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   Chapter 9 Summoning The Omnipotent One

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Pope Benedict the First before he became the Holy Pope was once the cardinal of Franglen City. As primus inter pares among the cardinals and a major figure on the Vatican stage for half of a century, he carried the spiritual burden of the Vatican City more than the other cardinals do. It was with this reason that he consulted a ceremonial magician to call on the assistance of the angels of the heavenly realm.

It was in his native birthplace, Gutlavia, where the theurgy or the ceremonial rite of summoning an angel was performed. Sizouze and Barrattiel, the Angel of Prayer and the Angel of Support, respectively were supposed to be the heavenly beings that he wanted to summon. However, another being had surfaced during the call. It was the Archangel of Death, having a very potent name, a very powerful name, the name of Samael — an archangel and demon at the same time.

The conjurer, a middle-aged man wearing thick-framed glasses and a white klobuk, immediately fell prostrate in utter awe as he behold the glaring golden eyes of the owner.

He had beautiful flowing silver and red hair as long as his outstretched glorious two-layer black wings would be if adjoined. The platinum armor pants shined brightly like a thousand diamonds in the moonlight; its drapes covered the entire length of his feet as he stood towering in their front, in a megalithic stone structure in the center of a dense forest. His bare chest showed the thick hard slabs of his abdomen — sinews after sinews of brazen masculine virility — yes, an embodiment of unadulterated manliness.

He had no weapon in hand, but he could spawn a weapon of his choice from his bare hands if he required it at anytime.

A thick white smoke evaporated from his lustrous white porcelain skin, immediately sending the conjurer chills down to his bone when he realized that the Eternal Being was as tangible as the soil in his shaking hands. He was in the boundary of running out of fear, trembling uncontrollably all over his mortal body, but Cardinal Benedict stood unfazed by the Being's intimidation.

"Who dare summon me, " Samael questioned in a deep, rich voice. It had an echo of a loud grumble, unearthly in fact that the conjurer thought that it was a thunder in the sky.

"Your Omnipotent One, it is I, a mere servant of God, Cardinal Simon Benedict, " he said in the most humble of timbre he could produce.

Samael disappeared from the boulder faster than a flash of lightning and suddenly stood beside the Cardinal, his luminous face only inches away from his ear.

"You do know why I am called the Archangel of Death, right? Do you have a death wish Cardinal?" he whispered, touching his fingertips lightly on the Cardinal's scarlet watered silk ferraiolo. The venom in his celestial fingertips immediately disintegrated the wool.

"No, oh Most Gracious One, " he quickly answered, this time with a noticeable spasm in his jaw.

"Spare me the flattery human. You have the guts in summoning me from the bowels of hell. May I ask why?"

"With all due respect, Your Grace, I didn't intend on summoning you. I do wish to attain the help of the other angels in your realm."

"OH?" Samael cocked an eyebrow, " seems this is just a mere...mistake?" His words were intently sluggish.

"I believe so, Your Grace, " the Cardinal stated eyeing his poor companion still prostrating in fear, not daring to lift his face out of sheer terror.

"I see, " was the Archangel of Death's response. He suddenly vanished from the Cardinal's front, and then resurfaced again on top the boulder.

"Ahhh yes! It has been a while since I have set foot in the human world, " he remarked, turning in circles as he examined the immensity of the forest. "Do confess, I would like to know why you need the presence of the lesser angels when I am here, Cardinal."

The old man kept his composure intact, but did clear a lump in his throat. "It is as you say, Your Grace. A human's problem is so insignificant that you need not bother yourself with it."

Samael smirked a little. "True enough. However, do pray tell. I am...waiting."

Cardinal Benedict knew that the archangel was an insistent creature, so to avoid his demo

the nun as she shut and locked the door.

"Yes, please do Sister, " he replied, "And also do tell her that I plan on staying here for the remainder of the night."

The nun fell confused at first, but remembering what Bishop Elliot had told them yesterday, she gently nodded.

"Uh, well, uhm, sure Father."




"Bishop Elliot had already told me about your intent investigation in here Father. I would like you to know that our door is always open for you be it at a late night or early morning, " Sister Cene stated whilst standing in front of her doorway.

Father Azrael stood a few feet away from her, near the door to Aurora's room. He indeed felt grateful enough for their ready acceptance amidst the suddenness of his visit.

"Thank you Sister Cene. Well, if you allow me, I would like to continue my investigation in the house now. Don't worry, I will not disturb the children. I just need to roam around and feel for any demonic residual presence, " he said in an orderly fashion.

"Yes you may Father. Please do so as you wish."

"Thank you again Sister."

The Mother Superior was about to head back inside her room when she quickly pivoted, remembering an important matter to discuss with him.

"Uhm, Father?" she said catching the priest's attention again. "We may have a slight predicament on the sleeping arrangement tonight."

"Why so?" Father Azrael creased his forehead.

"You were informed by Bishop Elliot about our limited space right?

"Yes, " he curtly nodded.

"Well, you see... is it fine with you that you will use Aurora's room tonight? She will be sleeping here with me so you would have the whole room for yourself."

Father Azrael turned to look at the moss green door behind him. It was as if he was boring a hole through it. After a long, unsure sigh, he replied, "Is that so?"

"Yes Father, and I'm sure Aurora would be kind enough to help you out with the sleeping arrangement. Although..." she paused, looking down the floor, "I haven't told her this yet."

"Why? Where is she?" His curiosity suddenly peaked.

"Oh, she is still in her part-time job Father. She works as a caregiver for Mrs. Winston who lives two blocks away from here. She will be back by ten thirty in the evening."

"Ah, I see."

"Can you tell her of the sleeping changes tonight Father?" Sister Cene suggested. "I'm afraid I need a shut-eye now. I wouldn't be able to talk to her when she comes back. And with the peak of the feast of St. Therese tomorrow, I really do need to rest."

"Of course Sister, I will do that, " Father Azrael timely answered amidst the sudden uneasiness that spiked inside him.

"Oh, thank you Father, " Sister Cene replied in relief and with that she retreated to her room leaving the priest releasing a long, deep sigh.

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