are you bothering me Raphael?" he said stiffly.

The archangel crossed the bedroom and sat on Father Azrael's king-sized bed. "Yes, busy... but as of now, I'm not. I just finished investigating a certain demon signature."

"Ah, of course... you've been hunting the Prince of Lechery for over a millennium now. What I fail to understand is why you are bothering me this night." Annoyed, Father Azrael declared giving the entity a cold glare.

He was about to enter his walk-in closet, but paused when Raphael answered grimly, "The demon signature emerges when the demon uses its power to tweak dimensions, you know that right? Now, I'm sure you are wondering where I got the demon signature." Grinning, he observed the priest for any readable expression, but there was none. He knew already that he had some idea, but clarified it anyway. "It came from the hotel you were in this afternoon, " he added.

This time, he was expecting a more clear reaction from Father Azrael, but all he could see was a fleeting smirk.

"I see, " was Father Azrael's short-lived reply.

"Have I caught your interest now?" Raphael asked haughtily, crossing his arms on his chest. "Hey, Cirrus. Why do I smell like there is a demon in this house other than you?"

Father Azrael entered the walk-in closet and answered before he was out of sight, "It's the demon mark. It is too strong not to notice." Opening a glass closet full of his wardrobe, he chose a loose-fitting red T-shirt and pajamas. When he went back on his bedroom, Raphael was already wearing a confused look.

"Demon mark? What demon mark?" he said, acting innocent.

He released a sigh and then sat on a leather single-seater sofa with his legs crossed. "Don't play games with me Raphael. You mentioned dimensions before, I'm sure you know the human who has a demon mark wandering on it helplessly."

Scrunching up his nose and twisting his lips, the archangel recollected all data he had gathered. "Oh, well... uhmmm.. not really, " he stated thereafter, "but I know the human is a woman... I don't know she has a demon mark. Hmmm... oh I see! No wonder Asmoda

her to request something from him, she just had to do something for the boy.

Father Azrael's eyes shifted from the entity who was standing at the top of the stairs, smiling smugly back at him. This damn archangel is indeed enjoying the scene.

"Father?" Aurora muttered, taking his attention back to her.

"Very well then, " he replied, producing a forced sigh. "You better keep that out of my sight quickly, Marcus."

"Yes, yes Father, I will, " Marcus replied, then ran back to his room where he could safely place the feather under his pillow.

"What?" Father Azrael asked, when he noticed Aurora staring at him.

She shifted and then returned her attention back to the flowers. "Ah, no, nothing."

"We should go now, " he said and then moved taking the car remote from his pants pocket.

The gray corvette stingray was already waiting in front of the entrance. Father Azrael opened the front seat and motioned Aurora to enter. She did so without question, but wondered in her mind why Mr. Darell wasn't driving them to her family's residence.

A few moments later, Marcus came back, but was only surprised to find out he will not be going with them together.

"You will have to stay here Marcus. It will be a long journey for you."

"But Father, I wanted to meet big sis' family, " Marcus complained lightly, looking at Aurora and sending her a 'help' eye signal.

"Next time Marcus. Maybe next time. But today, you will have to stay. I already gave Heron instructions what you will be doing."

"Oh, okay Father, " he muttered, feeling dejected.

"Don't worry Marcus. Just enjoy your day today, " Aurora advised, smiling at him.

"You be careful big sis."

"Yeah, I will, " she said and then waved a hand when she heard the engine revving up.

It was her first time riding in a sports car, so when Father Azrael drove their way into the highway, she immediately grabbed the arm-handle near her seat. Her heart pounded with the high speed of the car, and her eyes widened with how the landscape quickly passed them. Father Azrael saw her at the periphery of his vision and smiled amusingly to himself.

"Calm down Aurora. You don't need to be nervous. You're in good hands, " he advised.

"My God Cirrus! I still want to live!!!" Aurora shouted.

He laughed out aloud, seeing her apparent distress. She was grabbing the arm-handle so tightly, her face looked so tensed and her lips were quivering like she was standing on top of an iceberg.

It was satisfaction seeing her beside him. He had bought the car four months ago, and he once thought that driving it would be lonely. Her presence inside the automobile actually enlivened it, or maybe, his heart was the one that was enliven.

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