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   Chapter 16 Tormenting Himself True

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"We will go to the Apostolic Palace tomorrow, " Father Azrael said it to no one in particular, but he eyed Aurora specifically. They were eating their meal in a rounded black Carrara marble table, complete with matching black cushioned seats in antique finish. It was a sumptuous feast, well-suited for a strikingly designed dining area.

It was a very spacious room painted with wood brown and ivory. Spotlights illuminated the corners of the walls and the rectangular-shaped fish tank that separated the dining area and the kitchen. On the twelve o'clock position sat Father Azrael where he could view the turquoise swimming pool through a glass panel. On the dextral side, sat Aurora, and Marcus, right next to her. A connecting door in the left side provided an entrance into the wine cellar, and on the right, the doorway to the kitchen.

They both looked up, trying to listen intently on what the priest was talking.

"Aurora, the Holy Pope wants to see you, " he added which brought the woman on the verge of surprise. Marcus choked on a cauliflower he just gobbled and gave his big sis a nudge on her rib.

"Hu...h? As in, Pope Benedict the Sixteenth?!"

Father Azrael hid a smile, amused by her reaction. "Yes, Pope Benedict the Sixteenth, " he echoed playfully. "We will go to Vatican tomorrow because he wants to talk to you."

"Why?" Her voice almost sounded like a squeal.

"Because of your neck mark. He wants to see you personally too. The content of his conversation with you — that — I do not know, " Father Azrael replied, forking a slice of sauced cream dory fish.

"Oh, " she muttered, unable to keep her thoughts from racing.

"Can I go too?" Marcus suddenly asked, a look of anticipation glowed in his face.

"Yes, Marcus, you can. I don't see why you can't. You're a sacristan anyway."

"YES!" he exclaimed and leaped slightly in his seat.

"We will go there first thing tomorrow morning, so you better sleep early tonight."

Yeah right. Like Aurora could sleep properly in anticipation with meeting the Holy Pope. He was the most important person in the Christian world; the princeps cunctorum principum! She has no idea how to behave in front of him, much worse have a simple chit-chat with him!

"Don't worry Aurora. You will do fine, " he said, sensing her sudden anxiety.

"Will you be there too?" Aurora questioned.


"I ah...I hope you will be there too when we would talk."

Father Azrael curved a smile. He understood her anxiety pretty well.

"I will be there Aurora, but if Pope Benedict bids me to leave the room, then I will do so. Anyway, you need not worry. Be as you are. You don't need a crash course on proper decorum tonight just so you can act properly in front of the old man."

Aurora widened her eyes in surprise. How improper of him to address the Holy Pope like that!

"And besides, " he drank the burgundy liquid from his flute and then continued, "if you did well with a demon, then I'm sure you can do well with a servant of God."

Her mouth fell open. She drew her eyes quickly on Marcus who seemed to be oblivious of what Father Azrael was talking.

Marcus has no idea about the priest's true nature. He was still completely innocent with it. So, for him to find out about that would mean the end of his exorcist priest mission for good. Well... that's what Aurora assumed though. She actually doesn't even know how the boy would react, but it was better for him not to find out.


Father Azrael called his right hand who was standing quietly in the doorway to the kitchen. He approached the table and gently bowed.

"Yes, Master Cirrus?"

The exorcist priest diverted his attention to the sacristan briefly and asked, "Marcus, would you like a tour of the house right now?"

The boy tilted his head and appeared to look as if he was thinking. "Sure, Father. I would love to tour your mansion!" he answered after a second.

Father Azrael nodded, pleased. "Heron, accompany Marcus here will you?"

"Yes, Master." The butler bowed again and eyed the boy who was already standing. 'Oh, so he is done eating huh? That was fast, ' he thought.

Aurora glanced at Marcus, then to Heron and stated quickly, "Ah... uhmmm... I would like to tour too!"

"Aurora, " Father Azrael muttered. Their eyes met and Aurora could see his firm stare at her. It meant that he was not open with her opposition. "I can tour you myself, so let them go on their way, " he continued, and then flipped a hand on the two, gesturing for them to leave.

And they did so, with Marcus prancing excitedly towards the portal to the swimming pool.

Aurora consciously cleared her throat and then finished what was left of her plate ultimately ignoring the priest who was now

r Einsle butted in, quickly taking her left hand and placing a brief peck on the back of it.

She didn't even know who the priest was but still, to show good conduct, she just said, "The pleasure is mine Father uhm..."

"Father Einsle, " Father Azrael inserted curtly.

"Ah, yes. Father Einsle, " she continued.

"Father Azrael here is lucky to accompany such a beautiful woman like you. I wish I could guide you to the Sistine Chapel, but I am busy with my own duties."

The secretary priest was holding her hand longer than necessary that it made the exorcist priest clench his jaw. He exactly didn't like seeing it and if only he had a choice, he would have pulled their hands apart.

"You don't need to do that Father, really, but thank you for the kind offer, " Aurora gently replied, reclaiming her hand from Father Einsle's overdone attention.

"Hmmm... such a sweet woman you are, " the priest remarked, smiling. "Well then, you go on ahead. The Holy Pope is waiting for you."

The trio nodded instantaneously, but it was Father Azrael who stepped forward and encouraged the two. "Come Aurora, Marcus."

Not wasting time, they bobbed their heads towards the secretary priest and then went to follow Father Azrael who was already some short distance away from them.




They reached the entrance of the Sistine Chapel after ten minutes of walking past long and wide corridors. This part of the Palace somehow was void of tourists; seeing no one other than themselves in an area considered a popular tourist spot. Maybe the reason for it was because the Holy Pope was inside the chapel.

When the trio went inside, they immediately saw him sitting in one of the rows of chairs alone and looking as if he was intently praying.

Marcus' excited gasp echoed across the high rectangular room immediately cutting the Pope's reflective state.

He waved a hand in welcome and gestured for them to come. It was Father Azrael who approached first, bidding the two to stay put temporarily.

He bent low and kissed his holy ring while the pope made a sign of the cross in the air.

"Your Grace, are we disturbing you?" asked Father Azrael.

"Ah, no, I was just feeling the beautiful silence of this room. So, is that her?" he said eyeing Aurora who was now looking at the frescoes painted high above the ceiling.

"Yes, Your Grace."

"Hmmm... she has a disarming beauty Azrael, " was his sudden comment, casting an almost blank look on the priest. "And the boy?"

"That is Marcus Thayne. He is Aurora's companion from the orphanage house. He was a sacristan there, but now, my apprentice."

"Oh?" The pope's brows raised. "Hmmm... Your exorcist-in-training boy, yes?" he clarified.

"Yes, Your Grace, " Father Azrael answered knowing what the pope was referring to.

"I see..."

Pope Benedict scanned the room and found a very famous painting in one fresco. It was the success of Archangel Michael in defeating the demon king. Looking at it, it reminded him of Aurora's important presence inside the chapel.

"Let her come, Azrael, " he initially stated pointing to where Aurora was standing. "Just her. I want to talk to her now."

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