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   Chapter 6 An Investigation with Him

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"The demon was a banshee. It infested quietly inside her that was why the girl was just sleeping the whole time of the possession, but anymore longer than yesterday, she wouldn't have been able to return to her normal life even if I exorcise the demon, " Father Azrael stated in a grim voice. He stood in front of the Bishop's office desk refusing to sit in a reserved seat for him.

Father Daniels comfortably sat on the other though, but intently watched his counterpart do all the talking. It took him overnight to grasp the entirety of what had happened inside Jessa's room. He already expected the demon possession side, Father Azrael's unorthodox way of exorcising was another matter however. He still couldn't believe that electricity flowed out from his body, along with the inhuman change of his iris color. It was all out of the ordinary.

Thinking about it, there was only one answer that he could finalize: Father Azrael has divine powers coming from God himself. That was probably why the Holy Pope always gives him a defined special treatment and by mean special, he was referring to the mansion that Father Azrael owns, the mansion that he called "home" last night at dinner.

He didn't comment about the conversation last night because he thought that it was improper. Now, he understood why, and could probably say that the mansion the priest owned befitted him rightfully. There was no jealousy in that. He was a priest himself in the first place, so jealousy was never an issue.

"Then, it was a good thing you were just in time Father, " the Bishop commented while he held a hard copy of the report about the last day. Father Azrael had made it to send to the Pope. It was imperative that it would be sent as soon as possible to the Apostolic Palace mainly for the Pope's comfort of knowing that nothing bad has happened.

Father Azrael strolled across the room and stopped near an open casement window. This side of the Palace, he could see a different angle of the charity house. It showed a much better view of the backyard where there stood a small chapel.

"I have studied all of the demonic possessions here in your city and found that it is random. However, the fact that the charity house is a favorite target, I need to investigate more. I want to know if there is a pattern on it; if there is anything about the house that smells savory to these vile creatures."

"Ahum, I think I might be able to help you with that Father Azrael, " Father Daniels finally butted in. He glanced at the Bishop as if he was mentally asking for his permission. Bishop Elliot nodded promptly with a grave expression on his face.

"I have been in almost all demon exorcisms here Father, as you may know, " Father Daniels continued. He eyed the standing priest and gestured for him to sit down. The latter however declined.

"Go on, " Father Azrael ordered.

Shifting slightly in his seat, he started again.

"In my exorcisms, I have noticed these demons uttering the same thing. It could be just a mumble, or just a simple word, or maybe a sentence, I don't know. I don't understand demon language — well, if they do have one." He calmed his nerves by clasping his hands together against his protruding belly, and then looked grimly at Father Azrael again. "I have heard it again yesterday actually, before you exorcised the banshee. I do know you heard it too, but knowing it was your first time yesterday on exorcising in this place, I thought that it might mean nothing to you, but I do think that it has something to do with the frequent possessions here."

Father Azrael was all ears with the telling. If he could feel an emotion now, it would be anger. Pure anger directed to the demons that plagued this place. Father Daniels was all accurate with his theory, but he most certainly doesn't know of a few truths.

One. The banshee was the only demon that possessed the girl, but Father Daniels had no idea there was a second demon that appeared during the exorcism. Father Azrael was the only one who could see and hear it.

Two. He clearly understands what the banshee had spoken. One word it was and it meant key.

Three. Demons have a language. An archaic one. And he is the only one in a handful of exorcists of the Vatican community who understands it unfortunately.

"I see." It was a poor word to suffice a chaos of words in Father Azrael's mind. His eyes didn't leave the charity house until such time he saw a woman exit the backdoor and gracefully entered the chapel. Her glorious hair glimmered under the morning sunlight, cascading down her naked neck.

Ah. Yes.

She wasn't wearing the bothersome apparel this time, but she had one in hand. It was a shame he couldn't see that brown mark in the spot where he stood. Such a shame it was. Truly a disadvantage.

"Bishop Elliot does think so too, Father, " Father Daniels continued, successfully slicing Father Azrael's attention into two. He watched both of his fellow priests on t

can play with little Jennie."

The girl's eyes beamed with excitement upon hearing her friend's name.

"Okay Father!" she exclaimed with full volume.

"We better go Sister Margaret. Please do take care of little Jessa here, " Father Azrael stated.

"Yes, I will do Father, thank you." The nun accepted and bowed her head.




Along the corridor, they both walked side by side. Aurora's expression still showed the residue of delight she had inside Jessa's room: smiling to herself with not a care that Father Azrael gazed at her way.

"What did Jessa whisper to you awhile ago?" he finally asked, unable to hold back his curiosity.

"I don't know if I should tell you Father." She grinned, embracing her handbag against her chest.

Father Azrael's brow flinched. "Do confess, Aurora."

"Well, uhm, Jessa was just telling me that you looked exactly like her guardian angel in her dream except for the angel's hair that is."

"Why? What is the angel's hair color? I assume it is a brilliant gold, " he teasingly commented.

"No, not really Father, " she replied as they descended the stairs. "She told me the angel's hair was a long silver color, with streaks of red on its loose locks."

She looked at his profile to get his reaction, but what she expected as a jaunty one was so much more the opposite. His face looked stiff, almost to the point of displeasure. She saw his flinty stare and it gave her instant goosebumps. He didn't reply anymore. He just stayed silent and so did she until they reached the courtyard.

For a priest like him, it must be a common thing.

She felt herself unexpectedly left hanging in an untimely way once again. It was the same as last night. It was almost like he had a case of bipolar personality; changing from one mood to the other.

What is with him? She shouted in her mind as he strode past her speedily towards the gate.

"We should hurry, Aurora. I don't want to waste precious time, " he snapped when he opened the door to the passenger's seat for her. She didn't reply a word, but she nodded her acknowledgement. When she slid inside the car, a slim boy of sixteen years old greeted her with a smile.

"Oh! Marcus! It's good to see you again!" Aurora in surprise, blurted out, dismissing the feeling of dejection amassing within her.

"You know each other?" Father Azrael queried, looking at them from the front seat once he slipped inside.

"Ye—ah, " Aurora hesitantly answered. "Marcus here was a resident in the charity house until Bishop Elliot adopted him and was accepted in the sacristan scholarship program a year ago. Since then, he had been living inside the Palace."

Drawing her attention back on the boy, she hooked an arm around him in a sisterly fashion and messed up his neatly-combed hair and the crisp collar of his white long-sleeved shirt.

"Ahhh! Big sis! Stop messing my hair!" he squealed in alarm. Marcus' voice was raspy and undeveloped for his age. He had an Adam's apple that was shyly sheltering itself under his chin. His face was tanned, but almost all of his skin was, owing to the rigorous training the Program submitted him to.

"That's good, " Father Azrael spoke in a calm voice. He left the two to their own world as he turned to the driver and gestured him to proceed to their destination.

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