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   Chapter 19 Danger in the Walls

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Indeed, Aurora was thoroughly shaken by what had just happened.

She turned to her left side and pulled the bed cover up to her chest. Her hands were trembling. Her lips, sore and quivering. She was breathing raggedly and felt her heart thumping and drumming so loudly inside her rib cage.

She had always dealt with Father Azrael's previous kisses in a calm and collected manner, never really putting great thought about it. His first kiss — she thought that it was only to silence her over-showered questions. The second one — she thought was only to resuscitate her being that poisonous fumes had strangled her breathing. Both of it he had changed into his demon form, but now, this. His hair color was still the same raven blackness and although the gold and red specks were noticeable, his eyes were more of cerulean. With all of these facts, he definitely looked more human.

For the first time ever, it looked like he wasn't being dictated by his infernal side. But, what was she thinking? He had already made it clear to her that he was one and the same.

The feel of his hand massaging her waist was divine, it made her stomach lurch in excitement. His kisses were smothering and delicious in her neck too. She almost wanted for it NOT to stop. She felt she was branded when his wet, soft tongue licked her skin. It was a lovely feeling and she couldn't be any happier to be introduced to it.

However, feeling like this towards a priest was sinful for her. But, on the other hand, he wasn't just a normal priest. He wasn't just a priest who pledged a celibate life. He was a demon priest who could easily take advantage of his nature, and by the looks of things, he certainly knew of that fact. So, wondering about it, could she really take it as a loophole?

The answer to it though, she opted to deny. What happened with them earlier was temptation at its best and because of it, she had promised herself to be as fully guarded with him as she possibly could.




After another hour of awkward silence, Aurora went outside the bedroom. It was her intuition that told her she wasn't in her bedroom in the Traugott Residence. Well, for the most part, the placed looked manly and modernized as compared to her room, and the furniture were obviously not in the same white and beige-paint motif.

She was wearing the same dress now - the turtleneck dress. What was she to do anyway? She knew he had specifically ordered her not to wear a dress like that again, but she didn't have a spare one to begin with. She didn't even understand why he forbade her of wearing a style like it in the first place.

'I'm pretty sure he will understand, ' she reasoned in her mind as she opened the door.

Standing in the doorway between the bedroom and the receiving area, she had expected for Father Azrael to be waiting for her attentively, but in a twist of their status, he was the one sleeping now in the sectional sofa. His right forearm was covering his forehead, and the other was resting comfortably in his abdomen. He was wearing his black cassock now and his pectoral cross already around his neck.

She approached him closer, pressing her waist against the headboard. Staring at him, doe-eyed, the urge to wake him up weakened. She found him absolutely beatific, sleeping serenely with those to-die-for long dark lashes.

Aurora immediately wanted to prostrate in reverence for she realized she was looking at a supernatural entity, but in the end, decided not to. She smiled at this new-found awareness. The pope indeed was right to be thankful that a being like him was helping the humankind. And now, she was thankful herself that he was willing to protect her from any demon attacks.

Pulling herself out of her reverie, she glanced at the wall clock and read it at 5:45 p.m. No wonder she felt hungry. Her stomach had growled in protest since before she stepped out of the bedroom. She remembered the last time she ate was at lunch in a nearby restaurant near St. Peter's Square. It was a delicious meal: carbonara spaghetti, buttered chicken breast and gourmet mushroom risotto rice. Father Azrael insisted her to finish the contents of the plate, consequently acting like the nuns in the orphanage house. Marcus, in the other hand, was more than happy of the full buffet and ate heartily.

Scanning around the receiving room, she found a hotel phone available located beside the main door, so she went there and dialed the local hotel line to order a meal for two. Seconds after, it rang but unusually, nobody answered it. She hung up and dialed again — the usual long ring attended her thereafter. Weird. She knew that hotel room service was the quickest service in any establishment.

She frowned with this and contemplated for a moment. Guess she would go to the front desk herself after all. Glancing at the still sleeping priest for the last time, she opened the main door gently and out she went.

The corridor was a long one, short of any furniture, but it had a red suede carpet floor and antique bronze pendant light fixtures. There was not a soul in sight. No noise other than the humming of the air conditioner.

Her target was the elevator of the floor, so she traipsed all over the corridor looking for one. After a few minutes of walking, she finally wondered, how could searching

to try the swimming pool. Father Azrael agreed to it which made the boy even happier.

"I think I will pass Marcus, " Aurora said when Marcus invited her to swim with him. "I'm tired. I want to rest early, but maybe, next time." She gave him a sweet smile, and the boy understood.

"All right big sis, maybe next time. Good night then."

"Mmmm...good night too. And hey, don't swim too long, it might give you a cold, " she forewarned.

"Yes, I will big sis!" he answered before hopping into the kitchen door.

Aurora stood up and excused herself by the time Marcus left. Father Azrael, however, stopped her, holding her wrist firmly.

She felt scalded with the way his skin touched hers, but scalded, in a way that the heat was sending tingling sensations inside her stomach. Their eyes met and she could see the look of sincerity in them.

"Aurora, I would like to apologize for the dress, " he started.

"Ah." She smiled, but it was so brief, so short he was unable to notice it. "It's—it's nothing Cirrus. I understand that you don't like the dress, " she replied.

"No, " he quickly corrected. "Don't get me wrong. You look beautiful in it, Aurora. Gorgeous. I just don't like seeing you sick." That was his most simple explanation, but in reality, he had another reason that was intentionally locked away on his subconscious. He actually didn't want to be reminded of his acknowledged desire for her that time in his suite.

"Why? Is wearing a turtleneck dress making me sick?" Aurora out-of-the-blue asked.

Father Azrael, because of this na?ve question, had to suppress a laugh. "Really, Aurora. You never fail to amaze me." He stood up and pulled out something in his pants pocket. "No, it won't make you sick, but it is one of the reasons why you had a heat stroke earlier, " he added, then handed the material to her.

"My scarf!" Aurora exclaimed, beaming a smile.

"I did tell you I would return it back after dinner, " he declared matter-of-a-factly.

Yeah right, although it is only after the second dinner - nice move Cirrus.

"Thank you, " she said taking the white scarf from his hand.

"You're welcome, Aurora."

If there was a cardiac monitor attached in Aurora's chest, it would surely inform him that her heart was beating abnormally. And if there was an available defibrillator, she would have applied it quickly to stabilize the beating. But there was none, and the only thing that she could do would be to hide quickly inside her room.

Father Azrael was the same, but opted to prolong the wonderful moment with her.

"I should go, " she said it almost like a whisper, and his heart immediately sank.

"Aurora, I will go to your family's residence tomorrow, " he quickly informed before she could advance.

"Ah, yes. The Pope had mentioned about that."

"Do you want to go with me?" he questioned, but knew her answer already.

The shock of knowing about her real family was still fresh in her mind. If she has a chance to meet her relatives — and possibly her sisters and brothers if she even has one — then it would be great for her. There was however another thought that tarried in her mind and it was about the neck mark. She would want to know more about it, her family history and what the pope was saying about a forbidden union between a demon and a human — if it was truly real. There was only one way to find those out, and that was for her to go with him.

"Of course I would, " Aurora answered after a deep thought. "I have to see for myself if I indeed belonged to a family."

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