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   Chapter 7 His Gold-Flecked Eyes

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Their first stop was the St. Claire High School in the town of Harvine where a few months ago, the seventeen year old daughter of the Vice Governor, Laila Erra, was first possessed. The principal warmly accepted both of them inside the school premises and willingly toured them the area and the exact classroom where Laila had first showed the symptoms.

It was during break time when they toured though, so Father Azrael decided to better defer the investigation and return after class hours instead.

"Then I will arrange and inform the security personnel about your intention Father Azrael, " the principal, Mr. Lafton, said when they reached in front of his office. "Here, take this. This is Ms. Erra's house address. You wouldn't miss it. It is just a couple of blocks away from here."

"Thank you Principal Lafton, " Father Azrael replied with due gratefulness. He took the note from him but instead of keeping it to himself, he passed it on Aurora who stood behind him.

She took it though with a confused glance.

"I believe you know where that is, " he said.

She read the note and right after gave a short nod. "Yes, I know where the house is located."

"Good. Then, we should be going Principal."

Principal Lafton was all smiles towards the priest, but Father Azrael didn't miss an obvious twinkle in his eyes whenever he looks at Aurora's way. If he wasn't mistaken, the principal was flirting with her covertly.

The nerve of him, and even in front of a priest for that matter!

As they walked down a pathway leading to the parking lot of the school, Father Azrael sensed Aurora's relief.

"What is bothering you Aurora? You were distancing yourself from me and the principal the whole time of the tour."

She looked up and saw that he already stared keenly at her. His beautiful cerulean eyes immediately took her breath. The sunlight played on the color that it made his orbs more vibrant than usual. Turning her head away, she just answered in a reserved manner.

"No, nothing Father. I am just not comfortable being in this place."

She embraced her shoulder bag this time and gave out a long sigh.

"I don't think it is nothing Aurora. Please do tell me next time if you feel uncomfortable so that I could do something about it."

"No, you can't possibly do anything Father, " she answered unintentionally, looking suddenly so distant watching the trees of the parking lot.

Father Azrael abruptly stopped and called her name in a stern voice.


She paused from walking and turned back to look at him

"Oh, I'm sorry Father, " she answered in an apologetic voice. "What I mean is already in the past, you can't change anything about it."

"Tell me, why?"

She couldn't believe how suddenly she turned teary eyed now. Being in this place truly brought back some memories that she would prefer buried — buried deep within the confines of the classroom doors.

"Please, do confess, " he encouraged once again.

With that, she remembered that the man in her front is a priest. If she was to express her pain at this moment, it would be the right time.

"I was..." she started in a pained voice. She sat down in a nearby brick chair and reminisced all that she could about her past in this place.

Father Azrael remained standing, but thoughtfully blocked the ray of the sun for her with his towering shadow.

"I once studied here when I was in high school. In my second year, Mr. Lafton, the principal now, was my professor in Physics. He was a quiet man, but he was good with his teaching skills. However, I didn't know that he was good with another thing and that was to blackmail students. I heard rumors about it, but I didn't mind them until it came down to me. He blackmailed me to failing my grades in the finals if I wouldn't let him touch a private part of my body."

The exact time she said it, Father Azrael's hands turned into a tightened fist. So this was what's bothering her. He was a fool to let the Principal ogle on her, but he was more a fool failing to notice her distress.

"I was afraid that time of course. I didn't want to disappoint Sister Cene with a low grade so I allowed him to touch me in my breasts. I was appalled by it Father, please don't get me wrong."

Her hands shook as she told it and her eyes suddenly streamed with tears.

Father Azrael didn't flinch, but he listened very attentively.

"That maniac!" she spat. "I never thought that he wanted more from me. He tried to rape me that time, but I didn't let him. I was able to defend myself enough that I could escape from his office. I honestly thought that I would fail my finals after, but I didn't. He gave me a high grade actually, but I loathe it. I transferred school after that, but I never told Sister Cene or Bishop Elliot about it. You are the only one who knows this Father. I trust that you can keep it a secret since it is in your vows anyway."

She wiped her tears dry with a tissue she pulled from her bag and glanced up to see Father Azrael's eyes seething with anger.

