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   Chapter 14 In Roma With You

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Clave Estate, City of Adelheid

Years Before




"NO!" A woman wailed in desperation. She was embracing her six-year-old daughter tightly around her arms. Her tears made a small continuous river in her cheeks.

"We can't do anything. Our daughter has the mark, " her husband stated who was within his own state of depression. He was Thadeus Karl Clave, the Duke of Earle, in the City of Adelheid, located in the border between Naples and Bari, Italy.

"But she is just a child, Thadeus! How can she live a normal life if this demon mark is plastered permanently in her body?!"

The little girl was innocent on what her parents were talking. She just continued playing with her unicorn toy amidst being pinned tighter on her mother's bosom.

"Odessa, I can't even believe it myself, " Thadues replied, running his fingers across his hair. He was slumped forward, sitting in his master chair, facing the fireplace inside their family living room. "I have always thought that the ancient demon blood died down in our family line. It has been a millennia for Christ sake! Don't think that I am not worried about our daughter too?!"

"My God... Why did it have to be her?!" Odessa complained in sadness.

Why did it have to be the innocent Aurora indeed.

Odessa's lamentation was almost comparable to a woman mourning in a funeral even though her daughter wasn't even in a casket yet, but having a demon mark sure was commensurate to it and that fact alone, she knew well.

Calculating the possibilities silently, it took Thadeus over a minute before he could say again in a grim voice, "I got a plan, but it won't be easy."

"Anything for our child! For her to live normally, I will do anything Thadeus!" replied she with all her might.

"We will hide her from everyone, especially the clergy. Who knows what these priests might do to her if they found out."

"Where?" She shot him a critical question. "Where would the Vatican clergy not be able to find her!?"

"I don't know..." He massaged his forehead this time and closed his eyes tightly. "I just don't know... but...but for the meantime, we will go to my family's ancestral house in the City of Soren."




Roma, Italy





As far as Aurora can remember, it was her first time being outside the City of Soren — or even travelling via an airplane for that matter. Marcus was also the same, so when they arrived in Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport two hours later, they were greatly in awe with all the structures that greeted them. It was a magnificent place indeed; truly a work of art, literally.

They weren't a Neanderthal duo and even though they came from a rather provincial area, they weren't innocent with all the high technology offered to them inside the airport terminal. Their obvious stupefaction just came from their very excitement of being in another place aside of Soren.

"Our chaperone is here, " Father Azrael announced as he saw his most trustworthy right-hand servant, Heron, walking towards them. He was wearing a starched grey suit — the usual butler outfit. Although it suited him well, his young face still stood out. He had a short black hair, rounded face, and eyes that were a dark green. He was about twenty-three years old, already serving the exorcist priest since he was young.

Marcus, who was staring intently on the viewing window of the waiting area, returned back to their seats and lifted his own bags. Aurora took one of her lighter bags as Father Azrael offered to take the heavier one for her.

"Buon pomeriggio Master Cirrus, " Heron greeted courteously, bowing his head low. Aurora didn't miss the name he had just called the priest.

So... is it possible that this young man knows of Father Azrael's alter ego? Aurora asked herself that.

"Heron, good to see you again. This is Aurora Alexis Clave and Marcus Thayne, both from the City of Soren. Do help them get comfortable in the residence, " he said in a businesslike tone.

"Yes, of course Master." Heron turned in Aurora's way and said, "Madame Aurora. Sir Marcus. Welcome to Roma."

"Thank you uhm...Heron. I'm pleased to meet you, but please, just call me

finding out the cause, Azrael, " he stated once he was done with his prayer. He was pleased with the fruit of the investigation, but the truth didn't calm his heart anymore. This became an added pressure. Maybe it was better that he didn't know that rebels of demons yearn to lay waste in the human world, but to regret knowing it was too late now.

"I may need to investigate further Your Grace, " Father Azrael said snapping him back from his state of apprehension. "I need to search for her family, the Clave Family."

"Hmmm, that's going to be a problem Azrael, " the pope remarked.

"I know, " he curtly agreed.

"Well, you can try the Vatican Secret Archives. If the Clave Family really is a descendant of a demon and human union, it might be recorded in the historical texts, " Pope Benedict advised and then wrote something in a piece of paper and handed it to him. It was Father Azrael's pass to enter the archives.

"I will try, " Father Azrael replied after taking the paper and putting it in his pocket.

"I would want to meet her Azrael, " said the pope in a tender manner.

Just the mention of it, he knew exactly who the pope was referring to. "Of course, Your Grace. Is tomorrow a favorable day? I have actually taken the liberty to keep her in my house temporarily."

"Yes. There is no other safer place for her to stay than your residence. Let her stay there until this problem is solved."

"Yes, Your Grace, " he replied with due understanding, but he was confused on what to feel. Should he be happy or not? Having Aurora inside his house was a good plan to keep her safe. Yes, keep her safe from the demons, but keep her safe from himself especially his growing attraction gnawing inside him? He couldn't be certain.

Pope Benedict let out a long sigh. This problem would be undoubtedly the biggest problem any pope could ever face. "Uhhggg... this is giving me an aura of headache, " said he while touching his forehead.

"You look sick, " Father Azrael immediately commented, taking into account the pope's obvious pale face.

", Azrael. I might resign in my post sooner or later because of this, " he answered.

Father Azrael gave him a blank look. There was no hint of emotion whatsoever to show that he was worried on the old man's health. "If you think that is wise, " he replied curtly.

Although the once Cardinal Ratzinger had become a father figure to him during his growing years and well, add that to his earlier years as a human, Father Azrael didn't allow himself to care for the man. Caring — is only a pathetic human emotion that he considered nuisance. All human feelings are in fact and that's what he always thought of. So... he couldn't help but ask himself now, why was he so vulnerable to it when it came to Aurora?

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