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   Chapter 13 Easier to Breath with His Kiss

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Flames after flames tear through a gaping whole in Aurora's room. It looked as if the whole wall was detached with intention. It wasn't an obvious exit point however as a wall of rich, black smoke replaced it. Half of Aurora's room was caught up by the fire and that includes her bathroom and her mattress which was now emitting a toxic cocktail of polyurethane and nitrogen smoke.

Her room instantly became an unforgiving incinerator.

Aurora was back against the opposite wall, close to her closet, squatting down with her knees drawn to her chest. She was crying; panic written all over her face. She felt hopeless because for some freak reason, she was unable to find an escape route in her own room.

She was sleeping during the time the chapel burst out in flames. She didn't even notice it until the silver bell in the roof top rang a warning. It was too late for her to escape however. She found her door unlocked, but it wouldn't budge open. She tried to forcefully bang it, but to no avail, as if it was tightly shut from the outside.

Then, it happened. She heard an unearthly shrill from the chapel, followed by a sudden explosion in her wall. The explosion launched her into the air and shoved her into the opposite wall, then brought her down to her knees with a forceful thud on the ground. This was where she saw in horror the flames growing and eating the poor structure of her bathroom and her bed. And this was where she saw a silhouette of a woman in the midst of the smoke, standing inside the aisle of the chapel.

Weird now. Is her adrenaline rush playing tricks on her?

To focus on the odd apparition wasn't her top priority however, it was the flames that danced in her front. She felt hopeless for she was sure minutes from now the toxic fumes and the deadly carbon monoxide would put her heart in a flat line. Although she knew that the fire had already devoured almost all of the oxygen near her, she forced herself to heave a breath anyway. It stung her throat instantly and she coughed and choked because of it.

She heard another earsplitting shrill, this time, outside the wall of smoke. Then her eyes grew larger when hands that looked like talons materialized from the smoke. A face followed of a woman with fiery red hair and eyes as black as an eclipsed moon. Aurora would have shouted out of fear, but she realized that it was Sister Martha and from the looks of it, she was definitely possessed by a demon.

The nun's garment was charred all over, tearing piece by piece and vanishing into ashes. What remained was the raw display of her nude body clothed in flames.

Aurora coughed again, the smoke beginning to suffocate her and make her feel more than lightheaded.

So, this was what Father Azrael had warned her. The past demon possessions she had witnessed was just a mere speck of what she was seeing now. The demon inside Sister Martha was actually producing physical damage on the orphanage house. And what's more twisted about this was that it was in fact targeting her.

Oh God! She gasped in shock, covering her mouth with her shaking hands. How could she put the children and the nuns in danger!

"...xdkdb..." ("Key...")

The possessed nun muttered in her own voice, but it was with a growl in the end. She lifted her talons up in the air, commanding the flames to imprison Aurora from where she sat.

"Sis—ter!" Aurora shouted in a choked voice, feeling the intensity of the heat inside her room. She could feel her skin burning because of it, but it was only momentary as a strong gush of wind dominated the entire space and quickly extinguished the flames.

From the burning door frame emerged Father Azrael. He cruised through the fire like he was born from it, appearing unaffected with the scorching heat. Aurora stared at him, relief washing all over her, but she was speechless even more seeing the full transfiguration of the priest: his vestment was loosely flowing in his ankle, his short black hair now a shiny silver and red cascading down to his waist, his eyes an even glowing gold completely burying his cerulean.

She could sense that he was looking at her amidst this and immediately, she felt the air around her become lighter. She was still lightheaded but at least, she could breathe better.

"Father—Azrael, " she whispered, her eyes pleading to be saved.

He crouched in front of her to better examine her pale face, touching her flushed cheek with his right hand.

Father Azrael showed intense worry on her health and safety. He would have wanted to bring her out of the flaming room right away, but the arsonist was asking for his attention too making the fire even bigger.

"Aurora, call me Cirrus... my name is Cirrus Samael, " he curtly replied and then stood up, diverting his attention to the now morphed efreet.

He couldn't find any remnant of the nun anymore as she had fully changed into a demonic form. Her red hair turned into sharp rhinoceros horns crowning her head down to her arms. Her skin became a marked ichthyosis — dead skin cells accumulating in patches in the surface of her skin. Her feet disappeared, looking like she was freely floating in a ground of flames. Her face changed into a more pronounced devilish appearance, and her feminine shape changed into thick slabs of compact muscles, protruding with tortuous veins.

The demon bared its teeth, showing the grue

arily stay here until the rebuilding of the chapel and the repair of the house is done, " Bishop Elliot stated, eyeing an available building close to the Archbishop Palace as a good relocation site for the orphans. It was one o'clock in the afternoon the next day. Their flight going back to Rome was scheduled at exactly three.

"Thank you Bishop, " Aurora replied with a smile.

They were in front of the main door of the Palace, waiting for Father Azrael to come down with his luggage. With them were the three nuns, including the Mother Superior who was already crying silently; Jessa, who was holding Aurora's right hand; and Marcus, who Bishop Elliot ordered to go with them to accompany Aurora in Rome. Mr. Sherd was already sitting in the driver's seat. Aurora's only two baggage and Marcus' own were already placed inside the trunk.

She was wearing a pair of black jeans and a white sleeved v-neck top. She didn't have a scarf around her neck as the only two that she had were torched by the fire. Still uncomfortable of exposing it to others, she just used the soft curls of her hair to cover it up.

"Big sis, please take care, " Jessa stated as she tightened her grip on her hands.

"I will Little Jessa... Don't you worry, okay?" Aurora knelt down on the ground, leveling her face on the girl and gave her a warm smile, effectively hiding her sadness. "And you, take care also. Eat, sleep and study well, okay?"

"Okay." Jessa nodded in agreement. She was still young, but she understood that her big sister would sooner or later leave the orphanage. Aurora told them a simple reason why she needed to go, and it was because the Pope wanted to employ her in the Vatican clerical administration. This was Father Azrael's suggestion and although it was a lie, at least it comforted the other nuns.

When Father Azrael finally descended, aside from the luggage and his sling bag, he had with him a small red paper bag with which he gave to Aurora.

She cast him a confused look. "What's this Father?" she asked.

"Nothing. Just open it later, " he answered, feeling the eyes of the nun fixed at him.

"Thank you Father Azrael, for everything, " Sister Clarice stated, patting a hand on his back.

"You're welcome Sister." He bent his head and then turned to face Sister Cene and Bishop Elliot. "Mother Superior. Bishop. We will be going now."

The two simultaneously nodded.

"God bless both of you, " said Sister Cene who had cleared her eyes of tears.

"Father Azrael. Please take care of our dear Aurora here, " the bishop requested, eyeing her who was embracing Jessa.

"Of course Bishop Elliot, I will keep her safe, " he said with a deeper meaning to it than the bishop could comprehend.

When they were en route to the airport, Aurora was sitting in the passenger's seat with Marcus. She silently opened the red paper bag Father Azrael had given her. When she peeked on it, she found two scarfs folded neatly on top of each other. One was a voile fabric, the color of white, with an embroidery of freesia flowers; and the other, a black knitted scarf, plain but elegant.

She smiled to herself upon seeing it. She took the white scarf and quickly wrapped it around her neck. Father Azrael had been observing her during the entirety of it and was pleased that she looked happy with his gift.

During the travel, he caught her staring at him in the front-view mirror. A deep blush surfaced from her cheek and quickly diverted her attention back to the car's window.

This, she did so swiftly, but only after she mouthed a shy 'thank you' back at him.

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