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   Chapter 15 When a Demon Tells the Truth

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The Traugott Residence was enormous, sitting in nine and a half acres of land. It was located in a countryside, just a kilometer away from the Vatican City. The house was surrounded with green lush trees and gated with a black iron-wrought gate so classic-looking that Aurora thought they were actually going inside a castle. The limousine was parked right at the entrance door of the house which had a wide portico with four marble columns on each corner.

"I didn't know a priest could own this big of a mansion!" Marcus commented as he peered through the side window of the car, his eyes beaming with delight. Aurora curved a smile when she heard it. Truly, what Father Azrael said in the Palace dinner that time about his house was perfectly an understatement.

"Welcome to the Traugott Residence Ms. Aurora, Marcus. Shall we enter?" Heron asked looking over his shoulder into the passenger seat.

They both nodded in unison and quickly slid out of the car.

Immediately, two maid servants approached them and took their baggage from the trunk. Observing the facade of the house, what Aurora noticed instantly was the large mahogany entrance door flanked by two sculpted seraphim angels. It was an expected sight as the owner was basically a priest. When she entered, what greeted her was a wide vestibule, boasting a high sky ceiling with three grand-scale crystal chandeliers hung on specific corners.

The sky ceiling was a beauty to behold. She believed that if she was seeing the breathtaking panorama of the clear blue sky at this very hour, how much more beautiful would it be when she gets to view the blanket of stars at night? The lobby was spacious and they could see the color white as the dominant interior paint. Beige, white and gold furniture were also seen, and on the right side was the grand marble staircase.

"Wow, " Aurora expressed in awe.

"Ms. Aurora. Marcus. Please follow me to your rooms, " Heron announced, indicating that they needed to ascend a long flight of stairs into the second floor.

Marcus' room was their first stop which was just near the grand staircase to the left. It was a medium-sized room, complete with a private bathroom of his own and a small receiving room.

"Are you sure Father Azrael wanted me to stay in here, Sir Heron?" Marcus asked. He couldn't believe that this room was only his to take.

Heron smiled slightly and replied, "Yes Marcus, Father Azrael had told me to give this room to you, as is Ms. Aurora's when we get there."

"So, we are not sharing a room, Heron?" Aurora, in confusion, queried. She expected that they would share a room considering it would be the most practical choice.

"No, Ms. Aurora. You have your own room. Father Azrael specifically chose one for you. And besides, we have a lot of vacant guest rooms here so it is not a problem."

"Oh, " Aurora expressed in defeat. She stared at Marcus and shrugged her shoulders, giving him a lopsided smile.

Heron continued to lead them to another chamber which was just a few walks away from Marcus'. They had to pass through a small spacious foyer which had a sole piece of furniture in the center of it — a marbled table with a vase of fresh red tulips. The ceiling had another glass dome, and it showed the same magnificent blue sky.

"Wow! Big sis! Your room is so much larger than mine!" Marcus shouted in excitement the moment they entered the bedroom.

They surveyed the entire length of it and found that it was indeed bigger. It had the same beige and white motif paint and furnishings, and a select queen-size bed with gold-painted carvings on the headboard and footboard. Under it was a classic-designed carpet. The floor was laid with wood veneers and the ceiling, a layer of elegant molding and modern bowl-shaped crystal chandelier. The beige floor-to-ceiling curtains covered the entire 9-feet high French windows.

"It is..." she unintentionally drawled, again awestruck with the space around her. "Why would Father Azrael put me here? I'm not even a guest."

"Please don't belittle yourself Ms. Aurora. You are one in the eyes of Master Cirrus, " Heron remarked immediately.

Now, there was that name again. Just hearing his name makes her heart beat louder.

"Even so, " Aurora whispered, "but thank you Heron, for assisting us."

"You are most welcome." He bowed low and went to exit the room.

, " he said again, this time with complete cold stare.

Again, she took a step back, feeling even more perceptive. "Why—Why are you telling me this?" she choked.

"Because I can sense that you are still afraid of me, " he answered. There was worry that came along with it, but he covered it up pretty well.

"I'm not afraid of you!" she immediately shouted, gone was her apprehension. "You're a priest! You are Father Azrael... I'm—I'm afraid of your alter ego!"

"Hmmm, Aurora... It is not an alter ego. It is the real me. I'm telling you this because I don't want you to be afraid of what I am. You are safe...with me. I have told you that many times already."

True, he did, and he even saved her life twice from death without asking for anything in return, but being cautious was better than nothing. Being vigilant wouldn't hurt at all. And that was what Aurora believed.

"If you are then how did you become a priest? Why would the pontiff accept you if you are a demon?"

He released a deep sigh. "It's complicated to tell. Only the Holy Pope knows, and a few others, but they prefer to be silent about it."

"Why?" The desperation in her voice to know the answer was so clear, but Father Azrael disregarded it.

"Aurora, I'm not fond of talking about myself, " he stated without feeling sorry.

"Well, if you want me to be unafraid of you, then you should start talking, " said she crossing her arms in her chest like she was a kid on the verge of tantrum.

He grinned upon seeing this, finding her actions cute. "Hmmm... good theory, but no, " he crisply replied.

"Uhmm, excuse me Master Cirrus. Ms. Aurora. Dinner is ready."

Aurora's disappointment quickly washed away when Heron came out from the grand staircase. She looked at him and then nodded. Believing that debating with a demon priest was futile and not wanting to keep the butler waiting, she walked forward, but then Father Azrael grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Aurora, be still, " he whispered in her ear, and then gave her a chaste kiss in her neck right at the top of her mark. She was stunned speechless, quickly looking at Heron who didn't even show any glint of reaction. She couldn't believe that he was casually doing this in front of his butler!

"Father Azrael!" she strained to yell and showed him a confused expression when she successfully pulled back.

She could feel a residue of heat on the spot where he kissed her. Though she couldn't see it, there was a faint reddish hue that appeared on the spot.

Looking at his creation, Father Azrael grinned, not showing that he was worried at all with his behavior or the reddish hue that looked exactly like a kiss mark.

"Come Aurora, let's eat, " he said and then walked out of the small foyer.

Although feeling flustered, she followed him from behind, giving his back a burying glare.

He is a demon all right. No doubt about that!

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