She expected him to do something a normal priest would do. Maybe to scold her or advice her, or to give her a list of prayers she needed to utter after her confession, but he didn't do any of that. Instead, he just offered his hand to her. She took it and she felt him pull her to stand, but what happened next was utterly unexpected. He tightly wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. She was stunned at first, felt awkward even, but she nevertheless felt instantly calmed.

It was weird. Never had she felt this much relaxed before. Like she felt ultimately safe under his embrace.

Her face was inches away from his neck and she most certainly captured his divine scent. It was almost like rosewater, but a much better cocktail of it.

"Let's go."

Aurora heard him say, and then felt his arms loose.

She glanced at him and noticed that he was intentionally avoiding looking at her.

Her relief w

e could finally detach it, she suddenly saw a lighting flash from inside the bathroom.

Blinding light surrounded her, and as if the principal was on strings, he was speedily yanked away and thrown forcefully into the opposite wall where a rectangular mirror stood. It immediately broke into a thousand pieces.

Aurora saw Father Azrael stood between them and instant relief came over her.

Yes. Father Azrael. Him. She was safe now, but why does he have glowing golden eyes? Why does he have a surge of electric current spiking in his hands?

Father Azrael stared at the sprawled incubus in the destroyed sink and his expression turned into a scowl right away.

His guess was right. With the semen-like smell circulating in the school, the incubus was surely to blame. He glanced at Aurora who stood up in a weak posture, trying to fix her scarf. He could see her shock when their eyes met, but he didn't have time to explain. As if he wanted to do it though.

"Are you all right, Aurora?" he asked crisply.

She immediately nodded, looking back at the dual-faced demon.

"Stay back, " he ordered and then turned his attention on the principal.

"You dare do this?" He addressed it to the incubus who was now in a guarded ape-like position. It almost looked frightened until it bared its serrated teeth on the priest.

"That woman is mine!" the principal growled, but his human voice was more noticeable.

"You have no claim on her or anybody else! I thought Father Eshamael exorcised you already, but you simply transferred to another host."

The demon chuckled like a dying hyena.

"No... I have no other host except for this man, priest. I was simply feeding on his lust for women. The lust that grew more and more each day after her escape."

The demon eyed Aurora in the most lecherous of ways. Father Azrael saw her shiver noticeably because of it.

"Silence demon!" he snapped and a sudden charge of electricity appeared around the incubus. It immediately writhed in pain; a pain that was simply fatal to their kind. The principal's body was torn in half and then out came the full form of the incubus.

Its body was large, but it didn't look menacing at all for it recoiled as Father Azrael's electricity flooded inside its body. It took him five full minutes before it finally shrilled an earsplitting cry. Then, it disappeared, turning into thin black smoke.

Mr. Lafton's lifeless body remained still on the sink, his human appearance finally the same, except for his charred arm.

"Fa...ther?" Aurora's weak voice caught his attention.

He went directly to her and caught her waist just in time before she could fall to the ground.

"Aurora, are you okay?" Father Azrael worriedly asked, supporting her balance by pulling her against his body.

She saw a closer look on his golden eyes and the red streaks in his iris that was slowly fading away and changing into the familiar cerulean. She would have been afraid with it, but somehow, she found it very beautiful to look at.

"Yeah, " was all she was able to answer before she lost consciousness.

Father Azrael lifted her up and brought her outside the bathroom. Her face was flushed, with a lovely hue of red that he found complementing her complexion. She must have struggled a lot before he arrived. It would explain her passing out.

When he turned to the door, he saw Marcus already standing outside of it, agape and beads of sweat coming down his temple.

"Father! Wha—what was that?!" he asked hastily, still in shock.

"Oh, you saw?"

"The door was wide open. I heard a crashing sound so I came here and saw that thing lying in the sink!" He flung his hands in the air as if trying to copy the size of the incubus. "Father, was it a demon?!"

The priest released a long sigh, then stepped out of the bathroom.

"Yes, it was, " he answered stiffly, "Call the security guard now."

Still wide eyed, the sacristan turned to leave with a hesitant nod, "Ye—yes! Yes, Father!"

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