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   Chapter 10 Silence It Is

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The first floor corridor was lit with three nightlights mounted on the wall. Father Azrael leisurely waltzed in it like he was a mouse, completely undetected by the sleeping residents of the house. The only thing that broke the silence was the ticking of the grandfather clock in the living room.

Putting his bag on the floor near Aurora's door, he began to dissect one by one the doors, opening them as slowly as possible. The first one he opened was the staff room. It was a dark room, but he could piece together the silhouettes of the sleeping staff in their beds.

Nothing unusual here, he thought.

Then, he continued to check on the other rooms which he deemed normal too. However, it was in the first door near the living room where he could smell a small odor of a tire burning. Opening it, he found that the room felt and looked normal. There were six children of about preschool age that he noticed sleeping soundly in their beds. A younger woman of about twenty-two lay quietly next to a child; her arm resting around the girl's torso. She was a nun also, assigned to babysit the small ones in their beds.

Dismissing the brief burnt smell as just a candle recently put out, he continued his wanderings upstairs.

Evening investigations were always beneficial for an exorcist priest in two reasons. One was that no one would bother the investigator during the job. Whatever he wanted to do, he can do it. Whatever instruments and gadgets he would use, there won't be any outside elements to give him a misreading. But the best of all these was that he has the liberty to go in and out of the rooms — which exactly what Father Azrael was doing now. Second, the delicate information about his investigations would remain a secret until he can finalize his reports. That's if he could produce a finding.

The second floor was as the same as the first. Nothing unusual to take note of. He intendedly checked on Jessa's room where now there were four girls sharing the space including Jessa, who was in the upper bed in a double-decked mattress.

Good that everything was getting normal for her.

His gaze fell on a wallclock above her head. It read quarter to ten. He knew that that woman was probably returning home already so he decided to stop his investigation. He stepped outside and closed the door. However, right then and there, he whiffed the smell of burnt tire once again. It was enough for him to believe that it wasn't a normal phenomenon. Something definitely wasn't right.

Good that he was in the charity house to stay. If a demon plans to attack the sleeping residents, it would be unfortunate for that entity surely.




Father Azrael took his bag from the floor and turned to twist the knob of the moss green door. Entering the room, he instantly realized why Sister Cene was hesitant at first to situate him here. Noticing Aurora's trinkets and personal belongings this time in thorough detail, the room indeed wasn't fit for a man like him. But, no bother. It was his fault anyway that he abruptly decided to stay in the charity house.

He wasn't sure though if it would be a good place for him to confront Aurora about her neck mark. Just this morning, his human emotions dominated him inside this room. Being affected with her appearance as if he was an infatuated boy exactly left a bitter taste in his mouth. He reminded himself that he mustn't let his human emotions distract him with the matter at hand.

For now, he would settle himself before that woman comes and with that in mind, he took his brown leather coat off and placed it in a nearby wooden chair.

Sister Rhea wasn't joking when she said he might get a cold from standing outside the door. Being inside the house now, he can definitely differentiate the opposing temperatures. There was no fireplace at all but he could feel the hotness of the room. Even when he was at the corridor, he felt the heat, and with the clothing he wore, it was no wonder his sweat came out like buttons.

Yeah... the drawback of being a human, his mind commented.

But, he wasn't just a human.

He grinned to himself, taking his shirt off, and then just a little bit, closed his eyes, exhaled deeply and muttered, "Wind. Come."

The room's window was closed, but the atmosphere of the room lightened. A thin mist suddenly appeared and enveloped his whole body giving him the exact temperature to cool himself down.

Yes. This was one of the few pleasures he can give himself. Ever since his divinity was jailed in a mortal body, he had controlled his powers to the length of completely restricting them. Cardinal Ratzinger who became the Ho

Father Azrael grinned initially and then his forced laughter echoed throughout the room. This time, the shade of his hair changed from black to silver and red, and then its length drastically grew ten times longer than his short cut. His eyes glowed momentarily, the gold and red flecks turning even clearer. This would be the first time he would reveal his true self in front of another human other than the Pope. It would be a great risk, yes, but for this woman, he knew he was going to risk everything.

"You make such good guesses Aurora, but unfortunately, I am not, " he stated grimly, the unearthly rumble followed deep under his throat.

Aurora's eyes widened.

"Jessa's!" was the only thing that she could initially say. "Wh—what? What are you then? Are—are you not an angel?" She shuddered in disbelief. "Does the Vatican know you're not human? Aren't you a priest?! Do they know—"

"Silence your tongue Aurora, " he promptly commanded before he cupped her chin and pressed his palatable lips into her mouth.

It was a whirlwind of chaos. Her mouth was covered entirely with his own. He savagely torpedoed his tongue and flicked and sparred it with hers until she moaned in protest. She pushed his chest forcefully back, but he only seized her hands and pinned them on the door.

She moaned again, this time feeling breathless. He didn't give her any respite even with this however. He used his power to control the air and ordered it to fill her lungs with enough oxygen so that she wouldn't faint of asphyxiation.

And the wind did so accordingly, ultimately giving him the much needed time to claim her mouth more leisurely.

He haven't tasted this kind of sweet nectar ever before. The longing about it, the yearning for more... the feeling of exploding was so tangible against her skin.

So this is what humans call... desire. It feels so good.

Aurora, in her determination to stop him, bit his bottom lip.

Successfully, this returned Father Azrael's sense of reason. His eyes quickly turned a cold cerulean and instantly, awareness flooded in him. He yanked himself away from her, stepping back a much more distanced space enough for him to call safe.

He saw her heaving. Breathless in fact.

Her face flushed, her cheeks a redder hue, and her fingers were trembling when she couldn't grasp what had just happened.

"Aurora, " Father Azrael muttered.

"No, please. Please, don't say anything, " she countered, then quickly walked towards her closet, pulling her pajamas out from it.

Father Azrael didn't say anything at all. He just stood there against the wall near the cabinet observing her take whatever personal necessities she could get in haste.

His heart was hammering, he could clearly feel that. Damn him for letting his human emotions control him again. And damn the demon side of him for kissing her like that... or well... mainly for kissing her.

She walked towards the main door, but before she could finally leave, he greeted softly, "Goodnight Aurora."

She paused and then glanced at her shoulder.

"Goodnight, Father..."

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